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We are JIKE Logistics Co., Ltd., a professional and top-notch freight forwarder since 2014. As one of the best Oman freight forwarders based in China, we have more than 10 years of experience shipping to Oman from China. Jike offers premier freight shipping to Oman, including sea freight (FCL/LCL), air freight, express shipping, door-to-door shipping services (DDU/DDP).

We possess extensive experience and expertise, especially in handling specific industries or regions related to your cargo. We also have a wide global network and partnerships to ensure comprehensive freight shipping services to Oman and manage the complexity of international transportation. This article will give you a complete guide to help you ship to Oman.

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Documents for Shipping to Oman

Before shipping to Oman, the necessary documents need to be prepared, including:

  • Commercial Invoice: This is a bill from the seller to the buyer, detailing information about the goods such as description, quantity, price, etc.

  • Packing List: Specifies the packaging details of the goods, including quantity, weight, dimensions of each package, etc.

  • Bill of Lading or Transport Documents: This is the formal document for transporting goods, including details about the origin, destination, quantity, mode of transport, etc.

  • Customs Declaration Form: Used to declare detailed information about the exported goods to the customs authorities.

Below are documents that should be provided if needed:

  • Certificate of Origin: Certifies the origin of the goods, usually issued by local chambers of commerce or government authorities.

  • Inspection Certificate: Some goods may require inspection, and this certificate verifies that the goods meet specific standards.

  • Health Certificate: Applicable to certain goods like food, pharmaceuticals, certifying compliance with health and hygiene standards.

  • Insurance Certificate: Goods may need to be insured during transportation, and this document verifies the status of the goods' insurance.

  • Customs Clearance Documents: Include relevant import permits, purchase contracts, etc.

  • Payment Documents: Include letters of credit, remittance documents, proving the method and amount of payment.

The packing list must be conspicuously displayed on all containers and show the contents. It is suggested to lable all goods with the country of origin.

Customs Clearance in Oman

When shipping to Oman, your products must go through customs clearance and pay the applicable customs duties and goods and services tax before entering the country. These costs can be significant, and a thorough investigation of your expenses in advance can prevent surprises.

Upon arrival at the port, the authorities will examine all documents, calculate the amount owed, and collect payments in installments. Once settled, the products will be released.

To accommodate customs flexibility, you may hire your representative or utilize financing provided by freight forwarders. If you choose JIKE Logistics, you can also take advantage of our financial advantages.

Importers must submit the required documents and create a customs declaration at least 48 hours before the goods arrive at the port to initiate the customs clearance process.

Customs and Duties in Shipping to Oman

The average customs and import duty rate in Oman is approximately 5%.

However, specific rates may vary depending on the goods type and country of origin.

Oman also implements a 5% value-added tax (VAT), which means consumers must pay a corresponding percentage of VAT when purchasing goods or services.

Prohibited Items for Shipping to Oman

shipping to oman

It's crucial to remember that certain products cannot be sent to Oman. The following items are prohibited:

1. Drugs and Medications:

  • Including all kinds of illegal drugs and prescription medications.

  • Specific medications may require relevant permits or prescriptions.

2. Weapons and Explosives:

  • This includes all forms of weapons, ammunition, explosives, etc.

  • It also encompasses replicas and simulated weapons.

3. Chemicals and Hazardous Materials:

  • This includes flammable, corrosive, and toxic chemicals.

  • Transporting such items typically requires special permits and compliance with specific safety requirements.

4. Obscene Materials:

  • This includes explicit materials, adult products, etc.

5. Religious Materials:

  • Specific religious materials may require special permits or undergo review.

6. Politically Sensitive Items:

  • This includes political propaganda materials, sensitive documents, etc.

7. Animals and Their Products:

  • Strictly subject to animal and plant quarantine and health requirements.

  • Specific animals and products may be restricted or prohibited.

8. Electronic Devices:

  • Specific types of electronic devices may require special permits or certification.

9. Frozen Foods:

  • Specific types of frozen foods may be subject to restrictions.

