In the South Pacific, Samoa is a beautiful and enigmatic jewel, boasting enchanting landscapes and a unique cultural heritage. Yet, hidden beneath its surface lies a silently pivotal element - Samoa's ports. These ports serve as the linchpin connecting Samoa to global trade, with the freight forwarding industry playing a vital role in ensuring their uninterrupted operation. In this article, we will delve into Ports in Samoa, unveiling their critical role in the national economy. Additionally, we will explore how the freight forwarding industry seamlessly integrates with these ports, providing robust support for trade and commerce.

Ports in Samoa

Apia Harbor

Apia Harbor

mapApia Harbor is situated at the heart of Apia City, on the north coast of Upolu Island.

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Features: Apia Harbor is one of the largest and busiest ports in Samoa, serving as a major hub for maritime activities in the country. It boasts a deepwater dock capable of accommodating large vessels, equipped with modern handling equipment, including cranes, loaders, and a container terminal.

Usage: Mainly utilized for international trade, tourism, and logistical support for the local economy, including the circulation of goods.

Matautu Wharf:

Matautu Wharf

mapMatautu Wharf is located approximately 3 kilometers east of Apia Harbor, near the center of Apia city.

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Features: Comparatively smaller in scale than Apia Harbor, Matautu Wharf primarily serves as a docking point for small vessels and fishing boats, as well as for the loading and unloading of goods. The facilities include basic docks and handling equipment.

Usage: Used for transporting small goods, fishing-related activities, and other local economic endeavors.

Asau Harbor

Asau Harbor

mapAsau Harbor is situated in the northwest of Savai'i Island, serving as the primary port for the island.

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Features: Asau Harbor is relatively smaller but crucial for economic activities on the island. The port provides goods handling services, including berthing for small vessels, along with some basic handling equipment.

Usage: Mainly used for transporting goods in the Savai'i region, fishing activities, and other economic endeavors within the island.

South Pacific International Container Terminal (S.P.I.C.T.)

South Pacific International Container Terminal (S.P.I.C.T.)

mapS.P.I.C.T. is approximately 6 kilometers from Apia city, located near Apia.

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Features: It is a modern container terminal with advanced handling facilities, allowing for the efficient handling of a large volume of containerized goods. It also can accommodate large vessels for berthing.

Usage: Mainly utilized for containerized cargo handling, international trade activities, and the transportation of goods between countries.

Trade Relations between China and Samoa

The trade relations between China and Samoa hold significant importance in the freight forwarding industry. China primarily exports manufactured goods such as electrical and mechanical equipment, and light industrial products to Samoa, while Samoa responds with distinctive agricultural and seafood products. Freight forwarding companies, by optimizing transportation plans and enhancing cargo handling efficiency, provide robust support for trade cooperation between the two sides. Moreover, the freight forwarding industry offers one-stop services including information communication, customs declaration, and inspection reporting, promoting smooth trade. This fosters steady and sustainable growth in Sino-Samoan trade.

China Shipping to Ports in Samoa

The maritime cooperation between China and Samoa represents a crucial trade route, bringing significant business opportunities and collaborative prospects for both nations. Goods from China are typically shipped from major Chinese ports such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. They then traverse the Pacific Ocean, ultimately arriving at Samoa's primary port, Apia Harbor. Upon arrival, the goods undergo unloading, customs clearance, and are subsequently distributed to either the domestic market in Samoa or further transported to surrounding regions.

This maritime collaboration not only facilitates trade flow but also strengthens economic cooperation and diplomatic ties between the two countries. It also contributes to the diversification and development of the economy in the South Pacific region. This partnership holds strategic importance in connecting China with the South Pacific region.

Transit Time & Prices | Shipping from China to Ports in Samoa

Origin Port - Destination PortSchedule-Voyage20GP40GP40HC
Zhengzhou- Apia

Schedule: Week 2

Voyage: 40 day

Shanghai -Apia

Schedule: Week 5

Voyage: 35 day

Shenzhen -Apia

Sailing time: Week 2

Voyage: 30 days


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Container Sizes for Ocean Shipping

20ft Standard Dry Container Size (8'6" x 8' x 20')

20ft Standard Dry

Weight: 4500 pounds

Maximum Gross Weight: 66,139 pounds

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 19 feet 5 inches

Width: 7 feet 8-⅛ inches

Height: 7 feet 9-⅝ inches

Door Opening:

Width: 7 feet 8-1/2 inches

Height: 7 feet 5-3/4 inches

40ft Standard Dry Container Size(8'6" x 8' x 40')

40ft Standard Dry

Weight: 8500 pounds

Maximum Gross Weight: 66,139 pounds

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 39 feet ⅜ inch

Width: 7 feet 8-⅛ inches

Height: 7 feet 9-⅝ inches

Door Opening:

Width: 7 feet 8-1/2 inches

Height: 7 feet 5-3/4 inches

40ft High Cube Container Size(9'6" x 8' x 40')

