Morocco is the westernmost country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, located across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. China and Morocco established diplomatic relations in November 1958 and, in 2016, established a strategic partnership. In recent years, Sino-Moroccan trade has been growing, and China's exports to Morocco have shown an increasing trend, reaching $569 million worth of goods in 2021.

To promote deeper cooperation, Morocco signed an agreement with China on January 5, 2022, to jointly promote the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative, becoming the first country in North Africa to do so.

Now, let me provide you with a complete guide to shipping from China to Morocco and answer some of your questions. This article will cover shipping methods, transit times, the best shipping method, shipping cost from China to Morocco and what an experienced freight forwarder can do for your China-Morocco shipment.

Shipping Cost from China to Morocco

The whole steps in shipping from China to Morocco

Step 1: Contact a Freight Forwarder

It's best to contact a local freight forwarder in China who also operates in Morocco like Jike Logistics, as they are familiar with the domestic transportation process and needs. They can provide you with more accurate quotes and professional advice. You can search and contact reputable freight forwarders online and discuss your specific requirements with them.

Step 2: Submit shipment details and get a quote

After working with a freight forwarder, you will need to provide details of the shipment, such as the nature, quantity, weight, and dimensions of the goods, as well as the specific location of the destination as Morocco. This information is crucial for the freight forwarder to calculate the transportation costs and provide the best solution. Based on this information, they will quote you and suggest a mode of transportation (e.g., sea or air) that suits your needs.

Step 3: The freight forwarder assists with cargo handling and tracking

Once you have confirmed working with a freight forwarder and accepted the quote, the freight forwarder will coordinate with the supplier and arrange for the shipment of the goods. They will handle all the necessary paperwork and continuously track the shipment's transportation status. They will also provide timely updates and inform you of the latest status.

Step 4: Purchase cargo insurance (optional)

While freight forwarders will do their best to ensure the safe transportation of your goods, unforeseen circumstances occur in international trade. Hence, purchasing cargo insurance is one way to protect your interests. We suggest our clients buy insurance. You can discuss cargo insurance options with your freight forwarder to ensure you are adequately compensated for an unfortunate incident.

Step 5: Arrange Customs Clearance

Once the shipment arrives in Morocco, it will need to undergo customs clearance procedures. The freight forwarder can assist you with all the required documentation and declarations and ensure a smooth passage through the Moroccan customs procedures.

Jike offers one-stop shipping services by air and sea, which means that you can submit detailed information and get transportation options and shipping cost from China to Morocco through our platform. We will try our best to simplify transportation so your goods will reach their destination in Morocco safely and quickly.

For China-Morocco trade routes, sea freight, and air freight are the most popular modes of transportation. International freight forwarders offer container and air freight services from China to Morocco. Working with a reputable and experienced freight forwarder who understands your needs and provides the best transportation solutions is vital.

Sea freight shipping cost from China to Morocco

Shipping Cost from China to Morocco

Sea freight is the most cost-effective way to transport goods from China to Morocco. This is because sea freight is less expensive and suitable for transporting large goods. More than 90% of all goods are transported by sea freight from China to Morocco and other countries. Therefore, ocean freight is the way to go if cost is more important to you than speed.

For ocean transportation, the following service options are available:

Shipping cost from china to morocco

  1. FCL (Full Container Load) shipment: loading cargo into a full container and delivering it to Morocco. Depending on your needs, we offer 20ft and 40ft containers, 20GP, 40GP and 40HQ respectively. FCL is more economical.

  2. LCL (Less-than-Container Load) Freight: We offer LCL service if your cargo cannot fill the entire container. This means your shipment will share the same container with other customers' shipments and be delivered to its destination simultaneously. LCL is very popular among small-scale businesses, although the cost per unit is relatively high, and the transportation time will be longer.

In addition to FCL and LCL services, there are other ocean freight complimentary services:

  • Flat rack and open top containers: used for the transportation of oversized, overweight cargo or over-limit cargo.

  • Refrigerated containers: suitable for products with sensitive temperature requirements.

  • Grocery transportation: for the transport of large bulk cargoes.

  • Roll-on roll-off: For vehicles and goods with wheels.

