In recent years, trade cooperation between China and Kenya has been expanding, with China becoming one of Kenya's most important trading partners. As the economic leader in East Africa, Kenya has been actively seeking close economic ties with global partners. In this context, shipping from China to Kenya has become a topic of great interest. We aim to help you understand and address the logistics challenges of shipping from China to Kenya, and achieve smooth and efficient transportation of goods.

Transportation Services from China to Kenya

China to Kenya Sea Freight

Trade cooperation between China and Kenya in sea freight has been growing, making it one of the primary modes of transportation for shipping from China to Kenya. In sea freight, two common terms are FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load), which aooly to different scales and types of cargo. Below, we will introduce sea freight services from China to Kenya, explain the differences between FCL and LCL, list the major ports in Kenya, and provide some information about the cost and transit time of full container sea freight from China to Kenya.

Differences between FCL and LCL

FCL (Full Container Load) refers to transporting a full container of goods. This method is suitable for large quantities of goods that require a whole container for transportation. The shipper is responsible for loading and unloading the goods, and the goods are not mixed with other cargo during transportation, ensuring their safety and integrity.

LCL (Less than Container Load) refers to consolidating multiple shipments into one container for transportation. This method is suitable for small quantities of goods filling only part of the container. Freight forwarders or logistics companies handle the loading and unloading of goods, and the container space is shared with other cargo during transportation.

Ports in Kenya

Kenya has several major ports as an important economic center in East Africa. Here are some of the important ports in Kenya:

Port of MombasaPort of MokowePort of Kinya
Port of KisumuPort of IsioloPort of Kiambo
Port of MalabaPort of Tana RiverPort of Lamu
Port of Lorkiriri

These ports provide good infrastructure and services to support sea trade between China and Kenya.

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Full Container Sea Freight Cost and Transit Time

Multiple factors, such as the weight and volume of the goods, the distance between the origin port and destination port, and the choice of shipping company, influence the cost and transit time of full container sea freight. Here is some approximate reference information:

Origin PortDestination Port20' Container (USD)40' Container (USD)Estimated Transit Time (days)


ShenzhenMombasa 92590024
ShanghaiMombasa 1150160022

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China to Kenya LCL Sea Freight Cost and Transit Time

LCL sea freight's cost and transit time can also vary due to multiple factors. LCL sea freight is usually charged based per cubic meter or per weight unit. The specific cost and transit time depend on the volume of goods, the distance between the origin and destination ports, and the quotes provided by freight forwarders or logistics companies.

Origin PortDestination PortPrice per Cubic Meter (USD)Price per Cubic Meter (USD)
MombasaMombasa 14320
ShanghaiMombasa 14320

Note: The above costs and transit times are for reference only, and actual costs and times may vary depending on the specific circumstances. For detailed consultation and accurate quotes and schedules, please get in touch with JIKE Logistics.

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China to Kenya Air Freight

Air freight is a fast and efficient mode of transportation between China and Kenya. Understanding the international airports in Kenya and the cost and transit time of air freight from China to Kenya is crucial for successful cargo transportation. Below, we will introduce the major international airports in Kenya and provide information on the cost and transit time of air freight from China to Kenya.

International Airports in Kenya

Here are some important international airports in Kenya and their locations:

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in NairobiLamu International AirportUkunda Airport
Moi International Airport in MombasaWilson AirportMaikona Airport
Kisumu International AirportIsiolo Airport

These international airports in Kenya serve as vital hubs for cargo entering and leaving Kenya, providing convenient air freight services.

