Houston, as one of the major logistics hubs in the United States, possesses abundant foreign trade logistics resources and development potential. Relying on robust port and airport facilities, it has established a comprehensive international trade logistics network covering various transportation modes, including sea, air, and land. The logistics industry in Houston is home to numerous professional freight forwarding companies and logistics service providers, offering comprehensive logistics solutions for import and export enterprises. We have carefully selected the top 10 freight forwarders in Houston to assist you in swiftly finding the ideal partner to ensure transportation reliability. Feel free to peruse this curated list and discover the best freight forwarders in Houston to boost your business!

Top 10 Freight Forwarders in Houston

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1. ACM Logistics & Consulting, Inc.

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ACM Logistics & Consulting, Inc., Houston, TX, United States of America

ACM Logistics & Consulting Inc. is a team of seasoned international transportation experts. Orchestrates the coordination of various entities involved in the transportation of goods from foreign origins to their respective destinations, ensuring a seamless and predictable movement of international cargo. Established in Houston in 2001, the company strategically positions itself in close proximity to the Port of Houston and enjoys convenient accessibility to the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), which offers direct flights to over 180 cities worldwide.

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2. AIA Global Logistics

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AIA Global Logistics, Houston, TX, United States of America

AIA Global Logistics, with a strong presence in the Continental US, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii, collaborates with a trusted network of authorized agents and warehouses. Based in Houston, TX, their main office is proficient in overseeing Imports and Exports through a variety of transportation modes. The team is well-versed in specialized areas including Hazmat, AOG, Procurement, Project Cargo, In-House Customs Brokerage, and Compliance. Serving a range of industries from food and beverage to chemicals, retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Energy, and Oil and Gas, AIA Global Logistics is a distinguished choice among Freight Forwarders In Houston.

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3. Altia Solutions, Inc.

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Altia Solutions

Altia Solutions demonstrates expertise in managing a diverse range of cargo, which encompasses dangerous goods, project cargo, air charters, perishables, and pharmaceutical shipments. The company maintains strict safety measures to ensure the secure transportation of all consignments. Furthermore, Altia Solutions is dedicated to environmental sustainability and actively explores avenues to reduce its ecological impact.

In addition to air freight services, Altia Solutions provides value-added support, like aiding in customs clearance, offering warehousing solutions, and overseeing end-to-end supply chain management. By constantly pursuing excellence, the company remains at the forefront of the logistics industry, poised to meet clients' requirements and facilitate their expansion.

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4. Bay Water Transportation

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Bay Water Transportation

Established in 2001, Bay Water Transportation is a fully licensed and insured provider of international logistics services. Headquartered in Houston, TX, with satellite office locations and a global network of agents, they offer comprehensive logistics solutions. The company takes pride in its reputation as a reliable and cost-effective logistics partner.

With a team of experienced professionals, Bay Water Transportation is dedicated to providing exceptional service to their existing and potential customers. They operate on a foundation of experience, honesty, and integrity, aiming for the success of their clients. Acting as an extension of their agents, they prioritize high-level customer service to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Additionally, they are proactive in suggesting alternatives that can facilitate successful deals.

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5. Cargo Link Express

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Cargo Link Express , Houston, TX, United States of America

Cargo Link Express was founded by a group of experienced Royal Air Force veterans who share a deep passion for aviation. Over nearly two decades, they have strategically placed veterans in crucial roles within the organization. This approach has resulted in a team characterized by professionalism, dedication, discipline, and unwavering determination in the face of challenges. Their unparalleled expertise in aviation, extensive field experience, and a strong emphasis on teamwork have culminated in their current status as a specialized solutions provider, particularly in challenging terrains.

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6. CMC Global Shipping

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CMC Global Shipping

CMC Global Shipping holds registration with the Federal Maritime Commission and is certified as an N.V.O.C.C by the USA Transportation Department.

The company specializes in international shipping transportation for both LCL and FCL import and export, offering services encompassing customs clearance, transfer declaration, warehousing, inland transportation, as well as customs and inspection brokerage.

Additionally, CMC Global Shipping excels in handling oversized cargo, project cargo, chartering break bulk vessels, and arranging air charters to various destinations.

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7. Colombo Marine, Inc.

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Colombo Marine, Inc.

Colombo Marine, Inc., a well-established Houston-based Air and Ocean Freight Forwarder and NVOCC since 1993, is known for its comprehensive services catering to both containerized and breakbulk cargo. With a dedicated team of 11 professionals, the company excels in serving the Latin American and African regions, focusing on the Energy, Construction, and Steel sectors. Partnering with reputable Freight Forwarders In Houston like Colombo Marine ensures seamless logistics solutions for your international trade operations.