Shipping from China to Oman

Freight shipping to Oman from China usually goes via sea freight, air freight, express delivery, etc. Sea freight is suitable for bulk goods, offering options of container or less than container load (LCL) shipping; air freight is suitable for emergencies or high-value goods; land transportation can transport goods from inland China to ports, followed by sea or air freight to Oman; rail transport is a relatively fast and economical mode of transportation.

Currently, China is Oman's most important trading partner. Oman primarily imports from and exports to China. In 2022, Oman's imports from China exceeded 30 billion USD, reaching a historic high of 3.5 billion USD in August 2023. The most commonly imported products include:

  • Petroleum and petroleum products: Oman is an oil-producing country but may also import petroleum products from other countries.

  • Electronics and electrical equipment: Including mobile phones, computers, household appliances, etc.

  • Machinery and industrial products: Generators, construction equipment, machinery, etc.

  • Textiles and clothing: Including ready-made garments, textile fabrics, etc.

  • Chemical products: Including fertilizers, plastic products, etc.

  • Construction materials: Such as steel, cement, etc.

  • Automobiles and parts: Including vehicles, automotive components, etc.

  • Furniture and decorative items: Such as furniture, lighting fixtures, etc.

  • Food and agricultural products: Including fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.

Choose the appropriate mode of transportation based on factors such as the nature of the above goods, quantity, urgency, and budget, and familiarize yourself with the relevant customs and transportation document requirements to ensure smooth delivery to Oman. If your shipment is from China to Oman, it is recommended to consult professional logistics companies like JIKE Logistics for personalized advice.

Sea Freight Shipping to Oman from China

Sea freight is the most economical mode of transportation due to its high load capacity and low cost. In most cases, it is the most convenient option for regular shipments, especially those over 100 kilograms. Sea freight is best suited for non-fragile and non-perishable products.

Ports in Oman

Port of Muscat (major port)Port of Mina Al Fahal
Port of Sohar (major port)Port of Mina Qaboos
Port of SalalahPort of Amman
Port of DuqmPort Qaboos

How Long Does Sea Freight from China to Oman Take?

How long does it take to ship from China to Oman by sea? Your transit time will depend on location, size of goods, and season.

Sea freight from China to Oman may take 13-28 days, depending on weather, season, size of the goods, and location. Estimated times for full container load (FCL) port-to-port shipping range from 13-25 days; for less than container load (LCL), it ranges from 16-28 days. If opting for door-to-door service, FCL may slightly increase to 18-32 days, and LCL to 21-34 days. Here is an estimated delivery schedule:

Sea Freight Transit Time | Shipping from China to Oman

Sea Freight (FCL)13-25 days18-32days
Sea Freight (LCL)16-28 days21-34 days

Sea Freight Quote Shipping to Oman from China.

Sea Freight Rates Shipping to Oman

shipping to oman

China PortOman Port20ft Container (USD)
Shenzhen PortSalalah Port1,149 USD
Shanghai PortSalalah Port1,211 USD
Ningbo-Zhoushan PortSalalah Port1,180 USD
Lianyungang PortSalalah Port850 USD
Rizhao PortSalalah Port1,100 USD
Xiamen PortSalalah Port970 USD
Guangzhou PortSalalah Port940 USD
Shenzhen PortSohar Port1,460 USD
Shanghai PortSohar Port1,523 USD
Ningbo-Zhoushan PortSohar Port1,492 USD
Lianyungang PortSohar Port1,242 USD
Rizhao PortSohar Port1,274 USD
Xiamen PortSohar Port1,336 USD
Guangzhou PortSohar Port1,429 USD

Sea Freight FCL/LCL Quote from China to Oman.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Oman

Air freight is more expensive than sea freight. However, it is preferred for transporting fragile or perishable goods, urgent replacement parts, or high-demand items. Additionally, air freight does not require multiple handling of goods, making it a safer option.

Major Airports in Oman

Muscat International Airport (MCT)Adam Airport (AOM)
Salalah Airport (SLL)Bahja Airport (BJQ)
Sohar International Airport (OHS)Buraimi Airport (RMB)
Duqm International Airport (DQM)Saih Rawl Airport (AHW)

How Long Does Air Freight from China to Oman Take?

