As professional freight forwarder, we know the importance and market demand for transporting goods from China. Air freight from China has become the preferred choice among various transportation methods for many international trades due to its speed, efficiency, and reliability. Therefore, this article aims to provide relevant information about air freight from China, including an overview, specialized terminology, advantages, disadvantages, types of goods, required documents, procedures, pricing, target audience, service features, prohibited items, and international trade terms.

Overview of Air Freight from China

Air freight from China refers to transporting goods from China's airports to their destination by aircraft. This mode of transportation is commonly used for international and intercontinental shipments, such as electronics, textiles, medical equipment, and perishable food items. Due to China's position as a major global manufacturing center, the air freight market from China has gained popularity among domestic and international customers.

Air freight from China offers unique advantages as a fast, efficient, and reliable transportation method. Compared to other modes of transportation, air freight provides higher speeds and significantly reduces transit times, especially for time-sensitive goods. Furthermore, air freight ensures the security and integrity of goods, minimizing the risks of loss and damage and offering effective control over customer transportation risks.

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air freight from china

Advantages of Air Freight

  1. Speed: Air freight is faster than ocean and land transportation, making it suitable for urgent shipments.

  2. Reliability: Air freight schedules are more consistent, and flights can be booked in advance, ensuring higher reliability.

  3. Safety: Air cargo undergoes multiple security checks and benefits from modern security facilities, ensuring the safety of the goods.

  4. Flexibility: Air freight can accommodate various types of goods, and the quantity and frequency of shipments can be adjusted according to needs, providing convenience and efficiency.

  5. Inventory Cost Savings: Air freight reduces the storage time of goods, leading to decreased inventory costs.

  6. Convenient Import Clearance: Due to its speed, air freight allows for faster customs clearance procedures, simplifying the import process.

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Disadvantages of Air Freight

  1. Higher Cost: Air freight is more expensive than ocean and land transportation. Due to the high cost, air freight is typically unsuitable for long-distance transportation and is more suitable for medium and short distances.

  2. Restrictions: Air freight has stricter limitations on certain goods due to security factors and legal regulations, especially for prohibited items and hazardous materials.

  3. High Packaging Requirements: Considering potential turbulence and vibrations, air freight requires stricter packaging standards to ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

  4. Limited Capacity: Compared to vessles, airplanes have limited cargo space, making air freight unsuitable for large, oversized goods. 

  5. Weather Factors: Air freight is more susceptible to weather conditions, such as bad weather like storms, which can result in flight cancellations or delays, causing shipment delays.

Types of goods

Air freight from China can involve various types of goods categorized based on their nature:

  1. General Cargo: Including machinery, electronics, clothing, textiles, household goods, etc.

  2. Dangerous Goods: Including flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive substances, such as chemicals, fuels, pharmaceuticals, etc.

  3. Live Animals: Including poultry, livestock, pets, etc.

  4. Perishable Food: Including seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc.

  5. Time-Sensitive Goods: Including perishables, medical supplies, electronics, etc., that require guaranteed delivery time.

  6. Artwork: Including paintings, sculptures, antiques, etc.

  7. Other Specialized Goods: Such as large equipment, aircraft, etc.

It is important to note that different goods have specific transportation standards and requirements. Therefore, choosing the right air freight service provider and appropriate transportation methods are crucial.

air freight from china

Necessary documents

The necessary documents for air freight from China typically include the following:

  1. Import/Export Contract: The import/export contract serves as the foundational document for international trade, recording the rights and obligations of both parties, including information such as the quantity, quality, price, payment terms, and delivery time of the goods.

  2. Packing List: The packing list is a document filled out during the loading process, detailing information such as the goods' names, quantities, weights, volumes, etc.

  3. Airway Bill (AWB): The airway bill is a transport document that serves as the receipt and contract of carriage for the goods, containing information such as consignee, consignor, quantity, quality, freight charges, insurance, etc. Depending on the mode of transportation, there are airway bills for air freight and bills of lading for ocean freight.

  4. Invoice: The invoice is a document issued by the seller to the buyer, acting as proof of delivery of goods or services. The invoice should include detailed information about the goods, including quantities, quality, prices, payment terms, etc.

  5. Certificate of Origin: The certificate of origin is a document issued by the exporting country's government or chamber of commerce certifying the origin of the goods. In certain cases, the destination country may require a certificate of origin for the goods to enter.

  6. Transport Insurance Policy: The transport insurance policy is a document provided by an insurance company, offering insurance coverage for the goods during transportation, ensuring their safety.