40ft High Cube

Weight: 8750 pounds

Maximum Gross Weight: 68,008 pounds

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 39 feet 4 inches

Width: 7 feet 7 inches

Height: 8 feet 9 inches

Door Opening:

Width: 7 feet 8 inches

Height: 8 feet 5 inches

20ft Flat Rack Container Size

20ft Flat Rack

Length: 5.94 meters / 19.5 feet

Width: 2.35 meters / 7.7 feet

Height: 2.35 meters / 7.7 feet

Tare Weight: 2,360 kilograms / 5,203.8 pounds

Payload Capacity: 30,140 kilograms / 66,458.7 pounds

Cubic Capacity: 32.7 cubic meters / 1,154.3 cubic feet

40ft Flat Rack Container Size

40ft Flat Rack

Length: 12.13 meters / 39.8 feet

Width: 2.40 meters / 7.9 feet

Height: 2.14 meters / 7 feet

Tare Weight: 5,000 kilograms / 11,025 pounds

Payload Capacity: 40,000 kilograms / 88,200 pounds

Cubic Capacity: 62.2 cubic meters / 2,195.7 cubic feet

Shipping to Samoa - Customs

Whenever you ship a package to ports in Samoa, you must fill out a customs form. This form contains all relevant information about your package. This includes the items you are sending, where they are being sent to, and the reason for sending the package in the first place.

This will determine your duties and whether you are shipping any prohibited items. Your duties are determined by considering several factors. Are you shipping to Samoa for personal or commercial purposes? Are you shipping luxury items? What is the cash value of the items you are shipping? If you are shipping for resale, the duties you pay will be higher than those shipping for personal reasons. Additionally, if you are shipping luxury items, you may incur additional duties.

Goods Transportation Process to Ports in Samoa

The process of transporting goods from ports in China to ports in Samoa includes the following steps:

  1. Goods Receipt and Packaging: Initially, the exporter prepares the goods and delivers them to major Chinese ports like Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Guangzhou.

  2. Goods Acceptance and Packing: At the port, the goods undergo inspection and acceptance to ensure compliance with transportation standards. Subsequently, the goods are packed properly to ensure safe transit.

  3. Transportation Plan Development: Freight forwarding companies devise suitable transportation plans based on the nature of the goods and the destination, including the selection of appropriate vessel types and routes.

  4. Ocean Shipping: The goods are loaded onto cargo ships, initiating the sea transport phase. This may take several days or weeks, depending on the vessel's speed and route.

  5. Transshipment Ports (if applicable): Some cargo ships may stop at other ports en route for transshipment or unloading of other cargo.

  6. Arrival at Destination Port: Once at the destination, the goods are unloaded at the destination port, such as Apia in Samoa.

  7. Customs Clearance Procedures: At the destination port, the goods go through customs clearance procedures, including customs declaration and tax payment, to ensure legal entry into the destination country.

  8. Goods Distribution and Delivery: After clearance, the goods are distributed to the ultimate consignee, which can be either the domestic market in Samoa or further distribution to other regions.

Throughout the transport process, JIKE Logistics plays a vital role in coordinating each stage, ensuring the safe and prompt delivery of goods to their destination. Additionally, we provide services like cargo tracking and real-time information reporting, ensuring you stay updated on the status of your shipments.

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Prohibited Goods for Shipping to Samoa

To avoid issues, extra fees, and fines, you should avoid shipping the following items to Samoa:

  • Perishable food items

  • Live animals, plants, and seeds

  • Any medicines and drugs

  • Hazardous materials that are restricted and require approval and special procedures

  • Aerosols

  • Liquids

  • Cash, coin, credit cards, and debit cards

  • Passports and other confidential documents

  • Precious jewelry, artwork, and antiques

If you are still determining whether certain goods can be legally shipped to ports in Samoa, do not risk your entire shipment. Do not hesitate to contact a freight forwarding agent like JIKE Logistics. We will provide professional services to address the issue, ensuring a smooth delivery.

JIKE Logistics: Your Freight Forwarder to Samoa

Shipping from China to Ports in Samoa

JIKE Logistics is your best choice for shipping goods from China to Samoa. With extensive experience and expertise, we provide efficient, secure, and reliable logistics solutions. Regardless of which major port in China your goods originate from, we ensure they reach ports in Samoa smoothly, with full tracking available for your peace of mind. Choose JIKE Logistics for a trusted partnership and ensure seamless transportation of your goods.

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How long does it take to ship a container to Samoa?

It takes between 30 to 60 days from China, depending on whether it's from the East Coast or West Coast.

How much does it cost to ship a container to Samoa?

Get freight quotes from China to ports in Samoa with our online freight calculator. We will send you the freight quote via email. You can proceed with the booking or inquire about shipping from China to Samoa via email. We offer 24/7 response to quotes or call us during our working hours. Click the online freight calculator below to get the cost for full container load and less-than-container load shipping from China to Samoa.

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