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Explore our dedicated Ireland country guide, which offers comprehensive details about your shipment from China to Ireland, including timeframes, rates, processes, duties, and taxes.

Jike Logistics provides a diverse range of services customized to meet your specific needs. Whether opting for air freight or container shipping by sea and train, our team is committed to delivering optimal and cost-effective transport solutions from China to Ireland.

1.Door-to-door service shipping to Ireland from China (DDP/DDU)

When it comes to DDP shipping, there are 3 main options for you: DDP air freight, DDP sea freight, and DDP railway freight.

With your authorization, we can pick up the goods from your factory (or your suppliers ship them to our warehouses in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc.) to transport them to airports, seaports, or railway stations and then deliver them to your business or private address, as well as Amazon FBA warehouses.

Door-to-door quotes shipping to Ireland include:

  1. – Air freight/ Sea freight/ Railway freight

  2. – Customs clearance fees

  3. – Taxes and duties ( in DDP terms)

  4. – Delivery fees

DDP Service Transit Time
DDP Air Freight8-13 days
DDP Sea Freight30-35 days
DDP Railway Shipping25-30 days

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2.Air freight shipping to Ireland

Shipping to Ireland by air

Major airports in Ireland

Ireland's airports boast modern facilities and comprehensive cargo services, providing convenient and efficient gateways for international freight.

  • Dublin Airport (DUB)

Dublin Airport (Airport code: DUB) is the largest international airport in Ireland. It is located on the outskirts of Dublin city, approximately 10 kilometers from the city center. It serves as a major air cargo hub in Ireland, offering cargo transportation services to European and other international destinations. Dublin Airport is equipped with state-of-the-art cargo facilities, including a cargo terminal, refrigerated warehouses, and a well-equipped cargo handling area capable of processing various types and volumes of cargo.

This is the most important airport to transport goods from China to Ireland. Usually, CZ and CA airlines have frequent flights and competitive prices.

  • Shannon Airport (SNN)

Shannon Airport is situated in the western part of Ireland and serves as a crucial cargo transit point. It provides diverse cargo services, including air, sea, and land transportation. The cargo facilities at Shannon Airport feature advanced technology and storage capabilities, allowing for the handling of substantial amounts of cargo and specialized goods, such as perishable items and hazardous materials.

  • Cork Airport (ORK)

Cork Airport, located in the southern part of Ireland, is another significant cargo hub. It offers international cargo services connecting destinations in Europe and other regions. Cork Airport's cargo facilities include a modern cargo terminal and cargo handling area catering to various types of cargo transportation needs.

Primary departure airports in China shipping to Ireland:

  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG)

  • Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX)

  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)

  • Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Time for airfreight shipping to Ireland

Transportation to Ireland via air freight takes 2 to 6 days for general cargo, making it the fastest among the four transportation modes (air, rail, road, sea). If it is a chartered flight, direct flights shipping to Ireland from China take only about 18 hours.

Airfreight prices shipping to Ireland

Air freight becomes the most efficient solution under the following circumstances:

  • Your goods are smaller than 2 CBM and weigh less than 200 kg.

  • You require expedited shipping.

Air freight prices shipping to Ireland fluctuate significantly on a weekly basis, currently around USD 4.5/KG to USD 9/KG. We recommend contacting us for consultation 1 to 2 weeks before shipment. Airfreight charges are usually based on the chargeable weight. In airfreight operations, there are two types of weights: Chargeable Weight and Gross Weight. For heavy cargo, the chargeable weight equals the actual weight, which is the gross weight of the goods. For light and voluminous cargo, the chargeable weight is calculated based on one cubic meter, equaling 167 kilograms. Any weight less than one kilogram is rounded to the nearest whole number using standard rounding rules.

Jike Logistics' air freight service shipping to Ireland from China offers secure and reliable solutions for all your air transportation needs, especially for time-sensitive and high-value commodities. Our versatile shipping options encompass airport-to-airport, door-to-door, airport-to-door, and door-to-airport services, among others. With our comprehensive service, we manage each step of the journey, ensuring your goods reach Ireland precisely when needed.

Factors to consider when inquiring about airfreight prices

● Product Name and Customs Code (Requires contacting the seller or manufacturer).

● Trade Terms (e.g., FOB, EXW).

● Weight and Volume.

● Packaging Type (Loose Cargo or Palletized).

● Departure Airport and Destination Airport.

● Shipment Date.

● Time Sensitivity (Prices vary for 3-day and 5-day delivery options).

