Shenzhen is not only the technology center of China but also a necessary logistics and trade center. Due to its geographic proximity to Hong Kong, Shenzhen is uniquely and strategically positioned to give companies easy access to the vast global market. According to statistics, more than 40% of China's maritime trade passes through the Greater Bay Area, where Shenzhen plays a pivotal role. This geographical advantage, combined with a robust infrastructure, has made the Shenzhen warehouse industry extremely well-developed and has attracted many companies to choose to conduct their warehousing and logistics operations here.

Why do you need a Shenzhen warehouse?

Shenzhen warehouses are so crucial for the following reasons:

  • Central storage location

    As a major logistics and trade center, Shenzhen has advanced warehousing facilities and a convenient location to find a central storage location for your goods. This means you can better manage and distribute your logistics processes and improve the efficiency of your supply chain.

  • Improved Order Processing

    By utilizing our Shenzhen warehouse, you can improve the processing of customer orders. The warehouse provides fast picking and packing services, enabling you to respond more quickly to customer needs, increase order processing speeds, and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Extra storage space

    During busy months, Shenzhen Warehouse will provide additional storage space if your production volume exceeds expectations. This allows you to handle your inventory and ensure timely supply, avoiding missed business opportunities due to insufficient stock.

  • Improve production quality

    Shenzhen Warehouse offers an effective warehouse management system where you can better track and manage your inventory. This helps to minimize problems such as damage, expiration, and loss, improves production quality, and ensures that your customers receive high-quality products.

  • Optimize Purchasing Decisions

    An effective inventory management system at Shenzhen Warehouse can help you better grasp your inventory and accurately forecast demand for goods. This enables you to make smarter purchasing decisions, control inventory costs, and reduce the risk of demurrage and scrap.

  • Capitalize on Seasonal Growth

    Shenzhen Warehouse enables you to better capitalize on seasonal growth during the holiday and shopping seasons, such as Black Friday and Christmas. You can stock up on goods in advance to meet peaks in market demand and increase sales.

  • Risk Management

    Shenzhen warehouses help in risk management to minimize the loss of goods due to unforeseen events such as fire, damage, and theft. Warehouses usually have security facilities and monitoring systems to provide reliable protection measures.

  • Expand market influence

    When the market demand exceeds your immediate supply, Shenzhen Warehouse can provide timely and effective inventory management and distribution services to help you better meet market demand and expand market influence.

Why choose to cooperate with JIKE Logistics's Shenzhen Warehouse

shenzhen warehouse

JIKE Logistics Shenzhen warehouse has the following advantages:

  1. JIKE  Logistics is one of Shenzhen's top five international freight forwarders and warehouse service providers.

  2. JIKE  Logistics ten years experience providing services to importers and exporters, members of WCA and CIFA. 

  3. Warehouses in all major ports (airports) in China, capable of handling cargo from any city in China, and LCL service.

  4. Professional team guarantees good customer service and enjoys a good reputation in the industry.

  5. Contracts with major shipping lines (airlines) to provide customers with preferential prices, guaranteed space, and cost-effective and time-sensitive transportation solutions.

  6. A strong service network covers all cities in China and any countries worldwide.

  7. We are committed to long-term business, not one-off transactions.

  8. Competitive prices for China departures from the world's leading airlines.

  9. EXW, FOB, DDU, and DDP are all acceptable.

Shenzhen JIKE Logistics was established in 2013; we have been in the logistics industry for over ten years. We have the best alliances with many carriers and airlines and get contract rates below market standards. This enables Jike to offer the most affordable freight forwarding services from China to any countries by sea, air, and road. We have bonded and non-bonded warehouses nearby to meet your needs in Shenzhen, China, enhancing interactive supply chain solutions.

Online Consultation


1. Does the freight forwarder have a warehouse in Shenzhen?

Many freight forwarding service providers in Shenzhen typically have warehouse facilities within their operations and service areas. So does Jike. These warehouses are designed to meet customers' cargo storage, consolidation, and distribution needs.

2. Can you pick it up for us from inland?

Yes, we can help you do that. Just provide us with your exact pickup address.

3. Do you offer regular warehouse cargo inspection services?

Jike Logistics offers warehouse cargo inspection services and can tailor them to your requirements. However, we generally recommend that our customers arrange for their quality inspectors to inspect their goods regularly.