  7. Customs Declaration: The customs declaration refers to the documentation required for the import or export of goods, recording information such as quantity, quality, value, etc. A customs declaration is an essential document throughout the import/export process.

These necessary documents' specific requirements and formats may vary in different countries and regions. Therefore, shippers must understand the relevant regulations and requirements of the destination country or region to ensure the accuracy and legality of the documents. It is also recommended to choose an experienced freight forwarder to ensure the integrity and correctness of the documents and avoid unnecessary issues and delays.

Air Freight process

In the entire air freight process from China, you will handle the quotation, booking, and payment while we will take care of the remaining tasks without disturbing you.

The typical air freight process from China includes the following steps:

  1. Goods Pickup: The goods are collected from the factory, warehouse, or any other designated location of the Chinese exporter.

  2. Booking Flights: The freight forwarder assists the client in completing the shipment handling procedures with the airline, including preparing the cargo list, arranging air freight flights, booking tickets, and paying freight charges.

  3. Handling of Packaging, Loading, Transshipment, and Arrival: During the shipment process, the freight forwarder handles the packaging and loading of the goods. The goods are inspected, processed, and transferred at transit stations to ensure their safe transportation until goods arrive at destionation airport safely.

  4. Customs Clearance and Delivery: Upon arrival at the destination airport, the goods undergo customs clearance procedures, including customs inspection, payment of duties and taxes, and document verification. The freight forwarder assists in completing the customs clearance procedures based on the client's requirements and the nature of the goods. After completing the customs clearance procedures, the freight forwarder arranges delivery to the client's designated location.

As a professional freight forwarder, we can provide comprehensive services to our clients, including goods pickup, shipment handling, packaging and loading, transshipment and arrival, customs clearance, and delivery. With our professional services and extensive experience, we can assist clients in gaining a better understanding of the air freight process from China and address any issues and challenges that may arise during transportation.

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How much is air freight from China?

Air freight prices from China are influenced by several factors, including:

  1. Weight and volume of the goods: Air transportation prices are typically calculated based on the weight and volume of the goods. The larger the weight and volume, the higher the price.

  2. Distance of transportation: The price of air freight from China is also affected by the distance of transportation. Price increases with distance.

  3. Fees such as landing charges, fuel surcharges, and customs duties: In addition to the basic transportation fees, air freight prices from China also include fees such as landing charges, fuel surcharges, and customs duties. These fees can impact the total transportation cost.

The calculation of air freight prices from China usually considers the weight and volume of the goods, along with fees such as landing charges, fuel surcharges, and customs duties. Different freight forwarding companies may use different pricing methods, so clients must carefully compare the prices and services of different companies when selecting a freight forwarder.

In the market competition, freight forwarding companies often provide personalized quotes and service packages based on client's needs and the characteristics of the goods to enhance their competitiveness. Clients can also choose the most suitable partner by comparing the services and prices of different freight forwarding companies. When selecting and comparing air freight services from China, clients need to consider not only the price factor but also the experience, service quality, security measures, and customer feedback of the freight forwarder.

air freight from china

Objects of air freight from China

The services offered by air freight from China cover a wide range and can reach destinations worldwide. Freight forwarding companies can select suitable flights and destinations based on the client's needs and the characteristics of the goods to ensure timely and safe delivery. Additionally, air freight from China provides transshipment services, allowing goods to be transferred between different cities to meet client's requirements better.

Special items that requires extra attention

Special items for air freight from China refer to items that are not allowed or restricted to be carried during the air transportation process. They can be categorized as follows:

  1. Dangerous goods: Including explosive, flammable, and toxic substances that threaten personnel and equipment during transportation. There are international standards for the definition and classification of dangerous goods, and specialized training and certification are usually required for handling the air transportation of such goods.

  2. Prohibited items: Including various illegal items such as drugs, counterfeit goods, pirated items, etc. The transportation and delivery of these items are illegal, and offenders will face legal consequences if caught.

  3. Restricted items: Including items are subject to restrictions but not entirely prohibited, such as narcotics, firearms and ammunition, animals and plants and their products, currency, etc. These items require specific conditions and procedures to be eligible for air transportation; otherwise, they will be considered prohibited.

  4. Other Special items: Including items with special characteristics or requiring special procedures, such as jewelry, antiques, batteries products, perishable food, etc. These items need to meet specific requirements and procedures for air transportation to avoid losses or disruptions to the transportation of other goods.

