In the era of globalization, China and the United Arab Emirates, as two vastly different countries separated by thousands of miles, have built a bridge through close communication and cooperation. As the world's second-largest economy, China has engaged in extensive and deep cooperation with the UAE, the pearl of the Middle East region. However, crossing such a vast distance is a challenging task, and the key lies in transportation, such as air and sea freight. This article will explore these transportation methods and their costs, efficiency, and other aspects.

How to transport goods to the UAE?

Sea Freight from China to UAE

shipping from china to uae

Sea freight from China to UAE is a diverse transportation method suitable for various cargo transportation needs. Whether large equipment, consumer goods, or agricultural products, sea freight can meet the requirements and provide reliable services.

Sea freight from China to UAE applies to various types of goods, whether large equipment, consumer goods, or agricultural products. Sea freight offers a reliable and cost-effective transportation method, supporting trade and logistics between the two countries.

From China to UAE: LCL vs. FCL

In sea freight transportation from China to UAE, you can choose between two main methods: LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load). The following will introduce the characteristics and applicable situations of LCL and FCL:

  • LCL (Less than Container Load):

LCL is suitable for cases where the cargo volume is small. When the goods cannot fill an entire container, you can load them together with the goods from other shippers in the same container. This reduces transportation costs since you only need to pay for the space you use in the container. LCL is suitable for personal, small-scale commercial goods and goods that only require part of the container space.

  • FCL (Full Container Load):

FCL is suitable for cases where the cargo volume is large. When the goods fill an entire container, you can choose to rent the entire container for transportation. This method provides higher security and reliability since the entire container is filled only with your goods, not other shippers' goods. FCL is suitable for large-scale commercial goods, large machinery and equipment, and cases where the integrity and security of the goods must be protected.

The choice between LCL and FCL depends on the volume of your goods, time requirements, and budget. LCL is a cost-effective choice if the volume is small and the budget is limited. If the volume is large and there is a higher requirement for the security and reliability of the goods, FCL is more suitable. Regardless of the chosen method, you can arrange transportation by contacting JIKE Logistics. We will assist you in handling the transportation procedures, loading and unloading goods, and ensuring timely delivery.

Major Ports in the UAE

Port of Jebel AliPort of Ras Al KhaimahPort of Khor Fakkan
Port of Abu DhabiPort of Al AinPort of Hamriyah
Port of AjmanPort of Bida'aPort of Nakheel
Port of FujairahPort of SharjahPort of Umm Al Quwain

Sea freight rates for containers from China to UAE

Port/Country20 Ft Container40 Ft Container
Shanghai to UAE$1100$1100
Shenzhen to UAE$1100$1100
Ningbo to UAE$1100$1100
Hong Kong to UAE$1100$1100
Guangzhou to UAE$1100$1100
Qingdao to UAE$1100$1100
Tianjin to UAE$1100$1100
Dalian to UAE$1100$1100
Xiamen to UAE$1100$1100
Yingkou to UAE$1100$1100

Sea Freight Duration from China to UAE 

  • FCL

Port of OriginPort of DestinationFCL
NingboSharjah36 days
ChiwanJebel Ali18 days
WuhanJebel Ali29 days
ShanghaiJebel Ali30 days
GuangzhouSharjah25 days

  • LCL

Port of OriginPort of DestinationLCL
ShekouJebel Ali27 days
ZhongshanJebel Ali23 days
GuangzhouJebel Ali38 days
ShanghaiAbu Dhabi30 days
XiamenJebel Ali30 days

Air Freight from China to UAE

shipping from china to uae

Air freight from China to UAE is a fast and reliable method of transporting goods suitable for various types of cargo. Whether it's urgent deliveries, high-value goods, or small and lightweight items, by choosing the right air freight company and complying with relevant transportation and customs regulations, goods can quickly and safely reach their destination in the UAE. Air freight provides efficient logistics solutions, enabling you to meet customer demands in a short time, accelerate supply chain speed, and facilitate global trade and business exchanges.

Air freight from China to UAE applies to various types of goods. Here are some types of goods suitable for air freight from China to UAE: high-value goods, fast-moving goods, small and lightweight goods, and newly launched products.

Air freight is generally suitable for urgent, high-value, small, lightweight goods. It provides fast and reliable transportation services to ensure timely delivery to the destination in the UAE.

