Paraguay is a beautiful and vibrant country. China is rapidly becoming a manufacturing superpower, producing a significant proportion of the world's consumer goods. Due to the affordability and quality of Chinese goods, more and more Paraguayan businesses are opting to import from China to Paraguay.

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Basic Overview of Paraguay

  • Capital: Asunción

  • Other major cities: Ciudad East, Luque, San Lorenzo, Capiata

  • Population: 7,219,641 (urban population: 62.0%)

  • Official languages: Spanish, Guaraní

  • Time zone: UTC-4

  • Currency: Guaraní (PYG)

  • GDP: $38.99 billion/Growth: 4.2%/Per capita: $5,400.1

  • Total goods imports: $9.97 billion

  • Ease of doing business score: 125th / 190

However, importing from China to Paraguay is not straightforward. Importers face complex procedures and costly fees. Expected profits can often be impacted by long shipping times, fluctuating freight costs, and customs clearance delays.

shipping to paraguay

How to Import from China to Paraguay: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step guide from our perspective as experienced freight forwarders and customs brokers for China-Paraguay shipments, to help make your importing process smoother and more efficient.


Note #1: The information provided below is for reference only. Always verify with your Paraguayan customs broker or local customs authorities and start with small orders.

Note #2: We offer Chinese supplier verification services to avoid scams and fraud before you make any payments.

Note #3: Jike offers shipping services from China to Paraguay. If you have any questions or need a shipping quote for your China-Paraguay shipments, you can contact Jike.

1. Confirm Your Import Rights

When purchasing goods from China to import into Paraguay, you are the importer. If your shipment is a small consignment intended for personal use or of minimal value, express couriers like DHL, UPS, or FedEx will handle everything and deliver it to your door. This will save you a lot of time and money and doesn't require company registration.

For commercial imports, company registration is a must. After registering your company, you need to apply for a unique tax number called "RUC" (Registro Único de Contribuyentes) with the Paraguayan National Tax Administration (SET). Additionally, register as an importer with the Paraguayan National Customs Directorate (DNA). This involves submitting the relevant company documents and information, such as the company registration and tax number.

2. Confirm the Goods You Want to Import

To become a successful Paraguayan importer, you first need to choose the right products to import.

Ensure you have conducted thorough market research to understand the demand for your planned import products in the market or a specific segment. Also, have a general idea of the product costs to ensure you can achieve sufficient profits upon sale.

It's crucial to gather as much information as possible about the goods you intend to import. Obtain detailed product descriptions, ingredient information, and samples if possible. This information is essential for determining the tariff classification. The tariff classification code (HS code) will be used to determine the applicable duty rates for your goods.

We recommend choosing products you like that offer high profit margins (remember to account for international shipping and customs duties). However, don't aim for perfection. There are no perfect products; each has challenges to overcome, and profits go to those who overcome these challenges. Your task is to find the "right product for you" and start small before scaling up.

3. Ensure Your Chosen Goods are Permitted in Paraguay

Some goods are prohibited from being imported into Paraguay from China. You need to verify if the goods you wish to import are subject to any licenses, restrictions, or regulations by the Paraguayan government.

Based on Jike's experience, here is a reference list of products you should avoid importing from China to Paraguay:

Restricted items

  • Drugs and Medical Supplies: Appropriate licenses or approvals are required for import.

  • Food and agricultural products: Some foods and agricultural products may be subject to import restrictions and must comply with health standards and quarantine requirements.

  • Weapons and Ammunition: Imported arms and ammunition are generally strictly controlled.

  • Chemicals: Some chemicals may be restricted or require special licenses to import.

  • Animals, plants, and their products: Subject to phytosanitary and animal quarantine controls.


Items prohibited from import

  • Narcotics and Illegal Substances: The importation of drugs and illegal substances of any kind is prohibited.

  • Imitation: Counterfeit products and pirated products are usually prohibited from being imported.

  • Infringing products: Products that infringe intellectual property rights may be banned from import.

  • Hazardous Waste: The import of hazardous waste is generally prohibited.

  • Illegal weapons: The import of illegal weapons and military equipment is prohibited.