China to Kenya Air Freight Cost and Transit Time

Type of GoodsWeight RangeVolume RangeEstimated Cost (per kg)Estimated Transit Time
Small Packages/DocumentsUp to 1 kg-$5 - $153 - 7 days
Samples/Garments1 kg - 100 kg-$3 - $103 - 7 days
General CargoOver 100 kgLess than 1 $2 - $63 - 10 days
Large CargoOver 1000 kgLess than 1 m³$1.5 - $45 - 15 days

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China to Kenya Door-to-Door Transportation

China to Kenya door-to-door transportation services include DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) sea freight and DDP air freight options. These options provide comprehensive cargo transport and delivery services, taking care of logistics matters from the origin to the destination in Kenya, relieving you of the logistics burden. Here is a general overview of DDP sea freight and DDP air freight:

DDP Sea Freight

DDP sea freight means the logistics service provider takes care of the entire sea freight process, including pickup, packing, sea transportation, customs clearance, and final delivery to the destination in Kenya. This method suits large quantities or oversized goods, usually with longer transit times but relatively lower costs.

DDP Air Freight

DDP air freight means that the logistics service provider handles the entire air freight process, including pickup, packaging, flight arrangements, air transportation, customs clearance, and final delivery to the destination in Kenya. This method is suitable for time-sensitive or smaller quantity goods, with shorter transit times but relatively higher costs.


When choosing between DDP sea freight and DDP air freight services, consider the following factors:

  • Nature and requirements of the goods: Select the appropriate transportation mode and service based on the nature, volume, weight, and time requirements of the goods.

  • Time sensitivity: DDP air freight may be a more suitable choice if the goods need to be delivered to Kenya quickly due to its faster transit time.

  • Budget considerations: DDP sea freight may be relatively cheaper, and suitable for large quantities of goods or cost-sensitive situations, while DDP air freight tends to be more expensive.

Specific costs, transit times, and service details will vary depending on the characteristics of the goods, the origin and destination locations, and other factors. Contact JIKE Logistics for detailed information and tailored DDP sea freight or DDP air freight services.

What is the process for shipping from China to Kenya?

When shipping from China to Kenya, you need to follow the general process outlined below:

  1. Prepare documents and licenses: Ensure you have all the required documents and licenses for export. This may include commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, import/export licenses, certificates of origin, etc. Consult the local trade department or logistics service provider to ensure you have the correct documents prepared.

  2. Packaging and labeling: Ensure the goods are properly packaged to prevent damage and ensure safe transportation. Label the packaging with information such as the names, addresses, contact details of the consignor and consignee, description of the goods, quantity, etc. This will help in identifying and tracking the goods.

  3. Choose a logistics service provider: Select a professional logistics service provider or freight forwarding company that will assist you in arranging the transportation and customs clearance of the goods. Choose a reliable partner with extensive international logistics experience and a good reputation.

  4. Goods pickup and transportation: The logistics service provider will arrange for the pickup of the goods and transport them to Kenya based on the chosen mode of transportation (such as sea freight, air freight, or land transportation). Ensure that you clearly understand the expected transit time and the characteristics of the selected mode of transportation.

  5. Customs clearance procedures: Before the goods arrive in Kenya, the logistics service provider will handle the customs clearance procedures. This includes submitting necessary documents to Kenya Customs and paying relevant duties, taxes, etc.

  6. Delivery to the destination: Once the goods have completed customs clearance, the logistics service provider will arrange delivery to the destination in Kenya. Ensure that you provide accurate destination address and contact information to ensure accurate delivery of the goods.

Note that the specific process may vary depending on the nature of the goods, mode of transportation, local regulations, and other factors. Therefore, consult JIKE Logistics for detailed consultation and guidance regarding your needs and circumstances.

How long does it take to ship from China to Kenya?

Transportation ModeTransit Time Range
Sea Freight 2-6 weeks
Air Freight2-10 days
Door-to-Door Transportation7-30 days

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What is the cheapest way to ship from China to Kenya?

The cheapest way to ship from China to Kenya is usually by sea freight. Sea freight generally has lower transportation costs compared to air freight and land transportation. It offers a large capacity for bulk transportation, which reduces the transportation cost per unit of goods. Additionally, sea freight has lower fuel costs and other transportation surcharges.

Although sea freight has a longer transit time, it is economical if your goods are not time-sensitive and can be planned in advance. Sea freight is suitable for large-sized goods, bulk shipments, or goods that require long-distance transportation.

What documents are required for shipping from China to Kenya?