Major Airports in the UAE

Dubai International AirportFujairah International AirportAl Dhafra Air Base
Abu Dhabi International AirportRas Al Khaimah International AirportPort Rashid Heliport
Al Ain International AirportAl Bateen Executive AirportSir Bani Yas Airport
Sharjah International AirportAl Bateen AirportAl Maktoum International Airport

Air Freight Prices from China to UAE

WeightAir Freight Cost

Air Freight Duration from China to UAE

Airport of OriginAirport of DestinationDuration
ShanghaiAbu Dhabi6 days
Shanghai-PudongDubai International5 days
ChengduDubai International10 days
GuangzhouSharjah8 days

How long does it take to ship from China to UAE?

  • Air Freight: Generally, goods shipped by air from China to UAE can reach their destination within 2 to 7 working days, depending on the frequency and availability of flights.

  • Sea Freight: Shipping time from China to UAE is longer and usually takes around 20 to 45 days, depending on the distance between the origin and destination ports and the route arrangement.

Note: Actual shipping time may vary due to different factors. Contact JIKE Logistics for a detailed consultation to obtain accurate transportation time estimates.

How much does it cost to ship from China to UAE?

From China to UAE, the shipping cost will depend on several factors, including the type, weight, volume, mode of transportation, distance, transit time, and the value of the goods. Additionally, it can be influenced by market supply and demand, fuel prices, exchange rate fluctuations, and pricing policies of transportation companies.

Due to these factors' complexity and diversity, it is impossible to provide exact cost figures. The most accurate way is to contact JIKE Logistics, provide detailed information about your goods, and request a quote. We will provide an accurate cost estimate based on your specific requirements and the characteristics of the goods.

What items cannot be shipped to the UAE?

The UAE lists prohibited or restricted items that cannot be shipped directly or require special permits and procedures. Here are some common examples of prohibited or restricted goods in the UAE:

1. Prohibited items: Including drugs, prohibited medications, illegal weapons, explosives, hazardous chemicals, illegal publications, etc.

2. Politically sensitive items: Including political propaganda materials, firearms, ammunition, military equipment, missiles, etc.

3. Cultural and religious items: Including items related to religious worship, religious artifacts, antiques, cultural artworks, etc.

4. Plants and animals and their products: Including wildlife, endangered species, plants, seeds, etc.

5. Illegal currency and counterfeit money: The UAE strictly prohibits the transportation of illegal currency, counterfeit money, or forged currency.

6. Highly sensitive technology and equipment: Military technology, nuclear materials, biological and chemical substances, etc.

These are just some common examples, and the specific list of prohibited or restricted items may vary depending on local laws and regulations. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the import regulations of the UAE and consult with relevant customs authorities and JIKE Logistics before shipping goods to ensure compliance with import requirements.

Specialized Shipping Services We Offer

We provide specialized shipping services to meet customers' unique needs and requirements for specific goods. Here are some of the specialized shipping services we offer:

1. Temperature-controlled transportation: We offer temperature-controlled transportation services for goods that require specific temperature conditions. This includes cold chain transportation suitable for temperature-sensitive goods like food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc.

2. Dangerous goods transportation: We have a professional team and expertise to safely transport various dangerous goods, such as chemicals, liquid gases, flammable substances, etc. We comply with international regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods and take necessary safety measures to ensure the security of the transportation process.

3. Oversized cargo transportation: For oversized, overweight, or irregularly shaped goods, we provide specialized transportation solutions. We have an experienced team and equipment to handle various special cargoes and ensure their safe delivery to the destination.

4. Sensitive equipment transportation: For sensitive equipment such as medical devices, scientific instruments, etc., we offer specialized transportation services. We take special shock-absorbing and protective measures to ensure the equipment is not damaged during transportation.

5. Exhibition logistics: For exhibitors or exhibition organizers, we provide transportation and logistics services for exhibition items. We can assist with packing, transporting, installing, and dismantling exhibition items to ensure a smooth exhibition process.

These specialized shipping services are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of different types of goods. Our professional team will provide customized solutions based on your specific situation and ensure that your goods receive professional and reliable handling during transportation. Please get in touch with us for more detailed information and customized quotes.

Necessary Documents for Shipping from China by Sea to the UAE

When shipping from China to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by sea, you may need to prepare the following necessary documents:

1. Packing List: A detailed list that specifies the quantity, specifications, weight, and packaging method of the goods. The packing list is typically used for customs clearance and destination port examinations.

2. Bill of Lading: The transportation contract for the goods, which includes important information such as the carrier, shipper, description of the goods, origin port, destination port, etc. The bill of lading serves as proof of ownership for the goods and is also used for customs clearance and cargo delivery.