 Products that not allowed to import from China to Paraguay.png

 Additionally, importing unsafe products, non-compliant items, or goods that violate restrictions can result in significant customs fines and penalties. These items may be detained or even destroyed, so extra caution is required.

Before planning to import from China to Paraguay, it is recommended to consult with the freight forwarder or local import department to obtain the latest list of restricted and prohibited items to ensure that your goods comply with relevant regulations and avoid problems or delays.


4. Classify Your Goods and Calculate Landed Costs

Determine the 8-digit tariff classification code for each imported item, known as the "Aduana Nandina" code, similar to the HS code in other countries. These codes, along with the certificate of origin, are used to determine the duty rates payable upon import. Then, calculate the landed costs.

If you're unsure about your customs code, ask your Chinese factory/supplier or check on the Paraguayan customs website (

Note the international trade terms (Incoterms) which define when and where the responsibility and risk for the cargo transfer, transport, insurance, and customs procedures shift between you and the Chinese seller.

Here are common Incoterms for imports from China to Paraguay. As the importer, you need to handle the responsibilities indicated by the orange squares:

Incoterms on imports from China to Paraguay


FOB (Free on Board): If the Chinese supplier agrees to ship under FOB terms from their nearest port or airport, this can significantly reduce your shipping costs and give you more control over the shipment. For example, if you’re importing from China to Paraguay, and the supplier’s nearest port is Shanghai, you would request the factory to ship under FOB Shanghai terms.

EXW (Ex Works): Suitable for trial orders, small shipments, or if you’re familiar with the logistics from China to Paraguay.

5. Find Suitable Suppliers in China and Place Orders

You can find suitable Chinese suppliers on the following procurement platforms:

Our recommendations:

  1. Don’t just chase the lowest price: Be wary if a quote is much lower than the market price. There is no such thing as the lowest price in the Chinese market, only lower prices, which often come with higher risks such as quality, quantity, or reputation issues. You need a reliable, reasonably priced supplier to grow with.

  2. Clarify product details with suppliers: If you don’t specify product specifications, materials, and manufacturing processes clearly, you may receive unsatisfactory products. Failure to clarify these details means the Chinese supplier may make cost-saving decisions on your behalf.

After purchasing products, ensure tracking and checking: Work with your freight forwarder to check packaging, labeling, documentation, and insurance requirements and regulations to ensure:

  • Proper packaging to ensure the goods are intact and moisture-proof, ensuring safe arrival in Paraguay.

  • Correct labeling.

  • Compliance with Chinese and Paraguayan customs requirements for export/import documentation.

  • Insurance coverage for damage, loss, theft, or delays during the long transit from China to Paraguay.

Note that sea shipping from China to Paraguay is quite slow, requiring long-term planning compared to domestic procurement. Including time for documentation, inland transport, customs clearance, and port or terminal handling, it can take up to 15 days for a container to be processed. Therefore, generally, we recommend placing your order at least 4 months before you need the goods to arrive in your Paraguayan warehouse.

6. Arrange Transportation from China to Paraguay

The main transportation modes from China to Paraguay are air freight, sea freight, and express shipping.

Consider potential delays during transportation, such as production delays, shipping schedule changes, or customs holds, and plan accordingly.

For sea freight, don’t expect your goods to leave the port immediately after factory dispatch. It takes 1-3 days to transport goods from the factory to the port, and customs declaration requires at least 3 days at the port. Thus, it generally takes 5-12 days from factory dispatch to the ship's departure.

In some cases, there is only one weekly route. If you miss this week’s shipment, you’ll have to wait until the next week, adding another 7 days before the ship departs.

Choosing a good freight forwarder is crucial in this step. A professional freight forwarder will handle transportation and customs clearance, making importing to Paraguay hassle-free:

  • Experienced and responsible freight forwarder: Guarantees smooth operations, controlled costs, and significant savings in effort.

  • Poor freight forwarder: Can lead to increased shipping costs or wasted resources, impacting customer satisfaction, timely delivery, company reputation, and financial health.

Contact a freight forwarder to help you import from China to Paraguay.

Track your cargo throughout the journey and prepare for its arrival.

