China has a relatively small trade relationship with Andorra. Andorra is a small, landlocked country in Europe with a relatively small population. Owing to its small size, Andorra's trade activities are relatively limited, focusing mainly on trade with European countries. Despite the current limited scale of trade exchanges, there is potential for trade relations between China and Andorra.  This guide will show you all the problems you will encounter when shipping to Andorra and explain how to choose the best shipping service for your China-to-Andorra shipment.

Each mode of transportation has advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one for your shipment will help you save time and money.

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Process of Shipping to Andorra

At Jike Logistics, we understand the importance of a seamless shipping process. When it comes to shipping goods from China to Andorra, we've simplified the steps to ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients. Here's an overview of the entire process:

1. Goods Preparation:

Your supplier in China will handle the preparation of your goods after receiving your order. They will then arrange for the pickup or delivery to our shipping company. In cases where your supplier cannot facilitate this, our team will step in to ensure a smooth transition.

2. Gathering Shipping Documents:

Our experienced shipping agents will liaise with your supplier to obtain the necessary documents, starting with the Commercial Invoice. This crucial document provides detailed information about the products, including type, value, weight, etc. This enables Customs to accurately calculate any applicable taxes. Additionally, we will compile other essential legal documents, including:

Bill of Lading: This serves as a comprehensive contract between our shipping agency and the carrier, outlining all pertinent details of the shipped products. It also serves as a receipt upon successful delivery.

Packing List: Prepared by our team, this document contains comprehensive information about the goods, excluding the price or value. It is designed for third parties such as customers or vendors.

3. Arrival at Shipper’s Warehouse:

Upon arrival at our warehouse, the items undergo meticulous checks, inspections, and weighing. If additional services like packaging are availed, we handle them efficiently.

4. Receiving a Shipping Invoice:

Our team will provide you with a detailed shipping invoice, allowing you to promptly settle your dues.

5. Customs Clearance Arrangements:

We take charge of the Customs clearance process, whether it's for shipments via air or sea freight. The efficiency of this step relies on the completeness and accuracy of all required documents.

6. Package Shipping:

Once Customs grants clearance, the package is loaded and set in transit until it reaches its destination. Our team closely monitors the progress and promptly provides you with relevant tracking information. The final leg of the journey concludes with the seamless delivery to your specified address.

At Jike Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive shipping solutions tailored to your needs. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that your goods are handled with the utmost care and professionalism throughout the entire shipping process from China to Andorra.

What documents are required for importation into Andorra?

When transporting goods between China and Andorra, it's essential to understand the clearance processes in both countries. In China, all shipments must be accompanied by a set of documents, which include: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Payment Terms and Bill of Lading. The clearance process in Andorra is similar but may also require an import declaration and proof of origin. Once all necessary documents are submitted, customs officials will inspect the goods, and sometimes a more detailed examination may be conducted. Once clearance is obtained, the goods can be released and delivered to the importer. 

How many days does it take to clear customs in Andorra?

The time limit for customs clearance in Andorra can be as little as a few days and as much as a few weeks. Depending on the value and type of goods affect the time. In addition, Andorra's customs are more strict, and each item will be scrutinized. Remember not to have any irregularities. Otherwise,  your goods will be detained directly.

To ensure that your goods are cleared in time, it is advisable to prepare all the necessary documents before the shipment and to work with a professional logistics company or import agent, which will help minimize possible delays and ensure that the goods can be delivered as planned.

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Express Shipping from China to Andorra

At Jike Logistics, we understand the urgency and precision required when shipping to Andorra. Our express service provides a seamless and efficient transit option for packages between China and Andorra, catering specifically to samples, documents, high-value items, and time-sensitive shipments. This method ensures your goods reach Andorra promptly and in impeccable condition.

Benefits of  Express Service:

  • 1. Speed and Reliability:

The express service is the epitome of swift, reliable shipping. With expedited transit times and real-time tracking, you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive in Andorra promptly and on schedule.

  • 2. Perfect for Various Shipments:

Whether you're sending samples, important documents, high-value products, or time-sensitive shipments, express service is the ideal solution. It accommodates a wide range of goods, ensuring they reach Andorra swiftly and securely.

  • 3. Effortless Process:

The shipment process is streamlined and straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. From pick-up to delivery, express company handle every step with precision and efficiency.

How long does Express service take from China to Andorra?

Express service stands out for its exceptional speed. Internal customs departments within the courier service ensure swift processing. Typically, small parcels reach their destination in 3 to 5 days, while larger ones take between 4 to 7 days, demonstrating the efficiency of this service.

How much does Express service cost from China to Andorra?