The above is a general classification of special items for air freight from China. Different categories of items have different restrictions and regulations, which need to be declared and handled based on the actual situation. If you have relevant air freight needs, it is recommended to consult a professional logistics service provider for more accurate and detailed information.

air freight from china

Specialized terminology

The specialized terminology of air freight from China refers to the industry's frequently used terms or abbreviations. Here are some common examples:

  1. AWB (Air Waybill): The air waybill is one of the primary documents in air freight operations. It is a transport contract and evidence issued by an air carrier to the shipper or its agent, providing information about the goods' quantity, quality, destination, and other details.

  2. MAWB (Master Air Waybill): The master air waybill refers to the primary contract between the shipper and the air carrier, generally signed by the air carrier on behalf of the shipper.

  3. HAWB (House Air Waybill): The house air waybill is issued by the carrier (i.e., air carrier) and functions as an independent transport contract document. Multiple HAWBs can correspond to a single MAWB.

  4. IATA (International Air Transport Association): It is a nonprofit organization serving the global air transport industry, representing the interests of global airlines and publishing various standards and regulations.

  5. ATA (Actual Time of Arrival): It refers to the actual arrival time of a flight at its destination.

  6. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival): ETA indicates the estimated arrival time of a flight at its destination.

  7. ETD (Estimated Time of Departure): ETD indicates the estimated departure time of a flight.

  8. CUT-OFF: It is the deadline before the flight's departure by which all customs clearance procedures for the goods must be completed.

  9. AMS (Automated Manifest System): AMS is a system U.S. Customs uses to process import and export cargo data. All air freight shipments need to be declared through AMS before departure.

  10. Flight Number: It is the designated flight identification number assigned by an airline, indicating the identity of a specific flight.

  11. Airport of Departure/Destination: The airports used for the departure and arrival of goods.

  12. Freight Forwarder: A freight forwarder is an enterprise engaged in international freight forwarding services, responsible for integrating and arranging various resources, such as airlines, freight agents, customs, etc., to provide one-stop international freight services.

  13. Volumetric Weight: Volumetric weight is an important basis for calculating freight charges. It is the weight calculated based on the actual dimensions of the goods and is typically measured in kilograms or pounds.

  14. Air Cargo Insurance: It refers to the service that provides insurance coverage for air freight shipments, primarily protecting goods against losses during transportation due to unexpected events.

  15. Loading: The process of loading goods onto an aircraft.

  16. Tracking Number: It is a combination of numbers or letters used to track the location and status of goods during transportation.

These specialized terms are commonly used in the air freight industry, and freight forwarders and customers must understand their meanings.

International trade terms used in Air Freight from China

Common international trade terms used in air freight include:

  1. EXW (Ex Works): The seller prepares the goods and makes them available at a designated place, and the buyer is responsible for all transportation, insurance, and customs clearance costs.

  2. FCA (Free Carrier): The seller delivers the goods at a specified delivery point and transfers them to a third-party carrier.

  3. FOB (Free on Board): The seller arranges the goods to the airport and pays the corresponding charges prior to flight departure. Then risks and responsibility transfer to the buyer.

  4. CFR (Cost and Freight): The seller pays for the cost and freight to the designated destination airport, and the buyer is responsible for unloading the goods from the plane, customs clearance, and related expenses.

  5. CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): The seller pays for the cost, insurance, and freight to the designated airport of destination, and the buyer is responsible for unloading the goods from the aircraft, customs clearance, and related expenses.

  6. CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To): The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to a designated location and paying for the corresponding carriage and insurance costs. At the same time, the buyer is responsible for customs clearance and related expenses.

  7. DAP (Delivered at Place): The seller delivers the goods to the buyer's designated place of destination, and the buyer is responsible for customs clearance and related expenses.

  8. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid): The seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the designated place of destination and paying all relevant expenses, including transportation, insurance, customs duties, etc. The buyer only needs to receive the goods.

air freight from china

Why choose JIKE as your Air Freight forwarder?

There are several reasons to choose JIKE as your air freight service provider from China:

  1. Expertise

    JIKE has extensive air freight experience and a professional team capable of providing comprehensive air freight services, including packaging, transportation, customs clearance, and delivery. This ensures the safety and smooth handling of your goods during air transportation.

  2. Price Advantage

    JIKE collaborates with multiple airlines, enabling them to offer competitive prices that help customers reduce costs.

  3. Flexibility

    JIKE can provide flexible service options based on customer requirements, including expedited air freight for urgent shipments and various transportation speeds and service levels to meet diverse customer needs.

  4. Global Coverage

    JIKE's services cover the globe, facilitating the transportation of goods from China to destinations worldwide.

  5. Service Quality

    JIKE prioritizes customer experience and strives to deliver satisfactory service through excellent customer service and efficient communication.