7. Receive the Goods

Once you receive the goods in Paraguay, notify your Chinese supplier and freight forwarder by email, informing them you have received the goods but haven’t yet inspected them. Contact them after inspecting the items. Promptly verify the quality, packaging, instructions, labeling, and check for shortages or damages, and report any issues to the relevant parties.

Documents required for Importing from China to Paraguay


Importing from China to Paraguay usually requires a series of documents and certifications that vary depending on the type and value of the goods. Below is a general list of the documents needed to import to Paraguay:

  1. Commercial invoice: A commercial invoice includes information such as description, quantity, value, etc. of the goods.

  2. Packing list: Describes the details of the goods, such as weight, size, packaging method, etc.

  3. Shipping Documents: A copy of the shipping method (e.g., bill of lading, airway bill).

  4. Insurance policy (if needed): An insurance policy is required if the goods are insured.

  5. Certificate of Origin (if needed): A document proving the origin of goods, such as a Certificate of Origin.

  6. Import License (if needed): Certain goods may require an import licenseto be imported into Paraguay.

  7. Sanitary and phytosanitary certificate (if needed): Sanitary and phytosanitary certificate for specific goods such as food and plants.

  8. Quality Inspection Certificate (if needed): A document proving that goods meet quality standards.

  9. Payment Voucher (if needed): Payment voucher for payment of duties and other fees.

Specific documentation requirements for exporting to Paraguay vary depending on the type of cargo, value, and import policy. It is recommended that a trade advisor or freight forwarder be consulted before importing to obtain the latest documentation requirements and guidance to ensure smooth completion of import procedures.


Paraguay tariffs on Import from China to Paraguay

 How to Import from China to Paraguay

Understanding how duties and taxes are paid and the associated rates is crucial to the shipping and customs clearance process of goods. Ensuring that both senders and recipients clearly understand relevant policies and standards can help both parties better plan their budgets and avoid possible issues.


Taxes and fees charged by the importing country's government to control the quantity of imported goods and protect domestic industries. Paraguay's tariffs are based on factors such as the goods' type, value, and origin. Generally, a 0-35 % tax rate is levied, and a value-added tax of 10 % is imposed.


The official website of Paraguay Customs at provides detailed information on customs services and online services. This website lets you inquire about customs procedures, customs declaration requirements, and other issues.

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Shipping to Paraguay from China


Although Paraguay is landlocked, it has close trade links with neighboring countries such as China, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. So, goods are usually transported through seaports and cargo airports in neighboring countries, then enter Paraguay by land or river. Here are some of the significant maritime ports and cargo airports commonly used to ship cargo to Paraguay:

Air freight from China to Paraguay

 shipping to paraguay

Main cargo airports

Airport NameCity
Three-letter Airport Code
Silvio Pettirossi International AirportAsuncionASU
Guarani International AirportCiudad del EsteAGT

As a fast and efficient way of transporting goods, airfreight is suitable for situations where the goods have high value and the transportation time is tight. Air transportation is an appropriate choice, especially for goods with small volumes (less than two cubic meters) and small weights (less than 200 kilograms), especially for high timeliness requirements.


Here are some of the advantages and considerations for choosing air freight:

  1. Rapidity: Air freight is the fastest way to transportgoods and can quickly deliver goods to their destination within a fewdays, making it ideal for emergencies.

  2. Security: Airlines usually take strict measures to ensure cargo safety during transportation.

  3. Insurance coverage: The insurance coverageprovided by air freight is more expansive, which can provide morecomprehensive protection for goods with higher value and ensure that thegoods are protected during transportation.

  4. High timeliness requirements: For items with strict time constraints like medical supplies, high-end electronics, etc., opting for air transport guarantees prompt and secure delivery to the destination.

  5. Economic benefits: Although air freight is more expensive forgoods with high value and high time liness requirements, choosing airfreight can bring significant financial benefits, ensuring that the goodsarrive at the destination quickly and reducing possible losses.


