In Croatia, along the Adriatic Sea, captivating scenery and a deep historical tapestry render this region genuinely spellbinding. The Ports of Croatia stand as a discreet yet pivotal factor amplifying this charm. Operating as vital economic arteries, these ports intricately link Croatia to the global trade network, with the freight forwarding industry playing an essential role in guaranteeing the seamless operation of these connections.

In the upcoming chapters, we will delve into the Ports of Croatia, unveiling their pivotal role in the national economy. Simultaneously, we will comprehensively explore various aspects of maritime shipping to Croatia, including container dimensions, shipping schedules, transit times, freight rates, and the role of the freight forwarding industry. We will delve into how these ports become key hubs in international trade and how the freight forwarding industry seamlessly integrates with them, providing robust support for Croatia's trade connections with the world. Let's explore the Adriatic Sea region together, revealing the crucial roles that ports and the freight forwarding industry play in linking Croatia to the global economic network.

Ports of Croatia

Port of Rijeka

Port of Rijeka

mapThe Port of Rijeka is in northwestern Croatia, serving as one of the largest ports in the Adriatic Sea and a critical hub for Central and Southeast European trade.

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Facilities: The port features modern container terminals, bulk cargo terminals, and liquid chemical terminals, with large lifting machinery. Multiple warehouses and logistics centers provide comprehensive cargo handling and storage services.

Services: Offerings include ship repair, supply, and fuel services. The port area encompasses industrial and commercial zones, providing various business support services.

Port of Split

Port of Split

mapLocated in the central part of the Dalmatian coast, the Port of Split is the main port of Croatia's second-largest city, Split.

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Features: The port boasts modern facilities, including multifunctional, container, and passenger terminals. Functioning as a significant ferry nexus that links the Dalmatian coastline to nearby islands, it draws tourists every year.

Services: Provides ship repair, fuel supply, and logistics services. The port area includes storage and distribution centers for convenient cargo consolidation and distribution.

Port of Ploče

Port of Ploče

mapPositioned in southern Croatia, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Highlights: The Port of Ploče is a deep-water port in the southern Adriatic, capable of handling various cargoes, including bulk, containers, petroleum products, and general cargo. It features large container and general cargo terminals.

Facilities: The port has modern facilities, including large container terminals, bulk cargo terminals, and petroleum terminals, offering efficient cargo handling services.

Port of Zadar

Port of Zadar

mapLocated in the central-northern part of Croatia, the Port of Zadar is a crucial gateway connecting the northern Adriatic coast with the inland regions.

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Features: The port has multipurpose terminals suitable for various goods and passenger transport, serving as a pillar for regional economic activities and tourism.

Services: Provides ship repair, fuel supply, warehousing, and logistics services. The port vicinity encompasses an industrial district, providing support for both commercial and manufacturing endeavors.

Freight to Croatia

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When goods are transported to the Ports of Croatia, the involvement of customs procedures is essential. This process includes submitting necessary documents, customs declaration, payment of relevant duties and taxes, and undergoing security checks and quarantine by Croatian customs. Once approved by customs, the goods are released, followed by customs clearance procedures, including unloading at the port, processing transport documents, and settling any remaining fees. Finally, the goods are distributed to the destination, possibly requiring further distribution or transshipment to meet the needs of the ultimate recipient. To ensure the smooth progression of the entire process, it is recommended to collaborate with professional freight forwarding companies or customs agents to comply with Croatia's customs regulations and procedures.

Goods Transportation Process to Ports of Croatia

Transporting goods from China to the Ports of Croatia typically involves multiple stages, with freight forwarding companies like JIKE Logistics playing a crucial role in coordination and management. Here is a general outline of the goods transportation process:

  1. Goods Preparation and Packaging: Exporting companies in China prepare and package goods to comply with international transportation standards and Croatia's import regulations.

  2. Transportation Mode Selection: Freight forwarding companies collaborate with exporting companies to choose the most suitable mode of transportation, which could be a combination of sea, air, or land transport, depending on the nature of the goods, urgency, and cost considerations.

  3. Transportation Coordination: Freight forwarding companies coordinate with various transportation service providers, sign contracts with shipping or airline companies, and arrange transportation vessels or planes. They may also arrange land transport to move goods from production sites to the port.

  4. Documentation and Customs Clearance: Freight forwarding companies assist exporting companies in preparing all necessary documents, including invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, etc. They may also be responsible for export customs clearance in China before the goods arrive at Croatian ports.