Estimated transit time for sea freight to Morocco

Average transportation time to move containers from major Chinese ports to Morocco:

Port of DepartureMajor Ports of DestinationApprox transportation time (days)
Shanghai port

Tangier port


Port Tangier Mediterranee(Tanger Med)


Port of Casablanca


Agadir Port
Shenzhen port22-35
Ningbo-Zhoushan port25-38
Hong Kong port21-34
Guangzhou port22-35
Qingdao port28-41
Tinajin port28-41
Dalian port30-45
Xiamen Port24-37
Yingkou Port25-38

Shipping cost from China to Morocco by sea

When it comes to the price of shipping containers from China to Morocco, several factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the type of cargo, weight, and volume of freight, choice of routes, mode of transportation (FCL or LCL), insurance of the value of the shipment, and surcharges at the target port. Therefore, the exact price may vary depending on the circumstances.

We are giving you a price reference range for 20- 40 foot containers (FCL). Please note that these prices are for reference only and may vary, so please get an accurate quote when you make specific inquiries with your logistics provider or freight forwarder.

The average price of transportation from major Chinese ports to Morocco is approx:

China PortsContainer type ((FCL)Shipping cost from China to Morocco

20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL



Ningbo Zhoushan

20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL




20ft FCL

40ft FCL



Request the latest shipping cost from China to Morocco.

Air freight shipping cost from China to Morocco

freight shipping cost from China to Morocco

Air freight has an extremely fast speed, far exceeding sea freight. This is very important for importers who need their goods urgently. With airfreight, you can get your goods to your customers faster, with less waiting time, and therefore, faster delivery of your products to your customers. In addition, for perishable goods, airfreight can significantly reduce the risk of goods deteriorating in transit, maintaining the freshness and quality of the goods.

Air transportation is often safer and more reliable for fragile or breakable goods. Because air transportation is relatively short, cargo undergoes fewer handling and loading/unloading processes, reducing the likelihood of cargo damage. In contrast, sea transportation is subject to longer transit times and complex loading and unloading procedures, making goods more susceptible to the risk of damage from bumps, flooding, or collisions.

Air freight does not require the same rigorous packaging as ocean freight. Due to the longer transit times and complex loading and unloading processes involved in ocean transportation, goods must be thoroughly and durably packaged to withstand vibration, humidity, and heavy pressure. With airfreight, the packaging requirements for cargo can be relatively low, which saves packaging costs and effort.

Whether it is because of a tight order, perishable goods, or security reasons, air freight can meet your needs. Jike Logistics has established close relationships with major airlines and has an extensive air cargo network to ensure weekly flights from major Chinese airports to Morocco.

Main airports in Morocco

China has a very strong air freight transport network with airports all over the country. No matter where your goods are in China, you will be able to find the appropriate airport nearby for connecting transport. So is Morocco.

Name of AirportAirport CodeCity
Mohammed v International AirportCMNCasablanca
Marrakesh Menara AirportRAKMarrakech
Rabat Sale AirportRBARabat
Agadir Al Massira AirportAGAAgadir
Ibn Batouta AirportTNGTanger
Fes Saiss AirportFEZFes
Hassan I AirportEUNEl Aaiun
Angads AirportOUDOujda

Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) is located on the outskirts of Nouasser, 30 kilometers southeast of Casablanca, Morocco. It is a major international airport named after the late Sultan Mohammed V of Morocco. As Morocco's most significant and busiest cargo airport, it carries a large volume of cargo traffic.

While Marrakech Menara Airport is located 5 kilometers from the center of Marrakech. It is the leading international gateway to Marrakech, the capital of the Marrakech-Safi region. Marrakech Menara Airport also plays a vital role in cargo transportation in Morocco and is the second largest cargo airport after Casablanca.

Shipping cost from China to Morocco by air

Air shipping cost from China to Morocco is about $4.5-9 per kilogram, depending on the airlines, market demands, shipment weight, shape, and size.

Request the latest shipping cost from China to Morocco.

Air Freight Time to Morocco

Currently, there are no direct flights between China and Morocco, so all air cargoes need to transit at airports in the Middle East or Europe. Usually, it takes about 3 to 7 days to ship cargo from China to Morocco by air, which may be prolonged due to peak season and transit factors.