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8. CQ Logistics LLC

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CQ Logistics LLC, Houston, TX, United States of America

Founded in 2016 in Laredo, Texas, CQ Logistics is owned by Cargoquin Inc. The company operates as an IAC Air Freight Forwarder for both export and import services. Additionally, CQ Logistics functions as an NVOCC / OTI for FCL / LCL / Breakbulk shipments, covering both export and import operations. The company holds a truck broker license and provides services spanning the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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9. Freight Logistics Services USA

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Freight Logistics Services USA

With over 25 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry, Paul Garcia established Freight Logistics Services USA in 2004. Having successfully operated for over a decade, Freight Logistics Services USA places a strong emphasis on prioritizing customer service as a fundamental aspect of their operations. This commitment has become the company's guiding motto: CUSTOMER SERVICE + INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE = CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

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10. JIKE Logistics Limited

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JIKE Logistics Limited (Shenzhen, China Head Office)

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Founded in Shenzhen, China, JIKE Logistics is a distinguished global third-party logistics provider for freight from China to Houston, ranging from multinational corporations to small-scale enterprises. Their comprehensive services cover air freight, ocean freight, road freight, courier service, warehousing, customs clearance, and more.

With our headquarters strategically located in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, they operate an extensive network of affiliated branches and warehouses both within China and the USA. They have yearly contracts with main airlines and shipowners in China, that's why they can offer competitive rates.

Jike Logistics is one of the best freight forwarders in Houston if you want to ship from China!

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Houston Freight Forwarding-FAQs

Can freight forwarders in Houston issue bills of lading?

Freight forwarders in Houston typically have the authority to issue bills of lading. These professionals play a crucial role in international trade by coordinating the transportation of goods and managing associated documents, which include bills of lading. A bill of lading functions as a certificate of ownership for the goods, containing detailed information like the origin, destination, quantity, and description of the items. It ensures that the consignee at the destination can receive the goods in a timely and secure manner. Thus, it is customary for freight forwarders to handle the issuance of bills of lading, ensuring the safe and prompt delivery of the goods.

How do you choose a good freight forwarder in Houston?

Choosing an excellent freight forwarder is crucial to ensuring the safety and timely delivery of goods. Here are some suggestions:

  • Firstly, consider the reputation and experience of the forwarding company. Look at customer reviews and cases to understand their reputation and performance in the industry.

  • Secondly, consider the service scope and specialization of the forwarding company. Make sure they have experience and capabilities in handling your specific type of goods.

  • Thirdly, understand their network and coverage. A global forwarding company can provide broader services and ensure goods reach their destination smoothly.

  • Additionally, understand their transportation methods and packaging recommendations. A professional forwarding company will recommend the most suitable transportation and packaging methods based on the type of goods and destination.

  • Lastly, consider the forwarding fees and contract terms. Ensure a clear understanding of all fees and responsibility allocations to avoid disputes later on.

Choosing the right freight forwarder requires careful consideration of the above factors to ensure your goods arrive at their destination safely and on time.

What documents are required for Houston freight forwarding?

● Packing List

● Bill of Lading (B/L)

● Invoice

● Contract or Purchase Order

● Transportation Insurance Certificate

● Customs Documents

● Licenses and Certificates

● Payment Receipts

What do you need to pay the freight forwarder in Houston?

When working with a freight forwarder, there are several potential charges you may need to pay. These can include:

Freight Charges: This covers the cost of transporting your goods from the origin to the destination.

Customs Clearance Fees: These include charges for handling customs procedures and documentation to ensure legal import and export of goods.

Bill of Lading Fees: If the freight forwarder assists in issuing a bill of lading, there may be associated fees.

Warehousing Costs: There may be storage fees if you need to store goods in a warehouse.

Insurance Fees: If you opt for cargo insurance, there will be a premium for this coverage. Normally, it will be around 0.3% of the invoice value.

Additional Charges: This may include inspection fees, cargo examination fees, or other related expenses. They charge will charge at cost.

Please note that specific charges can vary based on factors like the type of goods, mode of transportation, and scope of services. It's recommended to have a thorough discussion with the freight forwarder before engaging their services to understand the details of each fee.

Which freight forwarder should I use when shipping from China to Houston?

When shipping from China to Houston, it is advisable to use Jike Logistics.

Jike Logistics

Generally, you can first collaborate with a freight forwarder in China to arrange for the pickup, packaging, and transportation of the goods within China. Once the goods arrive in Houston, you can utilize a local freight forwarder in Houston to coordinate customs clearance, delivery, and other subsequent logistics arrangements.

Here at Jike, we function as both. We are located in China, so we know how to save your costs within China. While our primary market is in Houston, the U.S.A., we have a deep understanding of the local market and regulations, enabling us to provide you with more accurate and professional services. We know how to clear goods through customs and deliver them to your address in a safe, cheap, and reliable method.

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