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There are several different transportation options between China and Turkey, which can be chosen based on factors such as the nature of the goods, urgency, cost, and delivery time. If you have specific requirements, please let us know, and we would be happy to create a customized solution for you.

Air Freight Services from China to Turkey

Air shipping from China to Turkey

If you need to transport goods from China to Turkey, air freight is a fast and reliable option. Depending on various factors, average airfreight costs for shipping from China to Turkey may range from $3.5 to $7 per kilogram

Major Airports in ChinaMajor Airport in TurkeyChina-Turkey Major Airlines

Shanghai Pudong International AirportAirport 


Istanbul Yeni Havalimani Airport 


Turkish Airlines 


Shenzhen Baoan International Airport 


Esenboga International Airport



Hong Kong International Airport 


Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport 


Kuwait Airways


Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 


Sabiha Gokcen Uluslararasi Havalimani Airport


China Southern Airlines


Beijing Capital International Airport 


Gaziantep Oguzeli International Airport


Asiana Airlines


Jike Logistics can provide you with a cost estimate for transporting goods from China to Turkey. We also offer packaging and warehousing solutions to store your goods while safely awaiting transportation and customs and delivery for cargo. Contact Jike to explore all your options and find the solution that best suits your needs.

Air Freight Quote from China to Turkey.  

Transportation times of Air Freight to Turkey

Air transport is one of the fastest options, typically taking around 3 to 6 days to reach Turkey from China. For some direct flights like by TK, goods only take one day to arrive in Turkey. 

Express Shipping to Turkey

Express Shipping Service

Express Shipping to Turkey

If you want to ship parcels from China to Turkey, you can leverage our years of experience and network to match you with the best carriers who will transport your packages at the most favorable prices and at the fastest times.

Jike is the agent of significant couriers like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. With yearly contracts with them, we have lower prices than their website. It takes around USD 5/KG to 15/KG to ship goods from China to Turkey by express, with a transit time of around 3-5 working days. We suggest using Express shipping from China when your goods are less than 45kgs; that will be cost-effective.

Process of Express shipping from China to Turkey

If you choose Jike as your China freight forwarder to ship to Turkey, we will keep the process as easy and painless for you as possible. Below are the steps that will be required to get your goods shipped from China:

  1. Accept and confirm Jike'squote for your Express shipping (We offer customized shipping solutions)

  2. We will work with your supplier and double and triple-check all information before the goods arrive at Jike's warehouse

  3. Cargo weight and size measured by X-ray machine

  4. We confirm all information and chargeable weight according to the exact cargo data

  5. You pay for your shipping cost in shipping from China to Turkey as agreed 

  6. We transit your shipment to the courier that you have chosen based on your shipping needs

  7. We handle the rest of everything needed to make sure your goods are delivered to Turkey is safe.

Express Quote from China to Turkey.  

Sea Freight Services from China to Turkey

Sea Freight Shipping to Turkey

Sea freight is a slower process, but it remains the most economical, especially regarding bulk or large items. Container shipping to Turkey can make sense.

When shipping overseas, you must consider which container packaging type to choose. Importers can opt for full containers (FCL) for their exclusive use or share containers (LCL) with others.

Based on Jike's experience, a standard 40-foot container can usually hold 22 standard pallets and a 20-foot container can hold 10 pallets.

Sea Freight Quote from China to Turkey.  

* If you want the latest shipping costs from other Chinese Ports to other Danish ports like Mersin Port, Istanbul Port, Yarimca Port, Tekirdag Port, Izmit Port, and Aliaga Port, please get in touch with Jike for a Quote!

Door-to-Door Services from China to Turkey

Door-to-door transportation means we will pick up the package in China and transport it to your home or company address in Turkey.

With door-to-door transportation, you don't need to pick up the goods at the port/airport. This service suits various goods, from consumer items to commercial cargo, and suits different shipping methods, from air freight to sea freight.

FAQs-Shipping from China to Turkey

--Is transportation between China and Turkey allowed?

Yes, transportation of goods between China and Turkey is allowed. The two countries have established trade and transportation cooperation to facilitate the movement of goods and people.

Regarding goods transportation, multiple transportation options are available between China and Turkey, including sea freight, air freight, and courier services. The extent of trade cooperation between the two countries depends to some extent on international trade agreements and bilateral cooperation agreements. When transporting goods, it's important to adhere to the regulations and requirements of both countries, including export and import licenses, customs clearance procedures, etc.

--What is the current shipping time from China to Turkey?


Air courier services such as DHL and FedEx from China to Turkey take approximately 3 to 7 days for delivery.

Sea Freight

Shipping by sea is considered the most cost-effective option for shipments from China to any country. On average, shipping to Turkey takes around 4 to 6 weeks.

Shipping times can be reduced to 1 week or more when all border controls in Turkey are expedited.

Air Freight

Shipping by air from China to Turkey typically takes 1 to 8 days. If you opt for expedited delivery, it comes with a higher fee, but you can deliver your products within 2-4 days.

--How much does air freight from China to Turkey cost?

For air freight, the cost is approximately $4 to $8 per kilogram.

