Overview of cross-border trucking service from China

Cross-border trucking service refers to service that goods are transported by trucks across international borders. It's like delivering goods from one country to another using trucks instead of other modes of transportation like planes or ships. Trucking companies that offer cross-border services know how to handle the paperwork and regulations required for moving goods across borders. They make sure the goods get through customs and reach their destination smoothly.

Jike is one of the Cross-border trucking companies. We unite our partners with their offices, fleets, and service stations, allowing us to ship cargo for all industries across Europe and Asia.

Cross-border trucking companies

Pros and cons


  • Flexible: Transport by truck all the way, can reach remote areas and deliver door-to-door, providing greater accessibility.

  • Faster: Cross-border trucking allows for faster transportation of goods compared to other modes, such as sea or rail.

  • Safer: Cargo insurance protection + customs supervision and sealing + GPS whole route tracking

  • Cost-effective: Trucking can be more cost-efficient for short to medium-distance shipments.

  • Reduced handling: Compared to other modes, trucking typically involves less handling and transshipment, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

  • Larger capacity for all types of cargo: 98m³ Convertible (13.3m*2.3m*2.8m), limited to 20T

  • TIR -Unique policy support


The Customs Convention on the International Carriage of Goods under the TIR Carnet (TIR Convention, 1975) is one of the most successful international transport conventions and the only universal customs transit system. 

Currently, it has 77 parties, including the European Union. It covers Europe and North Africa and the Near and Middle East. More than 33,000 operators are authorized to use the TIR system, making about 1.5 million TIR shipments per year.


  • Customs and border procedures: Cross-border trucking involves complying with customs regulations and border procedures, which can add complexity and potential delays

  • Environmental impact: Trucks contribute to air pollution and carbon emissions, raising environmental concerns.

  • Weather and traffic conditions: Road transportation is susceptible to weather and traffic conditions, which can cause delays or disruptions.

Cross-border trucking vs air freight vs sea freight vs railway freight

Cross-border trucking VS air freight VS sea freight VS railway freight

Cross-border trucking is a highly competitive alternative to air, sea, and railway freight


  • Costs are expensive and broadly fluctuate

  • cargoes categories are limited (e.g., batteries product)

  • Fixed routes and fixed airports restrict it, not D2D service

  • Packing type/size/weight is limited


  • The shipping period might be as long as 35 days, limited by severe congestion in the station during peak season

  • Fixed routes and fixed ports restrict it, not D2D service

  • Packing type/size/weight is limited


  • The total shipping time might be as long as 20-25days

  • Railway has unstable overall transit time--increased congestion at the originating station (e.g., Alashankou) and the destination station (e.g., Mara) 

  • Cargo categories are limited (high inspection rate). 

  • It is difficult to get space for sensitive cargo (e.g., batteries product)

  • It has a fixed schedule, limited plan, and time-consuming booking (needs to book around ten days in advance).

  • Packing type/size/weight is limited

Working process of cross-border trucking companies

A Door-to-Door Journey by Truck

(Take China-Europe FYI)

Working process

Total Shipping Time is around 12-19 Days

Door to Door Service--no halfway deliveries

A Beneficial Supplement for Cross-border Logistics

Necessary documents

  1. On-board Document: A document goes together with trucks, provided before leaving China, with no fixed template

    On-board Document

  2. CMR (an Air Waybill-like document), provided one day before leaving China 


  3. T1 (Cargo Guarantee License for Entry into the EU), provided if entering Europe.


Main departure ports of cross-border trucking companies

To Europe and Central Asia

Cross-border truck transportation to Europe supports synchronous departures from three major ports in Xinjiang Province:

  • Bakhtu Port (mainly for e-commerce/general merchandise).

  • Alashankou Port (mainly for batteries).

  • Khorgos Port (mainly for e-commerce/general merchandise)


Khorgos Port

To Russia

  • Ports in Heilongjiang Province: Suifenhe / Dongning

  • Ports in Inner Mongolia Province: Manzhouli

  • Ports in Jilin Province: Hunchun



To South Asia and Southeast Asia

  • Goods go via two ports in Guangxi

  • Youyi Guan Port (mainly for e-commerce and traditional goods).

  • Dongxing Port (mainly for e-commerce and traditional goods).

truck transit time


How long does cross-border trucking take?

From China to Central Asia

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan

Door-to-Door truck delivery typical transit usually takes 10-16 days.