The cost of our express service is determined by various factors, including the nature of the goods, dimensions, weight, and more. Leveraging our strong partnerships with renowned courier companies such as TNT, DHL, and FedEx, we offer competitive rates. On average, you can expect a rate of USD 5-8 per kilogram for shipping from China to Andorra.

Is Express Freight the Right Choice for You?

We recommend opting for our express freight service when your shipment weighs less than 100 kilograms. This ensures cost-effectiveness and swift delivery.

 Jike Logistics cooperate with FedEx, DHL and UPS to handle your shipments from China to Andorra in cheap price with  precision and efficiency.

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Air Freight shipping to Andorra

Andorra lacks international airports, but nearby international airports include Spain's Barcelona International Airport and France's Toulouse-Blagnac Airport. These airports are not far from Andorra, offering a convenient option for air transport.

Air transport is usually reserved for high-value, urgently needed, lightweight cargo. Goods can be transported to Andorra via trucks or other means from the airports.

Air freight is one of the fastest modes of transportation, and it usually takes 5 to 10 business days to transport goods from China to Andorra. This includes flight arrangements, transit times, and customs clearance processes.

Sea Freight

Andorra doesn't have its seaports, but nearby ports like the Port of Barcelona and the Port of Tarragona in Spain serve as major maritime gateways. These ports are relatively close to Andorra, and goods can be connected to Andorra via road transport or multimodal transportation.

Sea freight generally takes more time, depending on the distance between the starting port and the destination port. Typically, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to reach nearby ports like Barcelona or Tarragona from China. Afterward, the goods need to be transported by road to connect to Andorra.

Sea transport is often utilized for large shipments, long-distance transportation, and international trade. Goods are typically loaded into containers or bulk ships bigger than 2cbm and transported by road from the ports to their destinations.

Road Transport

Andorra boasts a relatively dense and well-maintained road network, making it one of the primary modes of transportation. Roads are connected to the networks of Spain and France, enabling goods to conveniently enter and exit Andorra. Cross-border transportation typically involves collaboration with transport companies in Spain and France to ensure the smooth passage of goods across borders to their destinations.

Goods are typically transported by trucks and lorries, which can cater to various cargo needs, from small batches to large-scale shipments. Road transport typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the starting point of the goods, traffic conditions, and customs clearance processes.


Which is the most recommended mode of shipping to Andorra?

The  mode of transportation usually depends on the nature of the goods, urgency, cost, and destination. In Andorra, if you can choose only one mode of transportation, Express shipping is usually the most recommended. It can meet the needs of all kinds of goods, both small and large. But it is usually  costly than air or sea transportation.

It offers convenience, flexibility, and fastness. Keep in mind, however, that the best mode of transportation will still be influenced by the type of cargo, time requirements, and other factors, so Jike advise you to carefully consider your specific needs before making a final shipping decision.

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Navigating Shipping Terms from China to Andorra – FOB, EXW, CIF, and DAP

As you embark on the shipping process from China to Andorra, understanding the intricacies of shipping terms is crucial. Familiarizing yourself with terms like FOB, EXW, CIF, and DAP will provide valuable insights into how cargo moves within the supply chain.

shipping to andorra

1. FOB (Free on Board):

FOB, or Free on Board, signifies the point at which liability for goods shifts during transit. In platforms like Alibaba, FOB is the primary shipping mode. This means your Chinese supplier is responsible for transporting the goods from their factory to the designated port for loading.

Subsequently, you take charge of the freight's journey from the Chinese port to the Colombian port, and finally, from the Colombian port to your designated address.

2. EXW (Ex-Works):

EXW, or Ex-Works, places the responsibility on the buyer for transportation costs from a specified location where the seller makes the goods available. In the context of shipping from China, EXW implies that you bear the shipping costs and oversee transportation from the factory or sales point to the port in China.

This entails handling three critical stages: from the factory to the port, from the Chinese port to the Colombian port, and finally, from the Colombian port to your address. Engaging a Chinese freight forwarding company can be immensely beneficial in such scenarios.

3. CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight):

CIF, or Cost, Insurance, and Freight, involves the supplier covering risks of damage during transit from their location (e.g., a Chinese factory) to the destination port, such as in Columbia. Consequently, in a CIF arrangement, the buyer is only accountable for transportation from the domestic port to the business address.

While a CIF arrangement streamlines the shipping process, it can be pricier than other alternatives. Your supplier is likely to employ their own freight forwarder in such arrangements. Therefore, it may be prudent to assess if partnering with your own freight forwarder could offer a more cost-effective solution.

