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Customise Your Distribution Strategy


Warehousing and distribution is important to your entire supply chain. You need to secure and manage space on your schedule and near your preferred transport lanes and ports. You can improve your inventory control and manage your cargo efficiently with warehouse solutions in China.

Our professional warehouse activities

Depending on your product, needs and requirements, we provide the following professional warehouse activities:

Storage and distribution

Cross docking

Palletization, sealing, sorting

Storage and transshipment

Quality control

Order and stock management

Order picking

Storage of goods in a customs warehouse

In many JIKE warehouse facilities, we carry out our warehouse activities within a customs warehouse. That means we can manage the goods (whether in free circulation or not) of third parties and remain responsible to Customs for the goods kept in storage.

The storage of goods in a customs warehouse has numerous advantages, such as the fact that one does not pay import duty and VAT payable for goods stored in the warehouse.


Value Added Logistics


JIKE also offers a multitude of Value Added Logistics services. For example, we have a range of testing and sorting lines, an advanced packaging section for polybagging goods, and facilities for the quality control of products. We provide services for a variety of product types such as:


Packing, repackaging and labelling of goods

Assembly of products

Inventory management of the goods – order picking

Insuring goods

Logistical information through EDI


Our core business encompasses integrated logistics, international freight forwarding, express and supply chain solutions.

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