Express shipping cost from China to Morocco

Shipping cost from China to Morocco by express

When your shipment is below 200 KG, you can consider using Express shipping from China to Morocco, which is a swift and efficient way. You can choose reputable courier companies, such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, and EMS, who provide fast delivery services to Morocco.

Express shipping cost from China to Morocco costs about $10-15 per kilogram, depending on the courier, market demands, shipment's weight, shape, and size. Generally speaking, UPS has the best shipping costs in most weight levels.

Request the latest shipping cost from China to Morocco.

It will take around 5-10 working days for goods shipping from China to your door.

You can also choose to go through reliable freight forwarders like Jike Logistics, who cooperate with courier companies and get agent discounts from them, so their shipping costs from China to Morrocoo and the price will be better than the price offered by courier companies.

What are the customs duties and tax rates in Morocco?

As a general rule for imports, exporting goods to Morocco are subject to Moroccan Customs import duties, taxes, and tariffs are payable; here is some standard information on tax rates and tariffs:

Overview of Taxes and Fees in MoroccoWhether an individual or a commercial entity is engaged in the importation of goods into Morocco, they are subject to import duties and taxes. Import duties and taxes are all calculated on the value of the shipment, i.e., the CIF terms (Costs, Insurance, and Freight). Imported goods are also subject to sales tax, timber tax, treasury protection tax, and domestic excise tax.
Import TariffsMorocco imposes customs duties on imported goods, the rates of which vary depending on the commodity. Morocco usually determines the applicable tariff rate based on the classification of the goods, the origin, and the value of the goods, i.e., 0% to 100% of the CIF value of the goods. Import tariffs for equipment, materials, tools, and accessories imported for investment promotion and expansion are either 2.5% or 10%. You can refer to the Moroccan Customs tariff codes and tables for tariff rates on specific interests.
Starting pointAll customs duties, VAT, excise taxes and other taxes in Morocco are levied without any threshold, regardless of the value of the imported goods.
Timber taxFor certain products, a timber tax with a rate of between 6% and 12% is levied on top of the CIF price. Treasury Protection
Domestic consumption taxA tax levied on specific products, calculated in units of measurement, e.g., weight or volume.

What items are restricted for import into Morocco?

Morocco imposes certain restrictions and regulatory measures on imported items. The following are some everyday imported items that are restricted or require special authorization:

  1. Military equipment and weapons: Morocco strictly controls and regulates the import of military equipment and weapons. Such items require licenses and special authorizations from the Government of Morocco.

  2. Drugs and contraband: Like most countries in the world, Morocco prohibits the importation of drugs and contraband, including narcotics, illicit drugs, generic drugs, firearms, and ammunition.

  3. Protection of flora and fauna and their products: Morocco applies protective measures to import wildlife and their products. Imports involving wildlife and their products are subject to relevant laws, regulations, and international conventions, such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

  4. Cultural heritage and works of art: Importing cultural heritage and works of art into Morocco is subject to relevant laws and regulations. These objects may be subject to restrictions under the law on the protection of cultural heritage and require authorization or licensing from the appropriate agencies or governments.

  5. Special Categories of Goods: Morocco may impose restrictions on certain goods, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, medical devices, etc. The importation of these goods may require specific qualifications, licenses, or certificates.

These are just some examples of everyday import items that are restricted or require special approval and do not represent all restrictions. To ensure that your import goes smoothly, it is recommended that you consult with the Moroccan customs department, trade agency, or professional freight forwarder before selecting items to import to obtain detailed information on specific items and import requirements.

What documents do I need to export to Morocco?

To import from China to Morocco, you might need to prepare the following documents:

  1. Commercial invoices: Commercial invoices must be translated into English and provide detailed information about the merchandise, including quantity, product type, and shipment location.

  2. Packing List: The packing list also needs to be translated into English, stating in detail the packing of the goods, including the quantity, weight, volume, and other information.

  3. Bill of Lading: The Bill of Lading Manifest is used for importation, release, and tax purposes.

  4. *Tax Identification Number in Morocco: You need to register in Morocco and obtain a tax identification number.

  5. *Tariff subheading and commodity location: Relevant classification information for the commodity and the area of the goods are required.

  6. *Certificate of registration as an importer in Morocco: proves that you are registered as an importer in Morocco.

