Honduras, situated in Central America with its eastern coast along the Caribbean Sea and western border facing the Pacific Ocean, boasts a geographically advantageous location. This unique positioning has made Honduras a crucial hub for trade connecting North and South America. With abundant natural resources and diverse climates, Honduras not only stands out as one of Central America's largest manufacturing exporters but also holds significant economic potential in agriculture, mining, and other sectors.

As globalization continues to evolve, maritime transportation plays a vital and cost-effective role in international trade. Trade vessels serve as the arteries linking ports worldwide, providing a convenient channel for the flow of goods and resources. Maritime shipping not only strengthens economic ties between nations but also facilitates the development of the global industrial chain. Against this backdrop, understanding the ports of Honduras and their relationship with global trade becomes especially important.

With the background introduction to Honduras' geographical location and global trade, you can better understand the upcoming discussion. Subsequently, you can delve deeper into the ports of Honduras, such as the Ports of San Pedro Sula and Castilla, highlighting their pivotal roles in international trade.

Ports of Honduras

Puerto Cortés

Puerto Cortés

mapSituated along the Caribbean coast, it is the largest Caribbean port in Honduras.

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Scale: Boasts modern docks and a large-scale container terminal, ranking among the busiest ports in Central America.

Facilities: Equipped with advanced cargo handling equipment, warehousing, and sorting systems, adhering to international safety standards.

Features: Puerto Cortés serves as a major import and export gateway for Central America, facilitating trade across the entire region.

Puerto Castilla

Puerto Castilla

mapLocated along the Caribbean coast.

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Scale: It is one of Honduras' main ports, handling a significant volume of international trade.

Facilities: Possesses basic port and warehouse facilities, supporting the loading and unloading various goods.

Features: Puerto Castilla supports Honduras' imports and exports as a national trade hub.



mapPositioned along the Caribbean coast.

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Scale: A major port in northern Honduras.

Facilities: Basic port equipment and warehousing facilities supporting cargo handling and trade activities.

Features: Supports trade for the local and nearby areas, possibly involving small-scale fisheries.

La Ceiba

La Ceiba

mapLocated along the Caribbean coast.

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Scale: The main port for La Ceiba and its surrounding areas.

Facilities: Infrastructure providing trade and transportation services, supporting the transport of containers and bulk cargo.

Features: Facilitates import and export activities for La Ceiba and the surrounding regions.

Puerto de Lempira

Puerto de Lempira

mapSituated in northeastern Honduras, a small port along the Caribbean coast.

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Scale: Relatively small, primarily serving local and nearby trade activities.

Facilities: Basic port equipment catering to the smaller-scale trade demands of the local area.

Features: Plays a role in connecting transportation and trade in the northeastern region of Honduras.

Puerto de Amapala

Puerto de Amapala

mapLocated in the Gulf of Fonseca on the Pacific coast, one of Honduras' ports along the Pacific.

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Scale: Relatively small, primarily serving local trade and the fishing industry.

Facilities: Basic loading and unloading equipment and warehousing facilities, providing support for residents and the fishing industry.

Features: Despite its smaller scale, Puerto de Amapala still holds importance for the local economy and trade.

Port Codes and Types | Ports of Honduras

PortPort CodeCityType
TelaHNTEATelaBarge Port
San LorenzoHNSLOSan LorenzoBarge Port
Roatan IslandHNROIRoatan IslandBarge Port
Puerto CortesHNPCRPuerto CortesBarge Port
Puerto CastillaHNPCAPuerto CastillaBarge Port
La CeibaHNLCELa CeibaBarge Port
TegucigalpaHNTGUTegucigalpaBasic Port
San Pedro SulaHNSAPSan Pedro SulaBasic Port
CholomaHNCLMCholomaBasic Port
AmapalaHNAPAAmapalaBasic Port

Shipping to Honduras - Customs

When goods are shipped to Honduras, customs procedures become particularly crucial. The customs department in Honduras plays a key role in overseeing and approving the import and export of goods. After the goods arrive at the ports of Honduras, customs will conduct necessary inspections, declarations, and clearance procedures to ensure the legality of the goods and compliance with relevant regulatory standards. This includes checking the quantity and quality of the goods, verifying related documents, and calculating tariffs. Through effective customs procedures, Honduras not only ensures national security and trade compliance but also provides businesses with a smoother, more efficient trade environment, facilitating the smooth operation of international trade.