4. DAP (Delivered at Place):

DAP, or Delivered at Place, signifies an arrangement where the supplier handles the entire shipping process from their supply point to your business address. The seller bears all fees, including customs, and is liable for any losses during transit.

While this approach simplifies the ordering process, it can be costlier compared to other arrangements. Additionally, your supplier might not have the capacity to handle tasks such as warehousing, label compliance, real-time tracking, customer service, and goods inspection, which a dedicated freight forwarder can adeptly manage.

Understanding these shipping terms empowers you to make informed decisions when shipping from China to Andorra. Whether opting for FOB, EXW, CIF, or DAP, each term comes with its own set of advantages and considerations, allowing you to tailor your shipping strategy to best suit your business needs.

What is included in shipping from China to Andorra?

shipping to andorra

Transportation Costs:  These are the actual costs of transporting goods from China to Andorra. They depend on factors such as the type of goods, weight, volume, and mode of transportation, as well as the origin and destination of the goods.

Insurance Costs:  Cargo transportation insurance is usually optional but advisable, especially for high-value or important goods. The insurance cost depends on the value of the goods and the extent of coverage chosen.

Customs Clearance Fees: These fees cover the costs associated with processing import procedures for the goods at Andorran customs. This includes document handling, inspections, and clearance procedures.

Terminal Handling Fees:  These fees cover the cost of unloading the goods from the mode of transportation (such as a ship, plane, or truck) and delivering them to the destination. It includes unloading, handling, and delivery services.

Final Delivery Costs:  If the goods need to be delivered to a specific destination, delivery costs may also be included. This depends on the final destination of the goods and the delivery method.

Additional Charges:  Some special circumstances may incur additional charges, such as special packaging, handling of hazardous materials, peak-season transportation, and more.

Cargo Classification Charges: Some goods may require special classification or handling, which may involve additional charges.

How do I calculate billable weight when shipping to Andorra by air?

The chargeable weight in air freight refers to calculating freight charges based on the actual or the volume weight, whichever is greater. This ensures that airlines can charge reasonably, considering that different goods may have varying densities and volumes.

Here are the steps to calculate the chargeable weight:

1. Measure the actual weight of the goods in kilograms (kg) using precise weighing equipment.

2. Measure the goods' length, width, and height in centimeters (cm).

3. Calculate the volume weight using the following formula: 

BY AIR: (Length x Width x Height) / 6000; the result is also in kilograms (kg).

BY EXPRESS: (Length x Width x Height) / 5000; the result is also in kilograms (kg).

4. Compare the actual and volume weights, and take the greater of the two as the chargeable weight.

5. Determine the chargeable rate: Airlines will calculate the freight charges based on the chargeable weight and the transportation distance.

For example, if a batch of goods has a weight of 50 kilograms but a volume weight of 70 kilograms (calculated using the formula above), the airline will charge the freight based on the 70-kilogram chargeable weight. This calculation method ensures that airlines can charge fees reasonably for goods that occupy a significant amount of space but have a lighter actual weight. It also encourages customers to use the area of their interests as effectively as possible.

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What are the items restricted from being imported to Andorra?

What items cannot be ship to Andorra

● Animals and Other Products

● Dairy products except canned milk powder

● Alcoholic beverages

● Electrical machinery, equipment, and parts thereof

● Jewelry, gemstones, metals

● Plants, plant parts, and plant products

● Weapons


The above list covers most items. For a more detailed list of prohibited items, please consult Andorran Customs.

shipping to andorra

Trusted Freight Forwarder in Andorra

In Andorra, as well as in China, Jike Logistics stands as the epitome of excellence, offering a level of service that sets us apart in the industry.

  • Unwavering Excellence:

With Jike Logistics as your freight forwarder, you're not just selecting a service; you're choosing a commitment to excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that your cargo reaches Andorra securely and efficiently.

  • Reliability at its Core:

Reliability is the cornerstone of our service. We understand the importance of timely deliveries and safe handling of your shipments. With Jike Logistics, you can trust that your cargo is in capable hands, every step of the way.

  • Personalized Service:

We recognize that every shipment is unique, and that's why our service is tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're a business or an individual shipper, we provide personalized solutions to ensure your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly.

  • Your Ideal Partner:

Jike Logistics isn't just a freight forwarder; we're your partner in global sourcing and shipping. We go beyond standard services to offer you a comprehensive logistics solution that simplifies the complexities of international trade.

  • Experience Stress-Free Shipping:

Say goodbye to the hassles and uncertainties that often come with shipping. With Jike Logistics, you can embark on a journey of stress-free shipping, confident that your cargo is in the hands of experts who prioritize its safety and timely delivery.

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