  7. *Moroccan Customs Value Declaration: The value of the goods needs to be reported to Moroccan Customs.

  8. *Morocco Debt-Free Certificate: proves that you have no outstanding debts in Morocco.

  9. *Proof of inventory transfer (simple copy): If you need to transfer inventory from China to Morocco, you must provide the appropriate supporting documents.

  10. *China Phytosanitary Export Certificate (Simple Copy): A China Phytosanitary Export Certificate may be required if your goods are plant products.

The shipping company's Bill of lading (sea waybill/air waybill) is an essential document for transporting goods.

The exact documentation required may vary on a case-by-case basis. You should consult with your broker or shipping agent when working with them for exact import documentation requirements and to ensure that your documentation is complete and compliant.

What is the customs clearance process in Morocco?

shipping to Morocco

The customs clearance process in Morocco includes the following main steps:

  1. Arrival at the port or airport: Your shipment will arrive at the port or airport in Morocco to begin the customs clearance process. The freight will undergo an entry inspection and registration.

  2. Customs clearance: You must appoint a qualified customs broker or do the customs clearance yourself. The customs broker will help you prepare and submit the necessary documents for customs clearance, including cargo manifests, transportation documents, and relevant evidence. These documents will usually include a description of the goods, their quantity, value, origin, and other information.

  3. Payment of Duties and Taxes: Depending on the nature and value of the goods, you may need to pay the relevant import duties, VAT, and other possible taxes and fees. A customs broker can help you calculate and pay these taxes and fees. Depending on the tax laws of Morocco, you may need to provide invoices, shipping documents, and other relevant supporting documents.

  4. Security checks: Moroccan Customs may conduct security checks on goods to ensure compliance and security. They may physically inspect, scan, or perform other security measures on the goods.

  5. Special approvals and certificates: Depending on the characteristics of the goods, you may need to obtain special permits or certificates, such as food hygiene certificates, quality inspection certificates, and so on. Ensure you know and prepare all the necessary documents and certificates in advance.

  6. Completing Customs Clearance: After completing all necessary declarations and paying taxes and fees, Customs will review your customs declaration documents and confirm compliance. Once cleared, Customs will issue an export pass or release order allowing your shipment to leave the port or airport.

The specific customs clearance process may vary depending on the type of goods, mode of transportation, port of import, and other factors. It is recommended that you make a detailed consultation with the Moroccan customs department or customs broker/freight forwarder before importation and comply with the relevant regulations and rules.

Why use a freight forwarder for shipping to Morocco?

Handling freight transportation from China to Morocco alone can be time-consuming and requires a certain level of expertise. To simplify the complexity of cargo transportation and ensure smooth delivery, relying on an experienced freight forwarder is a good option.

Freight forwarders have the industry experience and expertise to provide you with detailed logistics solutions, including the best transportation routes, suitable modes of transportation, required documents, and formalities. They understand the logistical environment and requirements between China and Morocco and can handle the various transportation challenges properly. All you need to do is provide the information and conditions of your goods, and they will assist you in the entire transportation process of your interests.

Why choose JIKE Logistics as your freight forwarder shipping from China to Morocco?

shipping cost from china to morocco

Contact Us Now!

There are several reasons for choosing JIKE Logistics as your freight forwarder in China to ship to Morocco:

1. Tailored Solutions

Currently, 42% of our staff have more than ten years of freight shipping from China to Morocco. We have been working on different shipping projects for different kinds of products in Morocco.

No matter what your cargo is, what shipping method you want, and where your shipment goes in Morocco, as long as they are transporting from China, our experts will optimize the best shipping solution to meet your specific shipping needs from China to Morocco.

2. Competitive Rates

Optimizing your shipping costs is also our top mission in shipping from China to Morocco. We have yearly contracts with airlines and shipowners in the China-Africa route. To some extent, we have cheaper First Leg Shipping in China and Morocco.

And we have been partnering with renowned carriers and agencies in Morocco. With rich shipping experience, we know how to clear and deliver your shipments to Morocco in capable hands at competitive prices.

By choosing us as your logistics partner, you will experience efficient, reliable, and flexible logistics solutions that will make your business smoother and more successful.

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