A competent and trustworthy freight forwarder in Russia can significantly contribute to your success. They can assist in streamlining shipping expenses, navigating through intricate processes, and guaranteeing the smooth delivery of your goods. In this article, we will introduce 8 recommended freight forwarders in Russia and emphasize the pivotal role an experienced forwarding company plays in your international business.

Freight Forwarder in Russia: 8 Trustworthy Logistics Company Recommendations

1. Transocean (Moscow)

Freight forwarder in Russia

Transocean (Moscow)

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Transocean offers worldwide sea transportation of FCL and LCL, inland haulage (door-to-door services) by truck and rail to all regions of Estonia, Russia and the former CIS.

Transocean also specializes in handling oversized shipments (project cargo, high and heavy) and can offer warehouse services.

2. Globalink Logistics (Moscow)

Freight forwarder in Russia

Globalink Logistics (Moscow)

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Globalink is an international logistics company overseeing the transportation of goods by air, land, and sea to destinations around the world. Globalink is a full-service logistics provider that develops comprehensive service plans tailored to meet your specific requirements. This is accomplished by learning customers' exact objectives with regard to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that Globalink will provide your company with first-class quality services more consistently than most other freight forwarder in Russia.

3. JIKE Logistics Limited (Shenzhen, Head Office)

Russian Freight forwarder

JIKE Logistics Limited

(Shenzhen, Head Office)

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Jike Logistics, a China-based freight forwarder operating in Russia, specializes in air, sea, railway, and truck freight services from China to Russia. Currently, 42% of the Jike team holds over a decade of shipping experience between China and Russia, successfully managing various projects along this route. Regardless of your cargo type, preferred shipping method, or final destination within Russia, Jike's seasoned professionals will tailor the optimal shipping solution for you.

They maintain annual contracts with both airlines and shipowners, allowing them to offer cost-effective First Leg Shipping options from China to Russia. Moreover, they have established robust partnerships with reputable carriers and agencies throughout Russia. Leveraging their extensive shipping expertise, Jike stands out as the top choice for freight forwarding from China to Russia.

4. CF&S Russia Ltd (Moscow)

Russian Freight forwarder

CF&S Russia Ltd (Moscow)

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CF&S is primarily engaged in providing global container, air, project transportation, railway, and trucking services connecting Europe with all CIS countries. Additionally, they offer ship's agency and chartering services. Currently, CF&S has a workforce of over 200 employees across its offices. The company was founded in 1997 and is now part of the Baltic Maritime Logistics Group (BMLG).

5. A.R.T. Logistics LLC (Moscow)

Freight forwarder in Russia

A.R.T. Logistics LLC (Moscow)

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A.R.T. Logistics Group is an expert in Freight Forwarding and Project Logistics with about two decades of experience in the markets of Kazakhstan & Central Asia, Caspian, China, Mongolia and Europe.

A.R.T. Logistics offers a full range of logistics services, including AIR Freight, FCL/LCL, warehousing, FTL, Projects, ect. The excellence of these services is guaranteed by local professional teams and operational support from offices within the group of companies.

6. TF Logistics (St. Petersburg, Head Office)

Freight forwarder in Russia

TF Logistics (St. Petersburg, Head Office)

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TF Logistics is a highly dependable and expert company in Russian transportation. They serve as an official advisor to the Administration of St. Petersburg on transport logistics matters and are proud members of IATA, FIATA, as well as various other local organizations.

7. Cargo Service Center (St. Petersburg, Head Office)

Freight forwarder in Russia

Cargo Service Center (St. Petersburg, Head Office)

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Cargo Service Center (CSC) has been functioning as a global freight forwarder and local handling partner at St. Petersburg airport (LED) for international freight forwarders and air carriers since 1993. With an extensive agent network spanning the Russian Federation, CSC is capable of providing comprehensive door-to-door services and handling domestic deliveries, even in remote regions of the country.

8. A Plus Logistics LLC (St. Petersburg, Head Office)

Russian Freight forwarder

A Plus Logistics LLC (St. Petersburg, Head Office)

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A-Plus Logistic is a maritime transportation freight forwarding company based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and it also operates its own office in Miami, USA.

The company specializes in import/export freight operations and local cargo handling services as well as a full range of services for the delivery of goods by any type of transport.

FAQs-Freight forwarder in Russia

Freight forwarder in Russia

What are the specific responsibilities of a freight forwarder in Russia?

The primary responsibilities of a freight forwarder include the following aspects:

1. Transportation Arrangement: Selecting suitable modes of transportation such as sea freight, air freight, land transportation, etc., and devising transportation plans for goods.

2. Packaging and Loading: Providing professional packaging recommendations and ensuring the proper protection of goods during transit.

3. Customs Clearance and Document Handling: Assisting clients in processing all necessary customs procedures and documentation to ensure the smooth clearance of goods through customs.

4. Cargo Tracking: Offering real-time cargo tracking services, allowing clients to monitor the location and status of their goods throughout transit.

5. Risk Management: Providing advice on insurance and risk management to safeguard the safety of goods during transportation.

6. Logistics Consulting: Offering professional advice on logistics and transportation, assisting clients in optimizing their transportation strategies.