4. What if we have suppliers from different parts of China?

Don't worry; we can coordinate delivery times and choose the right warehouse to collect your different goods from your suppliers. We can then consolidate them into one shipment at our warehouse. At the same time, we will prepare your master packing list and invoice for customs clearance at your destination.

5. Can you help with customs clearance and transportation of goods from the destination port to our warehouse?

Sure. We have cooperative agents in overseas ports who can help you do this if needed.

6. Can you offer flexible warehousing services? We need warehouse space with value-added services such as consolidation, quality control, and pick and pack.

No problem at all. Jike Logistics has flexible and reliable warehousing services throughout China. In addition to this, Jike Logistics has been working with different industries and multiple sectors for many years. It can provide tailor-made services according to your requirements, including FCL and LCL, quality control, distribution, and pick & pack.

7. How do you secure stored goods?

At Jike Logistics, we take cargo security very seriously. For starters, our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance systems to monitor shipments around the clock. In addition, our security team is on duty around the clock to ensure a safe and undisturbed warehouse environment. We have also set up specialized security zones for high-value shipments to enhance protection measures further.

In addition to physical security measures, our warehouses have climate-controlled spaces. This means that within this space, we can maintain appropriate environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity to ensure that sensitive goods are kept in optimal condition.

8. My supplier does not have export rights. Can you help me export my goods?

 Yes. We can purchase an export license, declare the goods, and ship them to you.

9. How much does it cost to use a Shenzhen warehouse?

Rental costs for warehouses in Shenzhen are usually calculated based on several factors: warehouse area and capacity, storage hours, warehouse facilities and services, warehouse location and transportation, and market supply and demand. We recommend contacting a warehouse service provider or freight forwarder in Shenzhen for accurate cost information.

10. How long can I store my goods in a Shenzhen warehouse?

Typical warehouses offer long-term and short-term storage, usually daily, monthly, or yearly.

Types of warehouses in Shenzhen

Warehousing services in Shenzhen offer a variety of types to meet the needs of different customers. Below are the common types of warehousing services in Shenzhen.

shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Standard Warehouse

Standard warehousing services are the most basic form of warehousing that provides regular storage space for goods. These warehouses usually have racks, stackers, and other storage equipment to store and manage interests efficiently.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Temperature Control Warehouse

For goods with high-temperature requirements, Shenzhen offers temperature-controlled warehousing services. These warehouses are equipped with temperature and humidity monitoring equipment that can control the storage environment within a specific range for goods that need to maintain a stable temperature, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Cold Chain Warehouse

For cold chain logistics needs, Shenzhen provides complex chain warehousing services. Cold chain warehouses are equipped with special refrigeration equipment and control systems capable of maintaining a low-temperature environment to ensure the quality of cold chain transportation and storage of goods, such as frozen food and fresh products.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Cross-border Warehousing

As a significant cross-border trade center, Shenzhen offers cross-border warehousing services. Such services include:

  • Helping clients with customs clearance procedures.

  • Managing cross-border cargo storage and distribution.

  • Working with customs to ensure the smooth import and export of goods.

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shenzhen warehouse

Dangerous Goods Warehouse

Hazardous materials warehouses often provide exceptional facilities and services to store dangerous materials safely. These warehouses must meet strict regulatory requirements and be audited and certified by the relevant authorities.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen E-commerce Warehouse

With the booming development of e-commerce, Shenzhen offers warehousing services customized explicitly for e-commerce customers. Such services typically include:
  • Rapid picking and packing.

  • Order processing.

  • Returns processing.

  • Integration with e-commerce platforms to meet the fast and efficient needs of e-commerce operations.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Bonded Warehouse

One of the main advantages of bonded warehousing is when it comes to imported goods. When your imported goods enter the bonded warehousing area, you are not required to pay customs duties and import VAT immediately. Only when the goods enter the domestic market or are authorized for export do you need to pay the relevant taxes? In this way, you can defer the payment of taxes while your goods are in storage, effectively improving the utilization of your capital turnover.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Contract Warehousing

The basic principle of contract warehousing is that a contract is signed between the warehousing provider and the customer, agreeing on matters relating to the time, space, and cost of storing the goods. Under the agreement, the warehousing provider is responsible for receiving, storing, and managing the goods to ensure their safety and integrity.