Air freight costs and transit time importing from China to Paraguay

How much does air freight cost from China to Paraguay?Freight Grade 45KG+Freight Grade 100KG+Freight Grade 300KG+Freight Grade 500KG+Freight Grade 1000KG+AirlineHow long does it take from China to Paraguay by air?
How much does air freight cost from Shenzhen to Paraguay?13.45/KG9.58/KG10.35/KG10/KG10.99/KGSZX-ASU by UX/CM Airlines5-7 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Guangzhou to Paraguay?13.1/KG7.39/KG7.75/KG7.54/KG8.24/KGCAN-ASU by QT Airlines5-7 DAYS
How much does air freight cost from Hong Kong to Paraguay?-8.94/KG9.26/KG9.07/KG10.15/KGHKG-ASU by LA Airlines4-6 DAYS

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The timeliness of air freight from China to Paraguay usually depends on multiple factors, including cargo type, flight schedule, route selection, seasonal factors, customs clearance time, etc. There are very few direct air routes from China to Paraguay. Generally speaking, the air freight time from China to Paraguay port-to-port is about 4-8 days, door-to-door will take around 7-15 days.

Sea freight import from China to Paraguay

 shipping to paraguay

Major maritime ports

  •  Asuncion Port: Asunción, the capital of the Republic of Paraguay and the country's largest city, is a picturesque inland port known as the "City of Forest and Water." The Port of Asunción is located on the eastern bank of Paraguay, at the confluence of the Pilcomayo and Paraguay Rivers.

Because Paraguay is landlocked and does not directly face the ocean, shipping from China to Paraguay usually needs to go through some transit ports. Despite the need for transit, sea freight is currently one of the most popular ways to ship goods from China to Paraguay and a relatively economical option.


Typically, goods are shipped from major ports in China to some significant seaports in South America and then into Paraguay by land or river. The following are the regular sea shipping routes from China to Paraguay :

  1. Departure from China: Goods are usually shipped from significant seaports in China (such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, etc.).

  2. Passing through transit ports: Goods may pass through some transit ports, such as the Port of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Port of Buenos Aires in Argentina, or the Port of Montevideo in Uruguay.

  3. Arrival at destination: The cargo will continue to Paraguay after customs clearance and reloading at the transit port. This will be done by land transport, river transport (such as the ParanáRiver), or other means.


Contact a freight forwarder or international freight company when arranging sea freight from China to Paraguay. They can provide more detailed information, arrange freight plans, and assist you with relevant documents, customs clearance procedures, and logistics arrangements. In addition, you also need to consider factors such as the insurance of the goods, delivery time, transportation method, etc., to ensure that the goods are safe and arrive at the destination on time.



 How to Import from China to Paraguay

In ocean transportation, FCL and LCL transportation are two standard modes of cargo transportation. They each have their characteristics and applicable scenarios:

Full container transportation

  • Features: An entire container loads goods from thesame cargo owner, usually filling the whole container or occupying most ofthe space.

  • Applicable scenarios: It is suitable forlarge quantities of goods. It can maintain the independence of goodsduring transportation and improve the safety of goods.

  • Advantages: The goods do not need to be mixed andtransported with the goods of other cargo owners, which helps to shortenthe transportation time.

LCL transportation

  • Features: Integrate part of the goods into the same container and transport them together with the goods of other cargo owners.

  • Applicable scenarios: Applicable to situations where the volume of goods is small, and billing can be based on the volume or weight of the goods according to actual needs.

  • Advantages: High flexibility, suitable for situationswhere the volume of goods is small, the budget is limited, or the timerequirements are relatively flexible.


When choosing FCL or LCL shipping, you can consider the following factors:

  • Cargo volume: A full container suits larger goods, and LCL is ideal for smaller quantities.

  • Time requirements: FCL may shorten shipping time; LCL may take longer to arrange shipment of goods.

  • Budget: The cost of FCL and LCL will differ; choose based on your budget.


The final choice depends on the specific circumstances and needs of your shipment. In operation, we generally communicate with freight forwarders or logistics companies to choose the most suitable transportation method according to the actual situation.


How much does it cost to ship a 20ft and 40ft container from China to Paraguay in 2024?