When shipping from China to Kenya, the following documents are usually required:

  1. Packing List: A detailed list of all the shipped goods, including names, quantities, weights, values, etc.

  2. Commercial Invoice: Provides the commercial value and transaction details of the goods, including information about the supplier and buyer, description of the goods, unit prices, total prices, etc.

  3. Transport Contract: A contract that includes relevant terms and conditions such as the mode of transport, origin and destination locations, description of the goods, transportation costs, payment terms, etc.

  4. Bill of Lading: A document that acknowledges the receipt of goods for shipment and serves as a contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier.

  5. Packing List: Records detailed information about the loading and packaging of the goods, such as container numbers, quantities, dimensions, weights, etc.

  6. Documents from the Port of Loading and Port of Destination: Depending on the specific circumstances, documents from the port of loading and port of destination may be required, such as shipping instructions, bills of lading, clearance documents, etc.

  7. Transport Insurance Certificate: Optional but recommended for purchasing transport insurance to cover any loss or damage to the goods during transportation. Provide the relevant transport insurance certificate.

  8. Import/Export Licenses or Certificates: Depending on the nature of the goods and relevant regulations, specific import/export licenses or certificates may be required for certain goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

  9. Customs Clearance Documents: Depending on the requirements of Kenyan Customs, documents required for customs clearance, such as import declaration documents, clearance authorization letters, etc., may be necessary.

This is just a basic list of documents, and the specific required documents may vary depending on the nature of the goods, industry requirements, destination regulations, etc. It is recommended to consult with JIKE Logistics or the local customs authorities to ensure that you have prepared all the necessary documents and understand the relevant regulations and procedures.

What are the import duties and taxes for shipping from China to Kenya?

The import duties and taxes for sea freight from China to Kenya will depend on the trade agreements between China and Kenya and the import tax system in Kenya. The importation of goods may be subject to the following main types of taxes:

  1. Import Duties: Kenya imposes import duties on different categories of goods based on their classification and tariff schedule. Import duties are typically calculated based on the value or quantity of the goods and are levied at specific tariff rates.

  2. Value Added Tax (VAT): Kenya levies a 16% Value Added Tax on most goods and services. VAT is calculated based on the final consumer value of the goods and is collected at the time of importation.

  3. Transportation and Insurance Charges: In addition to import duties and VAT, Kenya may also levy a certain percentage of taxes on transportation and insurance charges of the goods.

Note: The specific tax situation may be subject to changes in Kenyan government policies and trade agreements. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the Kenyan customs authorities or JIKE Logistics for the most accurate and up-to-date information on import duties and tax charges. We can provide tax calculations specific to your goods and relevant customs requirements.

What is the customs clearance process in Kenya?

  1. Prepare necessary documents: Before shipping the goods, ensure that you have prepared the necessary documents, such as commercial invoices, packing lists, transport contracts, documents from the port of loading and port of destination, etc. Specific goods may require additional documents such as import/export licenses, health certificates, quality inspection certificates, etc.

  2. Engage a customs clearance agent: It is recommended to engage a professional customs clearance agent or freight forwarding company to handle the customs clearance procedures. They have the experience and expertise to assist with various customs clearance formalities.

  3. Submit customs declaration: The customs clearance agent will prepare and submit the customs declaration documents to Kenyan Customs based on the information about the goods and the relevant documents. The customs declaration documents include the packing list, commercial invoice, etc.

  4. Pay duties and taxes: Depending on the value of the goods and applicable tax rates, import duties, VAT, and any other applicable taxes need to be paid according to the requirements of Kenyan Customs.

  5. Inspection and quarantine: Depending on the nature of the goods and relevant regulations, inspection and quarantine procedures may be required. This may involve sampling and testing the goods, health inspections, quality certifications, etc.

  6. Complete customs clearance procedures: Once all the applicable duties and taxes have been paid and the goods have passed the inspection and quarantine procedures, the customs clearance agent will receive the clearance notification and complete the necessary procedures for customs clearance.

  7. Delivery and handover: After customs clearance is completed, the goods will be delivered to the final consignee or arranged for delivery to the destination.