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shenzhen warehouse

Shenzhen Integrated Warehousing

Integrated warehousing offers a wide range of services, including but not limited to goods receiving, storage, sorting, packaging, distribution, and information management. Integrated warehousing providers can tailor personalized logistics solutions to meet the needs of different industries and enterprises.

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Jike offers warehouse storage solutions for our customers. Our team will work with you to understand your business needs and customize the most appropriate warehousing and storage services for you. Whether you need temporary storage, distribution or long-term warehousing solutions, we are committed to providing you with a reliable and professional service.

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What services do Shenzhen warehousing service providers offer?

Shenzhen warehousing providers offer various services to meet customers' logistics and warehouse management needs. Here are a few standard services:

  1. Warehouse Space Rental: Warehouse providers offer various types and sizes of warehouse space rental, including standard warehouses, temperature-controlled warehouses, cold chain warehouses, etc., to adapt to the storage needs of different kinds of goods.

  2. Inbound and Outbound Management: Warehouse providers are responsible for receiving, inspecting, and racking inbound goods and processing outbound orders. They will provide efficient inbound and outbound management processes to ensure that goods are moved in and out of the warehouse accurately.

  3. Inventory Management: Warehousing providers use advanced inventory management systems to help customers monitor their inventory in real-time. They track goods' quantity, location, and status and provide accurate inventory reports and analysis to help clients optimize inventory strategies and decisions.

  4. Picking and Packing: Warehouse providers typically offer picking and packing services, where goods are sorted and packaged according to customer requirements. They will use automated equipment and standardized processes to ensure efficient and accurate picking and packing.

  5. Transportation and distribution: Warehouse providers can offer complete logistics solutions, including transportation and distribution services. They work with logistics companies to ensure goods' safe and timely arrival from the warehouse to their destination.

  6. Value-added services: Some warehousing providers also offer value-added services such as unpacking, labeling, repacking, and assembling goods. These services can be customized according to the customer's needs and help increase the goods' value-added and sales-readiness.

  7. Warehousing consulting and optimization: Warehousing providers have expertise and experience in warehousing management, and they can provide customers with warehousing consulting and optimization recommendations. They will assess the client's warehousing needs and processes and suggest improvements to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Size and weight restrictions on goods stored in Shenzhen warehouses

Goods stored in warehouses in Shenzhen are usually subject to specific size or weight limits, which are determined by the practicalities of warehouse management and operation. Generally speaking, warehouses will specify the maximum height and weight limit to ensure goods' safe storage and function. This is to prevent goods from being stacked too high and causing collapse or damage, as well as to ensure that warehouse facilities and equipment can withstand the weight of the goods.

Dimensional restrictions typically relate to the shipment's length, width, height, and overall volume. Specific limits may vary depending on the warehouse size and the facility. Generally, more giant warehouses can accommodate larger-sized shipments, while smaller warehouses may have some limitations.

Weight limits usually relate to the total weight of the goods and the maximum weight per unit of goods. This is to ensure that the warehouse flooring and racking can support the weight of the goods and ensure the safety of the operators.

Please contact Jike for more information.

What should you consider when choosing a Shenzhen warehouse?

When choosing a Shenzhen warehouse, you can consider the following aspects:

  1. Location and accessibility

    Choosing a warehouse close to your operations center or customers can reduce logistics costs and time. Ensure that the distance between the warehouse location and major transportation hubs (e.g., ports, airports, highways, etc.) is short to allow for a smoother flow of goods.

  2. Warehouse facilities and equipment

    A warehouse should have the proper facilities and equipment to meet your storage needs. Consider the size of the warehouse, storage systems (e.g., racking, pallets, etc.), cargo handling equipment (e.g., forklifts, cranes, etc.), and other related facilities (e.g., temperature control equipment, fire prevention systems, etc.). Ensure the warehouse facilities and equipment can protect and manage your goods effectively.

  3. Safety and Security Measures

    Warehouse security is crucial for your goods. Find out about warehouse security measures, such as security personnel, surveillance systems, access control systems, and fire and disaster prevention facilities, to ensure your goods are adequately protected within the warehouse. In addition, learn about the warehouse's insurance, including cargo and liability insurance, to provide proper compensation in an unforeseen situation.