In summary, choosing JIKE as your air freight service provider from China can help you address challenges in the air transportation process, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and provide comprehensive assurance for your goods.

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In conclusion, the advantages of fast, efficient, safe, and flexible air freight from China have been discussed, highlighting its ability to meet customers' rapid logistics needs and cover various destinations worldwide. It is an essential component of the global logistics industry. The article also introduced the processes, pricing, service characteristics of air freight from China.

China's air freight market share continues to rise and holds significant potential for future development. To cope with market competition, freight forwarders must continually optimize services, enhance service quality and efficiency, reduce costs, and expand logistics networks while strengthening information technology infrastructure and improving operational management. China's air freight industry will continue to grow and make greater contributions to the progress of the global logistics sector.


Here are some common questions and answers about air freight from China:

Q: How should goods be packaged?
A: The packaging of goods should be chosen based on their nature and mode of transportation. Typically, lightweight goods can be packaged in cardboard or wooden boxes, while heavy or oversized goods may require steel drums or wooden crates. Additionally, measures such as moisture resistance, shock absorption, and collision prevention should be taken to ensure the safety of goods during transportation.

Q: How do I handle the consignment procedures?
A: Consignment procedures require documents and information, including a cargo list, export contract, invoice, transportation agreement, etc. Additionally, relevant certificates such as export permits and inspection certificates must be obtained. Generally, freight forwarding companies can provide one-stop services to assist customers with consignment procedures.

Q: What is the transit time for air freight from China?

A: The transit time for air freight from China depends on the destination and flight arrangements. Typically, air freight to Europe and the Americas takes 3-7 days, while to Asian destinations, it takes 2-5 days.

Q: How do I choose the right airline?
A: Choosing the right airline involves considering various factors such as route network, flight frequency, service quality, and freight rates. Freight forwarding companies typically select suitable airlines for customers based on their needs and requirements.

Q: What should I do in case of problems or loss of goods?
A: If problems or loss of goods occur during air freight, customers can file a claim with the freight forwarding company. The company will handle the situation according to the contract and relevant laws and regulations and assist customers in resolving the issue. Additionally, customers can purchase cargo insurance to obtain better protection for their interests.

Customer case studies and testimonials

As a professional freight forwarding company, we are committed to providing efficient and secure air freight services from China. Here are some customer case studies and testimonials to demonstrate the reliability and professionalism of our services.


Customer A is an electronics manufacturer that needs to transport many electronic products from China to the United States. Every time we will help them add the shipping costs into each piece of products so that he can know the total costs and select the right product to sell in the US. We provided end-to-end air freight services for his company, including cargo pickup, packaging, shipping, customs clearance, and delivery. No matter what cargo they needs to send, our professional team developed a tailored transportation plan and closely monitored the status of the goods throughout the entire process, ensuring their safe arrival at the destination. Customer A is highly satisfied with our services and has been working with us for more than 10years.


Customer B is an international trading company that must transport many clothing products from China to Europe. She need very usrgent shipping because those clothing needs to attend exbitions in Europe. We provided air freight services for Customer B, including cargo pickup, arrangement of the fastest flights, customs pre-clearance, and night delivery to cath the deadline. Our professional team rigorously managed and controlled each step to ensure the smooth transportation of goods and timely delivery to the customer at the destination. Customer B is very satisfied with our services and intends to continue choosing us as their freight forwarding agent.


The above case studies and testimonials are real examples of our air freight services from China. We will continue to provide high-quality services to our customers and continuously improve our professional expertise and service quality.


If you want to ship cargo by air from China, please consult our experts for shipping tips and quotation.

Promotions and special offers

Our company has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient freight forwarding services, especially from China air freight services. We have a wealth of expertise and hands-on experience. Additionally, we offer a range of air freight promotions and special offers tailored to meet our customers' different needs and circumstances, aiming to enhance their experience and satisfaction.Our air freight promotions and special offers include, but are not limited to, the following aspects:

  1. First-time Customer Discount: For new customers who have never used our air freight services before, we provide a special discount for their first order, allowing them to try our services conveniently.

  2. Bulk Shipment Discount: For customers shipping many goods, we offer a certain discount as a gesture of appreciation for their support and trust.

  3. Seasonal Promotions: We introduce corresponding promotional activities based on different seasons and holidays, such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, etc.

  4. Partner Discounts: We have established long-term partnerships with logistics and freight-related partners. Through these partnerships, customers can enjoy additional discounts.

Our air freight promotions and special offers help customers save costs and enhance their satisfaction and loyalty. We will continue introducing more discounts and promotions to better serve our customers.

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