Import Duties and Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Honduras

1. Import Duties:
Import duties in Honduras depend on the type and origin of the goods. Generally, duty rates range from 3% to 15%, although some goods may attract higher rates. Duties are calculated based on the CIF value of the goods (including the cost of the goods, insurance, and freight).

2. Value Added Tax (VAT):
Value Added Tax (Impuesto sobre Ventas) is a significant component of Honduras' tax system. The standard VAT rate is 15%, while some goods and services (such as newsprint, school supplies, transportation services, etc.) enjoy a reduced rate of 12%.

3. Tax Refund:
Businesses in Honduras can apply for a refund of the VAT paid during their production process. Specifically, if goods or services purchased by a business are used for production or export, they can apply for a tax refund from the tax authorities. The refund process involves filling out relevant application forms and providing the necessary supporting documents.

For specific tariff inquiries in Honduras, it is recommended to visit the official website of the Honduran tax authorities or use the tariff database of international trade centers.

In summary, importing goods into Honduras requires a thorough understanding of its tax system and comprehensive budget planning. When dealing with these complex tax issues, JIKE Logistics, as an experienced professional team, consistently provides excellent service to its clients.

Shipping Process to Ports of Honduras

The transportation process of goods from China to the ports of Honduras typically involves the following key steps:

  1. Export Country Preparation: In China, exporters prepare the goods, ensuring they comply with Honduras's import regulations. This may include proper packaging, labeling, and document preparation (invoices, bills of lading, etc.).

  2. Transportation Mode Selection: Choose the appropriate mode of transportation, usually sea or air freight. Sea freight is a common choice for goods from China to Honduras due to its cost-effectiveness and suitability for bulk shipments.

  3. Signing of Transportation Contract: Exporters sign contracts with transportation companies after determining the specific transportation plan. The contract includes terms related to transportation, insurance, freight charges, and delivery dates to Honduras.

  4. Goods Shipment: Goods are loaded onto containers or freight ships. In major Chinese ports such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, goods may undergo container loading and be transported via sea routes.

  5. Sea Freight Process: Containers or ships travel through sea routes, crossing the Pacific to reach ports in Honduras, such as Puerto Cortes.

  6. Arrival at Ports of Honduras: Once the goods reach ports like Puerto Cortes, customs begin clearance procedures, inspecting the goods and ensuring documents are complete.

  7. Customs Clearance: Honduran customs inspects, verifies documents, and calculates duties and taxes. Compliant goods receive clearance approval.

  8. Goods Distribution: After clearance, goods can be transported inland by freight companies or logistics partners, reaching their destination, which could be cities within Honduras or further distribution to other countries.

In this transportation process, sea transportation and customs clearance are crucial stages. Effective logistics planning and compliance with documentation are key factors in ensuring the smooth arrival of goods at their destination.

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Prohibited Goods for Shipping to Honduras

As a sovereign nation, Honduras has a series of regulations and laws governing imported goods. While these regulations may change over time, generally, the following are types of goods that might be considered prohibited:

  1. Illegal Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: Any unauthorized drugs, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices without appropriate permits.

  2. Weapons and Military Equipment: Any weapons, ammunition, military equipment, or related items without approval and permission from the Honduran government.

  3. Drugs and Prohibited Substances: All illegal drugs, prohibited chemicals, and unauthorized hazardous materials.

  4. Pirated and Illegal Reproductions: Unauthorized pirated or illegally copied books, audiovisual products, software, etc.

  5. Illegal Flora and Fauna and Their Products: Unauthorized animals, wildlife, and their products, especially those belonging to endangered species.

  6. Hazardous Waste: This includes toxic, harmful, infectious, or radioactive waste unless there are proper permits and disposal plans.

  7. Gambling Devices: Any equipment or items related to illegal gambling.

  8. Political Propaganda Materials: Unauthorized political propaganda materials that may violate local regulations.

Please note that this is a general overview, and the specific list of prohibited items may change over time and could be influenced by import country regulations, international regulations, and bilateral trade agreements. Before engaging in cross-border trade, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly review the relevant regulations and laws of Honduran customs to ensure that your goods comply with local regulations and requirements.