Taking the process of China to Shymkent, Kazakhstan for a case study:

Door-to-Door Truck Delivery Typical Transit Time: 10-12 days

  • Domestic Pick-up (e.g., Shenzhen-Xinjiang)--4927 KM- 85h

  • Export Clearance (Average)1-3 Working days

  • Door Delivery (e.g., Baketu - Shymkent, Kazakhstan) 1520KM around 3-6 days

From China to Europe

Poland =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 11-18 days

Germany =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 12-19 days

France =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 14-21 days

Sweden =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 15-22 days

The UK =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 16-23 days

Take the process of China to Hamburg, Germany, for a case study:

Door-to-Door truck delivery typical transit usually takes 10-16 days

  • Domestic Pick-up (e.g., Shenzhen-Xinjiang) --4927 KM- 85h

  • Export Clearance (Average)1-3 Working days

  • Door Delivery (e.g. Baketu - -Hamburg, Germany) 6085KM around 7-8 days

Cross-border trucking take from China

From Guangxi, China, to South Asia and Southeast Asia

Laos =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 1 day

Vietnam =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 3 days

Thailand =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 3 days

Myanmar=Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 3 days

Cambodia=Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 3 days

India =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 5 days

Malaysia=Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 5 days

Pakistan =Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 8 days

From China to Rusia

Door-to-Door Truck Delivery to Typical Transit Time: 11-21 days

Please kindly note that the above transit time is for reference only. The transportation time may be longer if the destination is remote, the goods are more specialized, or customs delay the clearance. The service quality of Cross-border trucking companies may also influence the transit time. Therefore, when choosing cross-border transportation, it is essential to consider the specific requirements of the goods and select the appropriate Cross-border trucking companies to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the goods.

Vehicle types of cross-border truck

As a cross-border trucking company, we offer a diverse range of vehicle types to cater to the specific needs of different kinds of cargo. Here are the types of cross-border trucks we have in our fleet:

 Vehicle types

Refrigerated Semi-Trailers

These trucks are equipped with temperature-controlled units, allowing us to transport perishable goods, such as food products, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items, while maintaining their freshness and quality throughout the journey.

Tilted Semi-Trailers

Our tilted semi-trailers are designed with a tilting platform that makes it easier to load and unload goods, especially those that require special handling or have unique dimensions. This type of truck is suitable for transporting vehicles, machinery, and other oversized or heavy items.

Small-Capacity Trucks

We understand that not all cargo requires a large truck. Our fleet includes small-capacity trucks, ideal for transporting smaller loads or making deliveries in areas with limited access. These trucks offer flexibility and efficiency for transporting goods within shorter distances.

Road Trains 120m³

Road trains are long vehicles consisting of a truck and multiple attached trailers. Our road trains with a capacity of 120m, allow us to transport larger volumes of goods efficiently, making them suitable for transporting goods over long distances or for bulk shipments.

Special Vehicles for Oversized Cargo

When it comes to transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, we have specialized vehicles that can accommodate such requirements. These vehicles are designed to handle the unique challenges of transporting large or non-standard items, ensuring their safe and secure delivery.

Mega Trailers

Our fleet includes mega trailers, which are extra-large trailers with high cargo capacity. These trailers offer increased loading space, making them ideal for transporting goods requiring more volume but not necessarily exceeding weight restrictions.

Jumbo Semi-Trailers

Jumbo semi-trailers are characterized by their height, which allows for increased vertical loading space. These trailers are suitable for transporting goods with a significant height requirement or can be stacked vertically, maximizing the use of space during transportation.

By offering a diverse range of cross-border trucks, we can provide tailored transportation solutions for various types of cargo, ensuring safe and efficient deliveries. Our experienced drivers and well-maintained fleet are ready to handle your specific cargo requirements and provide reliable service throughout the cross-border journey.


Cargo types transported by cross-border trucking companies

As a cross-border trucking company, we take pride in handling a wide range of cargo types. Here are some examples of the types of cargo we specialize in transporting:

Cargo types in truck service


We are experienced in shipping both e-commerce products and traditional retail items. Whether it's the latest gadgets, trendy clothing, or everyday essentials, we can deliver them efficiently and on time to your customers.


We have the expertise to transport your industrial goods securely, from heavy industrial equipment to specialized engineering machinery. We understand the importance of careful handling and proper loading and unloading procedures for such valuable assets.


We can safely transport beauty products, including cosmetics, wigs, and skin care items. Our team is trained to handle delicate beauty products to ensure they reach their destination in pristine condition.

Medical Products

We understand the sensitive nature of medical devices and drugs. With our strict adherence to safety and compliance standards, we can provide reliable transportation for your medical products, ensuring they are delivered with utmost care.


Whether it's bicycles, cars, or accessories, we can transport goods related to the manufacturing industry. We understand the specific requirements for transporting such items and can ensure their safe and timely delivery.

