Embark on a maritime journey through our comprehensive guide to Greece ports. In this guide, we unveil the vital role of Greece ports in international trade. From major port hubs to intricate shipping networks, our guide elucidates the dynamic world of Greece ports, providing crucial insights for shippers, traders, and logistics enthusiasts. This list of Greece ports will assist you in your next shipment. 

greece ports

The Significance of Greece Ports

Situated in Southeastern Europe, Greece boasts thousands of islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It also has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean basin and has numerous ports and docks. 

These ports provide:

  • Diverse transportation options.

  • Playing a crucial role in the import and export activities of the international trade system.

  • Connecting continents and facilitating seamless trade routes.

The maritime industry has been a vital component of the country's economy. Consequently, Greece has a substantial shipbuilding sector and ship maintenance industry. In recent years, Greece has also taken on the construction and maintenance of luxury yachts.

What Are the Major Ports in Greece?

Let's explore the primary Greece ports in this article.

Piraeus Port

greece ports

mapSituated on the Sarónico Gulf in the southeastern part of the mainland.

The Port of Piraeus stands as Greece's largest and the second-largest port in the Mediterranean, ranking among the top 50 ports globally.

With multiple specialized docks, Piraeus Port handles various goods, including imports of coal, timber, gasoline, metals, petroleum, and industrial products, as well as exports such as tobacco, cotton, fruits, and cement, with an annual throughput of 25 million tons.

Beyond cargo, the port accommodates millions of passengers, serving as Europe's largest passenger port and one of the world's foremost in terms of passenger traffic.

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Thessaloniki Port

greece ports

mapLocated on the northwest shore of the Thermaic Gulf.

Thessaloniki Port is strategically positioned near major cross-European highways and railway networks, serving as a crucial transit hub for Central and Southeastern Europe. It stands as Greece's second-largest container port and one of the busiest freight ports.

With 14 terminals, the port accommodates various bulk, general, and containerized cargo. Handling millions of tons annually, it deals with cargoes such as iron, tobacco, grain, fertilizers, chemicals, petroleum, refined products, tin, and cement.

Thessaloniki Port's passenger terminal ranks among the largest in the Aegean Sea basin. Compliant with ISPS rules, it offers extensive cruise and ferry services. 

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Volos Port

greece ports

mapSituated along the coast of the Pagasetic Gulf.

The Port of Volos connects mainland Greece with the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos. It stands as Greece's third-largest freight port, concurrently holding the distinction of being an industrial and artisanal hub.

The port features a breakwater extending from the east to the center of the harbor, providing protection for vessels at all docks. The Port of Volos mainly handles the transportation of agricultural products and industrial goods, including metals, fertilizers, cement and petroleum products.

With an annual handling capacity of approximately 1,300 vessels, the Port of Volos boasts roll-on/roll-off facilities and state-of-the-art cargo handling equipment.

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Rhodes Port

greece ports

mapSituated at the northern tip of the island in the Aegean Sea.

Rhodes Port, encompasses both an outer and an inner harbor collectively known as Limenas Rodos.

  • The outer harbor includes Limenas Akantias or Acandia Harbor and Limenas Emporikos Harbor, separated by a central breakwater. It accommodates cargo ships, cruise liners, and large ferries.

  • The inner harbor, known as Limenas Mandraki, is an ancient port now utilized by small ferries and pleasure boats.

With six docks facilitating the movement of goods and passengers, the port plays a crucial role in both international trade and the island's tourism industry.

As one of the famous Greece ports, The Port of Rhodes boasts state-of-the-art facilities capable of handling a variety of cargoes, including agricultural products and manufactured goods. Key exports include wine and fruits, while imports consist of wool, cotton, flour, tobacco, coffee, grains, and vegetables. The port welcomes over 700 vessels and serves 1,624,000 passengers annually, making it a hub of maritime activity in the region.

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Milos Island Port

greece ports

mapNestled within the Cyclades archipelago.

Milos Island features a vast back bay and excellent anchorages, sheltered from the strongest southern winds. The port comprises the harbor area, Adàmas Bay, and Voudiá Bay, with a primary focus on exporting volcanic minerals and general cargo.

Milos Island accommodates a variety of vessels, including traditional ferries and catamarans, connecting Greece's Milos Island to the mainland, Piraeus, Lavrio, as well as other islands like Crete, Anafi, Rhodes, Syros, Halki, Naxos, Amorgos, and more.

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Kavala Port


mapSituated in the central part of Kavala and Thasos Island.

Surrounding the coastal Petrochemical Terminal of Prinos, Kavala Port serves as a small yet protected harbor. It stands as a major port in the Macedonia region and the focal point of Kavala Prefecture.

Benefiting from a strategic location with excellent anchorage and freshwater resources, Kavala Port is conveniently positioned as a crucial gateway connecting Southeastern Europe to international trade routes.

Comprising both a passenger port and a commercial port, Kavala Port handles a variety of vessels, including roll-on/roll-off ships, leisure boats, fishing vessels, and containers. Additionally, it features facilities for processing petroleum products and fertilizers. Kavala Port's primary exports include marble, grains, and tobacco. Annually, it facilitates the transit of around 600 vessels, handling 1,600,000 tons of cargo and catering to 1,500,000 passengers.

Beyond its cargo-handling capacity, Kavala Port is a picturesque cruise destination, attracting tourists eager to explore the cultural and historical treasures of the region.

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Heraklion Port

greece ports

mapSituated on the northern coast of Crete

The Port of Heraklion stands as the third busiest Greece ports, serving both tourists and cargo transport to and from Heraklion. Renowned for its strategic location and excellent infrastructure, it facilitates seamless trade and transportation.

The port is protected by breakwaters, providing a secure anchorage for commercial vessels. It comprises two areas: the Small Inner Port and the New Outer Port. The Inner Port caters to fishing boats, small vessels, and yachts.

The Port of Heraklion is a key player in the export of products such as raisins, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and wine. It also handles imports of machinery, wood, manufactured goods, and grains. With an annual throughput of approximately 3,000 vessels, 2 million passengers, 3 million tons of cargo, and 22,000 standard containers, it plays a crucial role in the region's maritime activities.

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Chios Port

greece ports

mapSituated in the northeastern Aegean Sea.

Chios Port stands as the primary maritime gateway of Nisos Chios. It comprises an outer anchorage and an artificial port dedicated to ferry and small cargo vessel operations.

Chios Port handles approximately 104,500 tons of cargo annually, accommodates 3,830 vessels, and welcomes 502,500 passengers. The port plays a crucial role in connecting Chios Island to mainland Greece and other international destinations, emphasizing its significance among Greece ports.

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