Container Sizes for Ocean Shipping

20ft Standard Dry Container Size (8'6" x 8' x 20')

20ft Standard Dry

Weight: 4500 pounds

Maximum Gross Weight: 66,139 pounds

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 19 feet 5 inches

Width: 7 feet 8-⅛ inches

Height: 7 feet 9-⅝ inches

Door Opening:

Width: 7 feet 8-1/2 inches

Height: 7 feet 5-3/4 inches

40ft Standard Dry Container Size(8'6" x 8' x 40')

40ft Standard Dry

Weight: 8500 pounds

Maximum Gross Weight: 66,139 pounds

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 39 feet ⅜ inch

Width: 7 feet 8-⅛ inches

Height: 7 feet 9-⅝ inches

Door Opening:

Width: 7 feet 8-1/2 inches

Height: 7 feet 5-3/4 inches

40ft High Cube Container Size(9'6" x 8' x 40')

40ft High Cube

Weight: 8750 pounds

Maximum Gross Weight: 68,008 pounds

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 39 feet 4 inches

Width: 7 feet 7 inches

Height: 8 feet 9 inches

Door Opening:

Width: 7 feet 8 inches

Height: 8 feet 5 inches

20ft Flat Rack Container Size

20ft Flat Rack

Length: 5.94 meters / 19.5 feet

Width: 2.35 meters / 7.7 feet

Height: 2.35 meters / 7.7 feet

Tare Weight: 2,360 kilograms / 5,203.8 pounds

Payload Capacity: 30,140 kilograms / 66,458.7 pounds

Cubic Capacity of 20 ft flat rack: 32.7 cubic meters / 1,154.3 cubic feet

40ft Flat Rack Container Size

40ft Flat Rack

Length: 12.13 meters / 39.8 feet

Width: 2.40 meters / 7.9 feet

Height: 2.14 meters / 7 feet

Tare Weight: 5,000 kilograms / 11,025 pounds

Payload Capacity: 40,000 kilograms / 88,200 pounds

Cubic Capacity of 40 ft flat rack: 62.2 cubic meters / 2,195.7 cubic feet

JIKE Logistics: Your Chinese Freight Forwarder to the Ports of Honduras

jike logistics

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JIKE Logistics, as a freight forwarding agent for shipping from China to the ports of Honduras, plays a crucial role throughout transportation. By coordinating and managing the transportation of goods, sea freight procedures, and customs clearance, JIKE Logistics provides comprehensive logistics solutions to its clients. The company's experience and expertise in the transportation industry, particularly its understanding of port operations in Honduras, ensure the efficient and secure arrival of goods.

In the preparation before the shipment, JIKE Logistics assists clients in preparing compliance documents to ensure that goods comply with Honduras' import regulations. During transportation, JIKE Logistics selects appropriate transportation methods and, through collaboration with shipping companies, ensures the smooth delivery of goods. Upon arrival at the ports of Honduras, JIKE Logistics actively assists clients in completing customs procedures, ensuring the efficiency of the clearance process. 

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Trade Relations between China and Honduras

The trade relationship between China and Honduras has made significant progress in recent years. China exports various goods to Honduras, including electronic products, machinery, and textiles, while Honduras exports food, raw materials, and agricultural products to China. As a key transportation hub in Central America, Honduras, with its important ports such as Puerto Cortes, serves as a crucial node for trade, providing efficient logistical support for Sino-Honduran trade. Additionally, Chinese companies have participated in some infrastructure projects in Honduras, such as port construction, further strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries.

Honduran ports play a critical role in Sino-Honduran trade, with Puerto Cortes being the largest among them. Situated along the Caribbean coast, as we mentioned above, this port is not only the primary trade gateway for Honduras but also one of the busiest ports in Central America. Puerto Cortes boasts modern cargo-handling equipment and a large container terminal, making it a key channel for Chinese goods to enter the Central American market. The development of these ports has facilitated trade between China and Honduras, enhancing the close cooperation between the two nations in the economic, logistical, and infrastructure sectors.

Transit Time & Prices | Shipping from China to Ports of Honduras

Origin Port - Destination PortVoyage20GP40GP40HC
Shenzhen - Puerto Castilla

40 day

Shanghai - Puerto Cortes

35 day

Hong Kong - Puerto Cortes

39 days

Tianjin - Puerto Cortes

42 days


*The above prices are for a full container load (FCL).

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Jike Logistics' professional services not only save your shipping costs and simplify your trade processes but also provide you with a more reliable freight transportation solution. Through an in-depth understanding of the ports of Honduras and relevant regulations, Jike Logistics is ready to provide you with a seamless and efficient trade experience from China to Honduras.

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