  4. Warehouse Capacity and Flexibility

    Evaluate the warehouse's warehousing capacity, such as warehouse capacity, shipment handling capacity, and daily operating hours. Ensure the warehouse has enough power to meet your storage and transportation needs. Flexibility is also essential, especially for seasonal or fluctuating demand operations, where you may need the warehouse to be able to provide temporary storage or the ability to adapt to changes quickly.

  5. Quality of service and customer support

    Find out the warehouse provider's quality of service and level of customer support. Check out its reputation, credibility, and cooperation with other clients. The warehouse provider should be able to communicate, coordinate, and resolve issues promptly to ensure that your needs are met and that you have a satisfactory service experience.

  6. Costs and contract terms

    Carefully evaluate warehouse rentals and other related costs and compare them with different warehouses. Understand the contract terms, including the lease, fee structure, payment, and termination clauses. Ensure you get reasonable prices and flexible contract terms when choosing a warehouse.

    Choosing the correct warehouse in Shenzhen requires careful consideration of location, facilities, security, storage capacity, service quality, and cost. Before deciding, conduct sufficient research and comparison to ensure that your chosen warehouse can meet your needs and support your business well.

How do you prepare the goods before sending them to the Shenzhen warehouse?

Here are some things you can consider preparing for before your goods are shipped:

  1. Cargo manifest and marking

    Prepare a detailed cargo manifest, including the name of the goods, quantity, specifications, and other necessary descriptive information. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the manifest. In addition, mark each package or pallet using clear and readable labels or signs to facilitate identification and handling by warehouse personnel.

  2. Packaging and protection

    Ensure that goods are adequately packaged and protected to prevent damage during transportation. Use suitable packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes, foam padding, cushioning materials, etc., to protect the goods. Depending on the characteristics of the goods, additional protection may be required, such as moisture-proofing, shock-proofing, anti-static, etc.

  3. Mode of transportation and arrangement

    Determine the suitable mode of transportation for your goods, such as land, sea, air, etc., and cooperate with the transportation company to arrange the transportation of goods to the warehouse in Shenzhen. Ensure you agree on logistics matters in advance, including loading of goods, preparation of freight documents, transportation time, and delivery arrangements.

  4. Documents and papers

    Prepare relevant documents and articles according to the mode of transportation and requirements. This may include export clearance documents, transportation contracts, insurance certificates, invoices, packing lists, etc. Ensure your records are complete and accurate and comply with relevant regulations and requirements.

  5. Notify the warehouse beforehand

    Before the goods are shipped, notify the Shenzhen warehouse providers of their arrival time and expected quantity. This way, they can reasonably arrange to receive and store the goods and provide you with better service. Please inform the warehouse beforehand of special storage needs or requirements.

  6. Cargo Insurance

    Consider obtaining appropriate insurance for your cargo to cover accidental losses during transportation and storage. Negotiate with your insurance company and get cargo insurance to protect your goods.

  7. Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

    Ensure that your shipments meet relevant regulatory requirements. Understand and comply with applicable import and export regulations, quality standards, prohibited and restricted goods rules, and more. Compliance can avoid unnecessary legal issues and delays.

Before shipment to a Shenzhen warehouse, it is essential to prepare cargo manifests and markings, proper packaging and protection, mode of transportation and arrangements, documentation and papers, prior notification to the warehouse, cargo insurance, and adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements. This ensures that your goods are adequately managed and protected during transportation and storage and improves the efficiency and smoothness of the entire logistics process.


Choosing a suitable warehousing partner doesn't just mean finding a space to store your products but ensuring that every aspect of the storage and distribution process is optimized for your unique business needs.

By partnering with Shenzhen Warehousing from Jike Logistics, you'll gain access to not just state-of-the-art facilities but also the ability to utilize them to support the growth of your business. Our services encompass not only cutting-edge technology but also our commitment to excellence. Whether it's the sophistication of our facilities or the quality of our services, we are unique in the industry. Looking ahead, the future of warehousing in Shenzhen is bright. With the support of Jike Logistics as your partner, your career is bound to be more brilliant. Let's walk the road to success together!

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