7. Regulatory Compliance: Familiarizing and complying with various international and domestic transportation-related regulations and policies to ensure the legality and compliance of the transportation process.

In summary, the responsibilities of a freight forwarder involve ensuring that goods are transported from the point of origin to the destination in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner while meeting all regulatory and contractual requirements. They act as professional intermediaries in the process of goods transportation, providing clients with comprehensive logistics solutions.

Should I use a Russian freight forwarder or a Chinese freight forwarder?

Freight forwarder in Russia

When shipping from China to Russia, you can choose to use either a Chinese freight forwarder or a Russian one, depending on your specific needs and circumstances:

Using a Chinese Freight Forwarder

  • Language and Cultural Advantage: If you are in China, using a Chinese freight forwarder may be more convenient as you can communicate with them directly in Chinese.

  • Familiarity with the Chinese Market: Chinese freight forwarders have a deeper understanding of the Chinese market and can provide you with more comprehensive services and advice.

  • Connections with Domestic Supply Chains: Chinese freight forwarders may have strong relationships with domestic supply chains, allowing them to offer more flexible transportation solutions.

Using a Russian Freight Forwarder

  • Expertise in the Russian Market: If you are unfamiliar with the Russian market or have a specific destination in mind, engaging a Russian freight forwarder can be beneficial due to their extensive knowledge of the local market and regulations.

  • Direct Contact with Relevant Russian Authorities: Russian freight forwarders may be able to communicate and coordinate directly with relevant Russian authorities, making the entire transportation process smoother.

Cooperating with Both

You can also consider cooperating with both Chinese and Russian freight forwarders to ensure a seamless transportation chain. This can help establish closer connections between the two countries, thereby enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the transportation.

The ultimate choice depends on your specific circumstances, such as the type of goods, destination, and your familiarity with the market. It is recommended to have detailed communication with the forwarders before making a decision to understand their experience and service capabilities in order to make the most suitable choice.

JIKE Logistics stands out as a global third-party logistics provider, attending to a diverse clientele ranging from multinational corporations to small-scale enterprises. Their services include air freight, ocean freight, road freight, courier service, warehousing, customs clearance, and more.

With their headquarters located in Shenzhen, they manage an extensive network of associated branches and warehouses, both within China and abroad. Their unwavering commitment is to guarantee the safe and punctual delivery of goods to any destination, all offered at competitive rates.

Is UPS considered a freight forwarder?

UPS provides comprehensive logistics and express services, including express transportation, logistics solutions, and freight transportation. However, its primary business focus is on express and logistics rather than the traditional role of a freight forwarder.

However, it is worth noting that in specific circumstances, UPS can also offer some freight forwarding-related services, such as customs clearance and consultation on international shipments. Therefore, it depends on the particular needs of the customer and the terms of the agreement with UPS as to the extent of freight forwarding services they can provide.

How much does a Russian freight forwarder cost?

Freight forwarder in Russia

When shipping from China to Russia, there are various issues involved, and these issues are critical factors in incurring expenses.

The cost of a Freight Forwarder in Russia depends on several factors, including the type of goods, mode of transportation, and destination. Generally, the agent's fee includes the following aspects:

1. Service Fee: The agent charges a certain service fee to cover the logistics and transportation services provided. This fee is usually determined based on the complexity and workload of the services.

2. Transportation Costs: Depending on the chosen mode of transportation (such as sea freight, air freight, or land transportation), the agent will charge the corresponding transportation costs. This includes the fees required to transport goods to the destination.

3. Customs Clearance Fees: The agent assists clients in handling customs clearance procedures, which may involve some customs clearance fees to cover the processing and submission of relevant documents.

4. Additional Charges: Depending on the specific circumstances, there may be additional charges such as tariffs, insurance fees, and others.

It is important to note that these costs are determined based on specific circumstances, and the fee structure may vary from one freight forwarder to another. Therefore, when choosing a freight forwarder, it is essential to understand their fee structure in advance and ensure that the costs are reasonable and transparent. Additionally, it is recommended to clearly specify all cost details in the contract to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future.

What documents do I need to prepare for the Freight Forwarder in Russia?

When cooperating with a Russian agent, it is typically necessary to prepare the following documents:

●Bill of Lading

● Packing List

● Invoice

● Customs Declaration Documents

● Contract Documents (if needed)

● Transportation Method and Route(if needed)

● Import/Export Permit or Certificate(if needed)

● Insurance Documents(if needed)

● Destination Information(if needed)

● Payment Receipts(if needed)


Are you looking for more information about top-notch freight forwarder in Russia, or do you have something to be shipped from China to Russia?

JIKE Logistics is an experienced and reliable freight forwarding company. With years of expertise in international shipment between China and Russia, they provide efficient and dependable transportation services, covering the entire process from cargo preparation, packaging, and customs clearance, to transportation and customs clearance. The JIKE Logistics team is familiar with the Russian market and related regulations, ensuring smooth customs clearance and timely delivery of goods. Choosing JIKE Logistics as a partner ensures that your cargo transportation needs are met with the best solutions, ensuring smooth and secure delivery from China to Russia.

Feel free to send us a message, and our specialized Russian team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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