Generally, direct flights from major cities in China (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.) to major cities in Oman (like Muscat) typically take around 5 to 7 working days. However, this is just an approximate estimate; transit times may vary due to specific flight schedules, handling processes for goods, etc.

Air Freight Transit Time

When you have a small volume of goods and need them delivered in an expected timeframe, express shipping should be considered.

Air Freight2-9 days5-15 days
Express--3-7 working days

*Express shipping is always door-to-door.

Competitive Express Quote from China to Oman.

Air Freight Rates | How Much Does Shipping from China to Oman Cost?

The cost of air freight is calculated based on the higher value between the actual and volumetric weights. The average cost for air freight from China to Oman is around USD 3.4/KG-USD 9/KG, while express air freight averages around USD 6/KG-USD18/KG.

China (Code)Oman (Code)Price for 1000kgs+(USD per kg)
Shenzhen (SZX)Muscat (MCT)4.20 USD
Beijing (PEK)Muscat (MCT)3.50 USD
Shanghai (PVG)Muscat (MCT)3.40 USD
Chengdu (CTU)Muscat (MCT)3.80 USD
Chongqing (CKG)Muscat (MCT)3.80 USD
Nanjing (NKG)Muscat (MCT)3.60 USD
Xiamen (XMN)Muscat (MCT)3.40 USD
Qingdao (TAO)Muscat (MCT)3.70 USD
Zhengzhou (CGO)Muscat (MCT)3.70 USD

Shipping prices may vary depending on the type of shipment, volume of goods, and location. On JIKE Logistics, you can find reliable freight agents and get a quote for free by providing information about your goods.

Air Freight Quote from China to Oman.

How do you calculate the chargeable weight for goods shipped to Oman from China?

shipping to oman

The basis for determining the chargeable weight of goods is to compare the actual weight (gross weight) and the volumetric weight. The freight is calculated based on volumetric weight when considering air freighted shipping to Oman from China. The calculation steps are as follows:

Step 1: Calculate the cargo volume in cubic centimeters.

Measure the goods' length, width, and height in centimeters, and then use the following formula to calculate the volume: Volume = Length × Width × Height, where the volume is in cubic centimeters.

Step 2: Calculate the volumetric weight.

Divide the volume value obtained in step 1 by 6,000 to get the volumetric weight of the goods (if by express, not express, it should be by 5,000). This value represents the amount of space the actual weight of the goods occupies in kilograms.

Considering both the actual and volumetric weights, select the larger values as the basis for calculating the freight, thus determining the final chargeable weight. This calculation method allows for a more accurate reflection of the space and actual weight occupied by the goods, enabling a fair determination of the freight cost for goods shipping to Oman from China.


As one of the top Oman freight forwarders shipping to Oman from China, you can always trust JIKE Logistics to transport your goods conveniently and safely.

Contact us today, and let us ease the burden of shipping for you. We'll make shipping to Oman from China a breeze!

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How long does shipping containers from China to Oman by sea take?

The shortest transit time for sea freight between China and Oman is 17 days.

Ships depart from Yantian (CNYTN) and arrive at Salalah (OMSLL), with regular sailings every 15-22 days.

Ships also depart from Shekou (CNSHK) to Salalah (OMSLL), with regular sailings every 14-21 days.

What happens if customs fees are not paid when shipping from China to Oman?
When your goods arrive in Oman, Omani customs will check if customs fees need to be paid, and they will contact you to inquire about these fees. If you do not pay the customs fees, Omani customs authorities will not release your goods. This means you will not receive your package.

How long does customs clearance usually take when shipping from China to Oman?

You cannot expect a fixed time for goods to clear through Omani customs.

This depends on the items, their value, and the mode of transportation (air, sea, etc.) and may take hours to weeks.

If your paperwork is correct and the goods are straightforward, customs clearance for air freight may take a few hours.

If your shipment goes by sea, it may take 2-10 days.

If there are any issues with your items (e.g., restricted items, items requiring special approval, discrepancies in documentation, HS codes, labeling, customs valuation, etc.), it may take weeks.

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