● Specify transport service requirements (Export customs clearance, first-leg transportation, last-mile delivery, import clearance, or bonded warehousing if needed).

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3. Sea freight Shipping to Ireland

shipping to ireland by sea

China to Ireland Sea Freight offers the advantages of high cargo capacity, low costs, and well-connected waterways.

Major seaports in Ireland

Ireland has several significant ports that offer convenient and efficient services for international freight, connecting destinations across Europe and other regions.

  • Dublin Port

Located on the east coast of Ireland, Dublin Port is the largest port in Ireland and one of the country's major freight hubs. It boasts modern port facilities, including large cargo terminals, container terminals, and liquid bulk terminals. Dublin Port provides comprehensive services for import and export cargo, handling various types of goods, ranging from general cargo to bulk cargo and liquid chemicals.

  • Belfast Port

Situated in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Belfast Port is the second-largest port in Ireland. It serves as a significant freight hub in Northern Ireland, offering diverse services for import and export cargo. Belfast Port features container terminals, bulk cargo terminals, and liquid bulk terminals, accommodating various types of cargo.

  • Port of Cork

Located in the southern part of Ireland, in the city of Cork, the Port of Cork is one of Ireland's largest natural harbors. It provides a convenient transportation channel for import and export cargo and features modern freight facilities, including container terminals, liquid bulk terminals, and bulk cargo terminals.

  • Port of Shannon

Situated in the western part of Ireland, the Port of Shannon is one of Ireland's important seaports. It offers diversified freight services, including bulk cargo terminals and liquid bulk terminals, connecting destinations across Europe and other regions.

FCL Container freight rates shipping to Ireland (updated Dec. 2023)

Departure PortDestination PortContainer 20 ft (USD)Container 40 ft (USD)Estimated Transit time (days)
NingboDublin / Cork900150038

Free Sea freight Quote from China to Ireland.

We have established long-term agency partnerships with major shipping companies such as COSCO, CSCI, NYK, MSC, Matson, CMA, EVG, Hapag-Lloyd, and YML. We provide full-container load (FCL) sea freight and less-than-container load (LCL) sea freight services from Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Ningbo/Qingdao, etc. to Ireland. Through our own operational network, we consolidate different customers' less-than-container load shipments from China to Dublin Port, Belfast Port, Galway Port, and Cork Port in Ireland. Additionally, we offer multimodal transportation and door-to-door delivery options to safely and efficiently deliver your goods to the designated destination in Ireland.

4. Rail Freight Shipping to Ireland

Shipping to Ireland by rail

Railway freight is faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight. It is a swifter and more cost-effective shipping alternative, choosing rail freight for transporting goods from China to Ireland.

China-Europe Express, one of its typical rail routes, originates from Chengdu, China, and exits through the Shan'guan Port. It passes through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus before reaching Łódź, Poland. The total distance covers 995 kilometers, and the journey takes approximately 12-16 days. Rail freight shipping to Ireland typically offers a total transit time ranging from 18 to 22 days, providing a faster option compared to sea shipping, which can take 30 to 40 days. Moreover, LCL railway freight often incurs shipping costs in the range of USD 80 to USD 150 per cubic meter (CBM).

Advantages of China to Europe Ireland Rail Transport

● Transparent Billing: No additional charges upon arrival at the destination in Ireland.

● Cargo Tracking: Real-time GPS tracking throughout the rail journey

● Short Transit Time: Only around 15 days from Chengdu to Warsaw by rail; an estimated 2-5 days for delivery to Ireland after customs clearance and container unloading.

● Low Transportation Cost: Freight costs are only 1/4 to 1/3 of airfreight expenses.

● Stable and Mature Route: Timely departures are hardly affected by weather or other factors.

● Suitable for Various Goods: Ideal for high-value-added products, urgent orders, and high turnover demand. The China-Europe rail service covers Central Asia and European inland points, providing Ireland with railway FBA first-mile service and DDP delivery, offering diverse international logistics channel choices.

Free Railway freight shipping to Ireland.

Why is Jike the Top China Freight Forwarder Shipping from China to Ireland?

China freight forwarder shipping to Ireland

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1. Tailored Solutions

A significant 42% of our team members boast over a decade of experience in freight shipping from China to Ireland, having successfully managed diverse shipping projects for various types of cargo.

Irrespective of your cargo type, preferred shipping method, or ultimate destination in Ireland, our experts specialize in optimizing the best shipping solution for your specific needs when shipping to Ireland from China.