What are the restrictions and prohibited items in Kenya?

  1. Weapons and military equipment: Firearms, ammunition, explosives, military equipment, military technology, etc.

  2. Drugs and prohibited substances: Narcotics, controlled drugs, prohibited drugs, unapproved pharmaceutical products, etc.

  3. Counterfeit and pirated products: Including counterfeit branded goods, counterfeit currency, and documents, pirated CDs/DVDs, imitation luxury goods, etc.

  4. Pesticides and chemicals: Specific pesticides, toxic chemicals, and hazardous chemicals may be restricted or require special permits.

  5. Biological products and plants/animals: Certain animal and plant species, wildlife products, rare plants, etc., may be restricted based on international trade conventions and environmental protection regulations.

  6. Hazardous waste: Hazardous substances, hazardous waste, electronic waste, etc.

  7. Political and religious items: Specific political items, religious items, or propaganda materials may be subject to restrictions.

  8. Import License Requirements: Certain commodities may require import licenses or special permits.

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JIKE Logistics - Freight Forwarder from China to Kenya

JIKE Logistics is a professional freight forwarding company that offers shipping services from China to Kenya. Our goal is to provide efficient and reliable logistics solutions to ensure the smooth transportation of goods from the origin to the destination.

As a freight forwarder from China to Kenya, we offer the following services:

  1. Sea Freight: We have established good partnerships with multiple shipping lines and shipping agents, allowing us to provide sea freight services globally. Whether it's Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments, we can arrange suitable sea transportation solutions for you.

  2. Air Freight: We collaborate with major airlines to provide efficient and fast air freight services. Whether you have urgent shipments, high-value goods, or bulk cargo, we can arrange suitable air freight solutions to ensure timely delivery to the destination.

  3. Door-to-Door Delivery: We offer end-to-end door-to-door delivery services, including cargo pickup, customs clearance, transportation, and final delivery. No matter where you are in China, we will arrange the pickup of your goods and take responsibility for safely and swiftly delivering them to the destination in Kenya.

  4. Customs Clearance Services: Our team is familiar with Kenya's customs requirements and procedures, enabling us to provide professional customs clearance services. We will assist with customs clearance procedures, payment of duties and taxes, and ensure the smooth passage of goods through Kenyan Customs.

  5. Tracking and Customer Service: We provide cargo tracking services to inform customers of their goods' transportation status. Our customer service team is also available throughout the process to provide support and answer any questions.

As an experienced freight forwarding company, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and high-quality freight services. Whether you have small or large shipments, we can provide customized solutions for your transportation needs. By partnering with JIKE Logistics, you can rest assured that your shipping from China to Kenya will be handled confidently, allowing you to enjoy a convenient and secure freight experience.

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Whether you choose sea freight, air freight, or door-to-door delivery, there are multiple feasible options for shipping from China to Kenya to meet the transportation needs of different types of goods. JIKE Logistics plays a crucial role throughout the freight process. We provide professional logistics management and operations to ensure the safe transportation, warehousing, and delivery of goods. We are familiar with trade and customs requirements and offer services such as customs clearance and handling of relevant documents, simplifying procedures and processes for our customers. Choosing the most suitable mode of transportation based on your specific situation and requirements will ensure the safe and prompt arrival of your goods to their destination in Kenya.

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Q: Are there direct flights from China to Kenya?
A: Yes, direct flights are available from major cities in China, such as Beijing and Shanghai, to Nairobi or Mombasa in Kenya. Kenya Airways is an airline that offers direct flights from China to Kenya.
Q: Which cities can be used as transit points?
A: Common transit cities include Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Doha in Qatar, and Dubai, depending on the airlines and flight schedules. These cities provide convenient transit services, allowing you to reach Kenya from China smoothly.
Q: How much does it cost to ship from China to Kenya?

A: For LCL shipments - the cost per CBM ranges from $235 to $270 for a 20-foot container. For FCL shipments - the price for a full container load shipping from China to Mombasa is approximately $900 to $1100 per cubic meter.

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