Air freight is a fast transportation method suitable for medium to small quantities of goods. While the cost is higher, it allows for quick delivery to the destination.

--What are the advantages of air freight for transporting goods?

Air freight offers several advantages as a fast and reliable method of transporting goods.

Firstly, its ability to deliver goods to their destination within a short timeframe makes it particularly suitable for urgent delivery needs, reducing the risk of delivery delays.

Secondly, its extensive global coverage network allows goods to reach remote or hard-to-reach locations. Real-time cargo tracking provides higher visibility, while shorter transit times reduce the risk of goods being damaged or compromised, thus offering a safer and more efficient transportation option. 

However, due to its higher cost, decisions should be made based on factors such as the nature of the goods, delivery time requirements, and budget considerations.

--How is the chargeable weight for goods sent from China to Turkey calculated by air?

shipping to turkey

Determining the chargeable weight of goods is based on comparing the actual weight (gross weight) and the volumetric weight. The freight charges are calculated based on the volumetric weight when considering goods transported by air from China to Turkey. The step-by-step procedure for this calculation is outlined below:

Step 1: Calculate the volume of the shipment.

Measure the length, width, and height of the goods in centimeters, and then use the following formula to calculate the volume: Volume = Length × Width × Height, where the volume is measured in cubic centimeters.

Step 2: Calculate the volumetric weight.

Divide the volume value obtained in Step 1 by 6,000 to obtain the volumetric weight of the goods. This value represents the space occupied by the goods in kilograms of actual weight, with the unit being kilograms.

Considering both the actual and volumetric weights, the final chargeable weight will be determined by selecting the larger of the two values as the basis for calculating the freight charges. Through this calculation method, a more accurate reflection of the space occupied by the goods and the actual weight can be achieved, thereby reasonably determining the freight charges for goods sent from China to Turkey.

--What are the size restrictions for air shipping to Turkey?

Airlines have shipment regulations, which you must know when shipping to Turkey. Similarly, different countries have different rules for shipments.

When transporting goods between China and Turkey, you should be able to transport items with a maximum dimension of 164 centimeters on a pallet. If you need to transport items larger than this size, you may need to split the shipment into multiple boxes. Please contact us for a quote if you have any questions.

--What is the cost of FCL shipping to Turkey?

For a 20-foot container, the cost ranges from approximately $1,500 to $2,000.

Full container shipping suits large quantities of goods occupying an entire container. The cost depends on the container size and type of goods.

For a 40-foot container, the cost ranges from approximately $3,000 to $4,000.

A 40-foot container is suitable for even larger quantities of goods, such as a full container load. While the cost is higher, it's suitable for large-scale shipments.

--What is the cost of LCL shipping to Turkey?

For LCL, the cost is approximately $50 per kilogram.

LCL combines multiple customers' goods into a single container, which is suitable for smaller volumes. This approach can lower costs but slightly extend delivery times.

shipping to Turkey

--Which courier company delivers goods from China to Turkey?

JIKE Logistics offers convenient international courier transportation services to send your goods from China to Turkey.

Our global courier partners – including well-known international courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others – ensure your goods arrive safely and quickly at your destination in Turkey.

We will provide you with a customized transportation solution based on the nature of your goods, delivery time, and budget requirements, ensuring that we meet your needs.

Our professional team will assist you with Turkey's import requirements and customs clearance procedures, ensuring that your goods can smoothly pass through customs. We provide real-time cargo tracking services, allowing you to stay informed about the location and status of your goods. Additionally, we will promptly notify you of any significant updates during the transportation process.

--How much does it cost to send a package from China to Turkey?

For courier services, if goods are more than 22kgs, the cost is approximately $5 to $9 per kilogram. If less than that, shipping costs might be more expensive. For example, shipping a 2kg package will be around USD35. Courier services offer a fast and reliable option for small quantities or urgent deliveries. This service typically provides real-time tracking and professional handling of goods.

--What is the import tax from China to Turkey?

Import tax is a fee you must pay when importing packages into Turkey. Typically, for all countries/regions, you are required to pay this fee if the total value of your package exceeds the limit set by the authorities.

However, the situation is different for Turkey: there is no fixed limit. Instead, import tax is applied to any value. The amount you need to pay depends on the value of the items in your package.

Why is Jike Logistics the best Freight Forwarder for Shipping from China to Turkey?

China freight forwarder shipping to Turkey

1. Tailored Solutions

Currently, 42% of our staff have more than ten years of freight shipping from China to Turkey. They have been working on different Sino-Turkey shipping projects for different products.

No matter what your cargo is, what shipping method you want, and where your shipment goes in Turkey, as long as they are transporting from China, our experts will optimize the best shipping solution to meet your specific shipping needs from China to Turkey

2. Competitive Rates

Optimizing your shipping costs is also our top mission in shipping from China to Turkey. We have yearly contracts with airlines and shipowners in the Sino- Turkey route. To some extent, we have cheaper First Leg Shipping in China and Turkey.

And we have been partnering with renowned carriers and agencies in Turkey. With rich shipping experience, we know how to clear and deliver your shipments to  Turkey in capable hands at competitive prices.

Contact Jike for Freight from China to Turkey

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