Furniture & Home Improvement

We specialize in shipping large furniture and home appliances. Our team is equipped to handle the logistics of transporting bulky items, ensuring they are protected throughout the journey.


We have expertise in transporting 3C electronic products and battery power banks. We prioritize safety protocols to comply with regulations and ensure the secure transportation of these products.

No matter the type of cargo you need to transport, we have the knowledge, equipment, and network to handle it efficiently. Trust us to deliver your goods with care and reliability, providing peace of mind throughout the cross-border transportation process.

International trade terms used in truck freight

There are several international trade terms commonly used in cross-border trucking from China:

International Trade Terms

  • FOB (Free On Board): FOB is one of the most commonly used international trade terms. When the goods are loaded onto the cross-border trucks, the seller completes their responsibility, and all costs and risks are transferred to the buyer.

  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): CIF is another commonly used international trade term. It means the seller bears the cost and insurance fees required to transport the goods to the specified destination and pays these costs before they arrive at the destination port. Once the goods reach their destination, the seller's responsibility ends.

  • CFR (Cost and Freight): CFR is a simplified version of CIF. The seller only needs to bear the cost of transporting the goods to the destination port and does not need to pay for insurance. Once the goods reach their destination, the seller's responsibility ends.

  • EXW (Ex Works): EXW means that the seller delivers the goods at a place specified by the buyer, and the seller does not bear the cost and risk of transportation, insurance, etc.

  • DPU(Delivered at Place Unloaded): DPU means that the seller bears the cost of delivering the goods to the specified place but does not include unloading costs. Once the goods reach the appointed place, the seller's responsibility ends.

  • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid): DDP is the most comprehensive international trade term. It means that the seller delivers the goods to the buyer's specified destination and is responsible for paying all related costs and taxes, including customs duties, import taxes, etc. Once the goods reach the appointed place, the buyer can directly receive the goods.


JIKE truck service

Why choose Jike among cross-border trucking companies?

Extensive service network

Jike takes pride in our extensive network covering Asia and Europe. This means we can transport goods to and from various countries within these regions, offering you a comprehensive and reliable logistics solution. With our widespread network, we can efficiently manage cross-border shipments, ensuring timely deliveries and smooth transportation processes. 

Cross-border trucking from China to Europe and UK

Cross-border trucking from China to Russia

Cross-border trucking from China to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia



Speedy Booking: Domestic truck booking- finished within one working day (even for dangerous goods and massive industrial equipment

Cross-border truck booking –It can be finished within 3-5 working days

24/7 receiving customs declaration/clearance documents

Fast door-to-door service, around 10-23 days


Warehouse Operating Process: Strictly following Standard Operating Procedures

Truck selection:  Prefer trucks of good quality, e.g., Mercedes-Benz and Volvo), within three years of service life, and with cabinet reinforced with iron bars  

Terminal Operation: Professional and experienced team

Insurance: Cargo insurance for extra peace of mind

Real-time tracking:  All trucks are sealed and equipped with GPS tracking

GPS tracking



Domestic Truck departure punctuality rate: 98%

Average crossing borders time: 3-5 working days

transportation safety


Offices and service facilities

We provide 24/7 carriage control, monitoring, and tracking of your shipments throughout transportation. This allows us to promptly address any issues that may arise and keep you informed about the status of your goods.

We prioritize prompt vehicle maintenance. Our trucks undergo regular inspections and maintenance checks to keep them in top condition. This helps us avoid breakdowns and delays, ensuring reliable and efficient transportation for your goods.

You can trust Jike to handle your freight needs across Asia and Europe with our expansive coverage and expertise! After you try our service, we are sure that we can win among Cross-border trucking companies.  


Q: How to Choose an appropriate cross-border trucking company in China?

A:  When choosing a cross-border trucking company in China, consider the following factors:

  • Experience: Look for a company with a proven track record in cross-border trucking.

  • Network: Ensure they have coverage to your desired destinations.

  • Fleet: Check if they have suitable trucks and equipment for your cargo.

  • Licensing: Verify they have the necessary licenses and certifications.

  • Tracking: Confirm they offer real-time tracking of shipments.

  • Customer Service: Choose a company known for good communication and support.

  • Pricing: Compare prices, but keep the quality.

  • References: Seek recommendations or read reviews from others in the industry.

These factors will help you select a suitable cross-border trucking company in China for your logistics needs.

Q: Is cargo insurance necessary for Cross-border trucking from China?
A: Cargo insurance is necessary for Cross-border trucking from China because goods may suffer losses or damages during transportation. Cross-border trucking companies will suggest and assist shippers in choosing suitable cargo insurance plans based on factors such as the value of the goods and the transportation distance to minimize risks and losses.

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