Shipping from China to Paraguay usually requires transit through ports in neighboring countries, and the timeliness and freight of shipping are generally directly related to the choice of the departure port in China and the destination port in Paraguay. Many factors affect the shipping time and freight, and the uncertainty is relatively considerable. Generally, you can get the specific time and freight after confirming the route and date with the freight forwarder or shipping company. Here are some factors that affect shipping time and shipping costs from China to Paraguay :

  1. Distance between departure port anddestination port: The distance between departure port and destination port willdirectly affect the timeliness of ocean transportation. The further thedistance, usually the longer the shipping time.

  2. Transportation routes and transit ports: The selected routes and transit ports will affect the transportation time and freight of the goods. Different routes and transit ports may have different shipping times and costs.

  3. Shipping companies and shipping schedules: The shipping schedules and service quality provided by shipping companies may differ. Choosing the right shipping company will also affect the timeliness and freight of the goods.

  4. Cargo type and volume: The type and volume of cargo will also affect the timeliness and freight of ocean shipping. Oversized or special shipments may require additional handling and time.

  5. Seasonal and weather conditions: Seasonal and weatherconditions also impact shipping. Certain seasons may have more weathereffects or restrictions, resulting in longer shipping times.

Sea freight costs from China to Paraguay are influenced by various factors, including the volume and weight of the cargo, trade seasons, chosen routes, fuel prices, and any additional services required. Below is the current container costs FYI.

FCL Container Shipping Service to ParaguayType of Container (FCL)Cost on Shipping Container to Paraguay from ChinaFCL Container Shipping Time to Paraguay
How much does it cost to ship a container to Paraguay from Shenzhen China20ft; 40ftAverage price $5345 for 20' container; average price $6290 for 40' containerAround 44 days by COSCO/YML
How much does it cost to ship a container to Paraguay from Shenzhen China20ft; 40ftAverage price $5540 for 20' container; average price $6480 for 40' containerAround 39 days by MSC
How much does it cost to ship a container to Paraguay from Shanghai China20ft; 40ftAverage price $5520 for 20' container; average price $6380 for 40' containerAround 41 days by ONE
How much does it cost to ship a container to Paraguay from Ningbo China20ft; 40ftAverage price $4211 for 20' container; average price $5212 for 40' containerAround 45 days by CMA
How much does it cost to ship a container to Paraguay from Tianjin China20ft; 40ftAverage price $4421 for 20' container; average price $5203 for 40' containerAround 56 days by CMA

How much does it cost to ship an LCL from China to Paraguay in 2024?

LCL Shipping Service1-3 CBM3-5 CBM5-10 CBM10 CBM+
From China to Asuncion Port Paraguay$80/CBM$75/CBM$70/CBM$65/CBM

When arranging sea freight from China to Paraguay, it is recommended that you cooperate with a professional international freight forwarder or freight company. They can provide the best shipping solution according to your needs, including selecting the appropriate route, transit port, and shipping company to ensure The cargo reaches its destination safely, on time, and in the most economically competitive way.

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Express shipping from China to Paraguay


Choosing an international express delivery service is indeed a fast and efficient choice, especially suitable for those delivery needs with high time requirements. Express companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS, etc., provide fast and reliable delivery services worldwide to ensure that packages can reach their destination quickly and safely. These companies usually have complete logistics networks and efficient transportation systems to meet customers' urgent shipping needs.


One of the advantages of express shipping is that the cargo size is not limited and is suitable for packages of various sizes and weights. This provides customers with more flexible and convenient international logistics solutions. Although express shipping can be relatively expensive, its high speed and reliability make it the first choice for many. For customers who pursue time efficiency and fast delivery, choosing express shipping is wise.

shipping to paraguay


Express shipping costs to Paraguay


Express shipping costs from China to Paraguay will be affected by many factors, including the size, weight, transportation time, destination, and other factors of the goods. Generally, the shipping cost is about USD 7 to USD 18 per kilogram.


Different international mainstream express companies may have different pricing strategies and service fees. Therefore, when choosing a suitable express company, in addition to price factors, you also need to consider service quality, timeliness, coverage, etc.


Working with a freight forwarder can be a good option as they often offer more competitive prices and help you choose the best shipping option that suits your needs. Discounts can be obtained through freight forwarding companies, making international express transportation of goods more cost-effective on a budget.

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Express delivery time to Paraguay


Shipping from China to Paraguay via express usually takes 5-10 working days.