  5. Sea or Air Transportation Process: If sea transportation is chosen, goods are loaded into containers and transported to the Ports of Croatia. At the port, goods are unloaded and undergo customs inspection. If air transportation is chosen, goods are directly transported to Croatia's airport by plane.

  6. Land Transportation to the Destination: Upon successful customs inspection at Croatian ports or airports, freight forwarding companies might organize land transportation for delivering goods to their ultimate destination. This destination could be an inland city in Croatia or another European country.

  7. Destination Customs Clearance and Delivery: In Croatia, goods undergo destination customs procedures and are then delivered to the ultimate recipient.

Throughout the transportation process, freight forwarding companies are responsible for coordinating, monitoring goods flow, and ensuring compliance with international trade and transportation regulations and standards. This helps ensure the safe and timely arrival of goods at the destination, simplifying the complexity of international trade.

What are Croatia's Customs Duties?

As an EU country, no customs fees are required if the total customs value of imported goods is less than $178. For other products, average tariffs range from 5% to 14%. A VAT, customs duties, and consumption tax of 9% on the CIF total amount must be paid.

Prohibited Goods for Shipping to Croatia

Like other countries, Croatia has a list of prohibited and restricted goods. Specific regulations may vary depending on the nature of the goods, the destination, and changes in national regulations. Here are examples of goods that may be considered prohibited or restricted:

  1. Weapons and Ammunition: Any weapons and ammunition is generally prohibited unless authorized.

  2. Drugs and Illicit Medications: All drugs and unauthorized medications are prohibited.

  3. Hazardous Chemicals: Certain chemicals, especially hazardous and controlled substances, may be restricted.

  4. Endangered Flora and Fauna: International and domestic regulations may restrict trade in wildlife and their products.

  5. Counterfeit Products: Unauthorized replicas, such as counterfeit branded products and pirated software, may be prohibited.

  6. Military Equipment: Military equipment, technology, and components may be subject to export controls.

  7. Cultural and Historical Artifacts: Certain cultural heritage and art artifacts may require special permits or be subject to restrictions.

  8. Food and Agricultural Products: Some food and agricultural products may be subject to quarantine and health standards.

Before shipping goods to Croatia, it is advisable to contact freight forwarding companies or Croatian customs authorities to obtain the latest regulations and lists, ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations. Additionally, a thorough understanding of import regulations in the destination country is crucial to ensuring smooth customs clearance.

Shipping from China to Croatia

Trade Relations between China and Croatia

The trade relationship between China and Croatia has been steadily growing in recent years. The primary trade areas between these two countries encompass various sectors, including machinery, electronic products, and a range of chemicals and textiles. Generally, China takes on the role of the exporting party in these transactions, with Croatia serving as the importer. The ports of Croatia play an indispensable role in facilitating this process, functioning as pivotal hubs for the movement of goods. Despite the relatively modest overall trade volume, this bilateral trade promotes economic complementarity between the two nations and provides broader market opportunities for businesses in both countries.

Logistics and transportation play a critical role in this trade relationship. Companies specializing in freight forwarding, like JIKE Logistics, could play a vital role in orchestrating the seamless movement of goods. Additionally, trade may involve investment cooperation and bilateral trade agreements to enhance economic ties between China and Croatia further. It's crucial to acknowledge that trade relations are fluid, and specific conditions may evolve over time.

The maritime cooperation between China and Croatia is a crucial trade gateway, presenting significant business opportunities and avenues for collaboration between the two nations. Goods embark from China, typically shipping through major Chinese ports such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. Following a long sea journey, traversing the Adriatic Sea, these shipments ultimately reach the Ports of Croatia, including the Port of Rijeka or the Port of Ploče.

At Croatian ports, the goods undergo necessary procedures such as unloading and customs clearance before being distributed within Croatia's domestic market or transported to neighboring regions. This maritime collaboration not only facilitates trade circulation but also contributes to strengthening economic cooperation and diplomatic relations between the two countries. Concurrently, this partnership drives economic advancement in the Adriatic Sea region, nurturing increased diversity and prosperity. This maritime cooperation holds strategic importance for the connection between China and the coastal areas of the Adriatic Sea, bringing about mutual development and shared benefits.

Transit Time & Prices | Shipping from China to Ports in Croatia

Origin Port - Destination PortVoyage20GP40GP40HC
Shenzhen - Rijeka

27 day

Shenzhen - Ploče

34 day

Shanghai - Rijeka

33 days


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Ports of Croatia

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