2. Competitive Price

Our commitment to optimizing your shipping costs takes top priority when shipping to Ireland from China. Through annual contracts with airlines and shipowners on the Sino-Ireland route, we can provide cost-effective First Leg Shipping options within China and Ireland.

Moreover, our collaborations extend to reputable carriers and agencies in Ireland. Leveraging our extensive shipping experience, we ensure the efficient clearance and delivery of your cargo shipping to Ireland, all at competitive prices.

Irish import and export policy

Trade Policy

● The departments responsible for trade in Ireland are the Irish Department of Foreign Trade and the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation.

● As a member of the European Union (EU), Ireland adheres to EU common trade regulations and aligns its trade management with EU guidelines.

● Ireland operates an approval system for the import of firearms, ammunition, and radioactive substances. Genetically modified foods and seeds are subject to an import permit system.

● The Irish Customs Office is the main authority responsible for import and export inspections. Additionally, the Irish Veterinary Office exercises special supervision and quarantine measures on animal and plant products. Agricultural products and food items are subject to random inspections, and products not granted EU import approval or failing to meet EU health standards are not allowed entry. The Irish Veterinary Office is the designated inspection and quarantine agency of the EU for animal and plant inspections, strictly adhering to EU standards.

Import Commodity Tariff Policy

● Goods imported from European Union (EU) member countries are exempt from tariffs, while goods imported from non-EU countries are subject to import duties, with tariff rates following the EU's unified tariff schedule.

● Tariff rates generally range from 0% to 17%, and some goods may be exempt from tariffs, while specific items may be subject to additional taxes (e.g., anti-dumping duties).

● Ireland has set thresholds for import taxes. Goods with a value (FOB) not exceeding 150 euros or freight charges not exceeding 10 euros are exempt from tariffs. Goods with a value (FOB) not exceeding 22 euros or import value-added tax (VAT) not exceeding 6 euros are exempt from VAT.

● The standard VAT rate in Ireland is 23%, while certain special goods may be eligible for reduced VAT rates of 0% or 13.5%. The VAT amount is calculated as VAT rate × (CIF value + import tariffs).

● Certain special products, such as tobacco products, are subject to excise taxes.

● Additional customs fees are levied for the inspections, examinations, and testing that must be carried out on imported goods during customs clearance.

What type of code is required for customs declaration?

Since July 1st, 2009, non-European Union (EU) businesses intending to submit customs declarations or summary declarations to EU member countries must possess an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) code. To obtain an EORI code, businesses should formally apply to the customs authorities of the EU member country to which they will export for the first time. The customs authorities of the member country may request additional documents during the formal application for the EORI code. Once a business obtains an EORI code, it can use it to export to any of the 27 member countries. Operators with an EORI code can apply for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status, which allows them to benefit from certain simplified customs procedures. Information on applying for an EORI code with the Irish authorities can be found on the Irish Customs website.

Important considerations

Customs Clearance Documents: Bill of Lading, Invoice, Packing List, and Certificate of Origin (FORM A or CO).

● Chinese enterprises engaging in trade with Ireland may seek support from the Irish Trade Promotion Agency, Enterprise Ireland, which is responsible for trade and the promotion of Irish technology development.

● When conducting trade activities in Ireland, Chinese companies need to be particularly cautious about mitigating trade risks and should specify dispute resolution methods in contracts.

Note: The above policy might change over time. If you have cargo to ship to Ireland from China, we suggest you find a freight forwarder or a customs broker. They will help you a lot in shipping to Ireland: optimizing shipping solutions, saving costs, and avoiding delays.

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FAQS-Shipping to Ireland

What is the shipping time to Ireland?
The transit time varies based on the selected mode of transportation. Air freight is usually faster, taking about 2-6 days, while sea freight usually takes 3-6 weeks, depending on the origin and destination of the shipment and the mode of transportation chosen.
What customs clearance procedures are required for the goods?
When exporting goods from China to Ireland, export customs clearance procedures are necessary. This includes providing the appropriate export declaration documents and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations of the exporting and importing countries.
How long does customs clearance take for shipping to Ireland?
The customs clearance timeframe depends on the type of goods and the efficiency of the Irish customs authorities. In general, the clearance process may take several days to a few weeks.
How do I monitor the shipment's status?
Logistics companies typically provide shipment tracking services, where you can use the provided tracking number to monitor the real-time location and status of the goods during transportation.
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