Shipping Process to Paraguay


The process of shipping to Paraguay involves international trade and customs procedures. Here is the general process for exporting to Paraguay:

  1. Prepare goods for export: Make sure the goods meet Paraguay's import requirements and standards. Prepare all necessary export documents and certifications such as invoices, packing lists, shipping documents, etc.

  2. Choose the transportation method: Choose the appropriate transportation method, such as sea transportation, air transportation, land transportation, etc. Arrange cargo transportation to the destination in Paraguay.

  3. Declaring exports: Declare export goods to relevant agencies or customs, and fill in the export declaration form and other necessary documents as required.

  4. Handle export procedures: Ensure that goods comply with export standards and requirements and complete all export procedures, such as customs declarations, export licenses, etc.

  5. Cargo transportation: Arrange the transportation of goods to the destination in Paraguay, track the cargo transportation process, and ensure that the goods are safely delivered to the destination.

  6. Customs clearance and customs clearance: Carry out customs clearance and clearance procedures for goods at Paraguay Customs and provide necessary documents and information so customs can accept and release the goods.

  7. Delivery of goods: Ensure that the goods are delivered to the consignee smoothly, and confirm that the consignee has received the goods and completed the transaction.

The specific process of exporting to Paraguay varies according to the type of goods, value, mode of transportation, whether to cooperate with a freight forwarder, and other factors. If you cooperate with a freight forwarder, the freight forwarder will guide you through the entire export process and arrange the goods: transportation, customs clearance, and other methods.



Packaging Guide in import from China to Paraguay


Proper packaging is crucial when shipping to Paraguay to help protect your shipment from damage or loss during transit. Correct packaging is one of the keys to ensuring that your goods reach their destination safely. Here are some basic packaging guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Choose sturdy cartons that can withstand the long journey.

  • Ensure cartons are the right size for your items and leaves enough room for cushioning material.

  • Use bubble wrap or cushioning material such as foam to protect your items during shipping.

  • Wrap each item individually in cushioning material.

  • Seal cartons with heavy-duty packing tape, covering all seams.

  • Label cartons with the consignee's address and contact information.

  • Mark fragile items so couriers and forwarders can handle these packages with more excellent care.

  • If your shipment is susceptible to moisture or water damage, consider covering the outside of the package with a waterproof film or choosing waterproof packaging materials.


Following these guidelines can help ensure that your package is safe and free of damage.

Why choose JIKE to be your freight forwarder for imports from China to Paraguay?


shipping to paraguay

As a company dedicated to providing customers with a full range of logistics solutions, JIKE Logistics has deep experience and professional knowledge. It can provide reliable support for cargo transportation between China and Paraguay. We understand the business environment and regulatory requirements in China and Paraguay. We can tailor the most suitable logistics solution to ensure your goods reach their destination safely and quickly.


Choosing a reliable logistics partner who understands the local business environment is critical to successfully entering the Paraguay market. JIKE Logistics' professional team will provide comprehensive support to help you overcome various challenges you may encounter during transportation, ensuring that your goods can reach their destination smoothly and comply with local regulations and standards.


Whether you need air transportation, express delivery, or sea transportation, JIKE Logistics will provide customized solutions according to your needs and efficient and reliable logistics services. Our professional team is here to serve you, allowing you to focus on running your business and succeeding in the Paraguayan market. Choosing JIKE Logistics as your logistics partner will support your business activities and jointly build your path to success in the Paraguay market.

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FQAs - Import from China to Paraguay


Which is the cheapest  shipping method to import from China to Paraguay?
Although shipping to Paraguay requires transit, sea shipping is still one of the cheapest shipping ways to import from China to Paraguay, especially suitable for long-distance transportation of bulk and oversized goods.
What types of items can be shipped to Paraguay?
Various goods can be shipped to Paraguay, including personal belongings, commercial items, and large equipment and vehicles. However, there are some restrictions and prohibitions to consider.
What steps should I take if my goods go missing or get damaged?
When your shipment is lost or damaged in transit, the first step is to contact the shipping company or forwarder immediately. They will assist you in tracking your shipment and conducting investigations. If you purchased insurance for your shipment, they will instruct you on how to file a claim.


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