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发布时间:2018-01-10 15:00:12

Sea Freight Services


Our sea freight solutions


We offer the following sea freight solutions:

Lcl (Less than Container Load): imports and exports

Fcl (Full Container Load): imports and exports

Lcl – Fcl: various shipments consolidated then shipped and delivered as Fcl

Fcl – Lcl: cargo loaded at the customer's location and released from customs for collection or delivery to multiple consignees at the destination.


Features of our sea freight service


Our sea freight service stands for reliability, flexibility and transparency. Our team of sea freight specialists simplifies the options and savings we can offer you. Features of our sea freight service include:

Several sailings a week

The presence of a 'Space Protection Program'

Timely and accurate information

Transparent (CFS) charges

Additional handling services tailored to your needs


A steady and reliable service


Despite volatile market conditions in container freight forwarding, we strive to offer you a dependable service. We negotiate continuously with selected carriers on market-based rates and availability of space. As a result, our customers receive an excellent sea freight service and don’t have to worry about the market situation.

Our core business encompasses integrated logistics, international freight forwarding, express and supply chain solutions.

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