3. Commercial Invoice: A document that lists the description, quantity, unit price, total price, and detailed information of the trading parties. The commercial invoice is used for customs declaration and payment settlement.

4. Insurance Certificate: The certificate will prove the insurance amount and coverage if the goods are insured against loss or damage during transportation.

5. Transportation Contract: The contract document for the transportation of goods, which includes agreements between the carrier and the shipper, specifying the mode of transportation, costs, liabilities, etc.

6. Certificate of Origin: A document that certifies the origin of the goods, which is used for purposes such as duty exemptions, preferential tariffs, and trade agreements. Relevant authorities or chambers of commerce typically issue it.

7. Customs Documents: Depending on the UAE's customs requirements, you may need to fill out import declaration forms, goods value declaration forms, customs import permits, etc.

Note: The specific document requirements may vary depending on the goods' nature, value, and mode of transportation. It is recommended to consult with us in advance to ensure that you have prepared all the necessary documents and comply with the UAE's import requirements.

Taxation and Customs Duties in the UAE

shipping from china to uae

One of the most common questions customers have when clearing customs in the UAE is about customs fees. We aim to provide basic advice regarding tax and customs duties in the UAE, including the Emirates, customs, and services. Typically, shipments exceeding AED 1,000 are subject to customs duties in exchange for the goods. Gifts valued at less than AED 3,000 for travelers in the UAE are also subject to duty and customs fees. This is something to consider if you are importing goods.

Why Choose JIKE Logistics?

There are several reasons to choose JIKE Logistics:

1. Comprehensive Logistics Solutions: JIKE Logistics provides comprehensive solutions, including sea freight, air freight, land transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance, and more. Whatever transportation mode or service your goods require, we can provide an all-in-one solution, simplifying your logistics process.

2. Rich Experience and Expertise: We have an experienced team with industry expertise, well-versed in international logistics operations and relevant regulations. We will provide the best logistics solutions based on your specific requirements and the nature of your goods, ensuring safe and timely delivery to the destination.

3. Global Network Coverage: As an international logistics company, we have a wide-reaching global network and stable partnerships with major ports, airlines, and transportation providers. Whether your goods need to be transported to any country or region, we can provide transportation services on a global scale.

4. High-Quality Service: Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to providing high-quality service. Our team pays attention to detail and strictly controls every step of the logistics process, ensuring safe, accurate, and timely delivery of your goods.

5. Customized Solutions: We understand customer's unique needs and offer customized logistics solutions. We carefully listen to your requirements and tailor a solution that suits your needs and budget, maximizing your satisfaction.

By choosing JIKE Logistics, you will receive professional services, a superior customer experience, and a reliable partnership. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive logistics support, ensuring your goods' smooth and efficient transportation to the destination.


There are convenient and reliable transportation options in the logistics transportation between China and the UAE, whether sea freight, air freight, or consolidation services. As one of the main transportation modes, sea freight offers an economical and efficient choice for the long-distance transport of bulk goods, suitable for various types of goods, especially those with larger volumes and heavier weights. Air freight provides a fast and secure option for transporting urgent, high-value, high-value goods with high time sensitivity. Consolidation services offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness for the transportation of small-batch goods.

When choosing a logistics service provider, JIKE Logistics is a worthwhile consideration. We offer comprehensive logistics solutions, including sea freight, air freight, warehousing, and more, with global network coverage and an experienced team. We prioritize customer-centric service, delivering high-quality service and creating value for our customers at competitive prices.


Q: How much does it cost to send a package from China?
A: The cost of shipping a package from China to UAE is approximately $5-8 per kilogram for express delivery, $4-7 per kilogram for air freight, and the lowest cost is for sea freight, which is around $40 per cubic meter for port-to-port shipping. The final price will depend on your chosen transportation mode, volume, and type of goods.
Q: How long does shipping from China to UAE take?
A: Air freight from China to UAE typically takes 5-10 days, while sea freight takes 20-30 working days. Express delivery is the fastest, taking approximately 2-5 working days to ship from China to UAE.
Q: What are the main items shipped to the UAE?
A: As a developed country, the UAE imports many goods. The main items shipped to the UAE include but are not limited to: petroleum and petrochemical products, machinery and components, electronics and electrical equipment, textiles and garments, food and agricultural products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, construction materials, furniture, automobiles, and accessories.

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