Cost-effectiveness is an essential aspect of choosing a freight shipping partner and finding one that fully understands your business needs is also crucial. To help you find a reliable service provider in Illinois, we have compiled the following list of freight forwarders in Illinois. This record will help you get a list of the best freight forwarders in the industry to make the best choice. Feel free to browse through this list and hire the freight forwarder in Illinois that best meets your business needs.

List of 10 Most Trusted Freight Forwarders In Illinois


Camelot Company


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freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 1977

Camelot Company has been committed to providing professional inbound customs clearance services to importers worldwide since its establishment in January 1977. Camelot Company holds an FMC license and focuses on assisting in the import business, providing safe and efficient customs clearance services to many customers.


Camelot Company's strength lies in its expertise in all types of cargo classification, valuation, marking of origin, binding rules, and import regulations. Whether it is terms of sale such as DDP, FOB, ex works, FCA and CIF or CIP discharge, or other complex customs clearance and delivery requirements, Camelot Company can provide expert counsel and advice to ensure your goods are cleared through customs.


BDG International, Inc.


Freight Forwarders in Illinois.

freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 1983

Founded in 1983, BDG International is a full-service freight forwarder and customs broker in the U.S. In 2013, it received the Presidential "E" Service Award, an award recognized by the President of the United States (since President Kennedy) through the Department of Commerce. The "E" Award is only given to companies that have passed a rigorous background check, are recognized as reputable, have increased their export services year over year, and provide community service in trade compliance.


BDG International's services include IATA, FMC, CHB, NVOCC, Import, Export, FTZ, and Trade Consulting. BDG International specializes in quoting and transporting project cargo, oversized cargo, and break-bulk cargo.


Jike Logistics


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freight forwarders in illinois Shenzhen, China

freight forwarders in illinois 2013

Jike Logistics, a freight forwarder based in Shenzhen, China, is a trusted freight forwarder that provides one-stop logistics solutions from China to Illinois for businesses of all sizes with its professional and efficient services.


Jike Logistics can offer you competitive shipping prices from China to Illinois for air, ocean, ground, customs clearance, warehousing, packaging, and home delivery to Illinois.


By partnering with Jike Logistics, businesses can receive efficient, reliable, and secure logistics services that ensure their goods are shipped from China to Illinois on time. 

freight forwarders in illinois

Air Ground Logistics, Inc.


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freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 2010

Since its establishment in 2010, Air Ground Logistics has been committed to filling the gap in the domestic freight forwarding industry. Their services cover both air freight and express ground transportation. Air Ground Logistics' staff has the experience and expertise to provide customers with efficient, reliable, and friendly services. Air Ground Logistics' motto is: "Do it once, do it right," treating every customer, agent, and cargo with rigor and service excellence to every customer, agent and load.

Air Ground Logistics aims to help customers solve transportation problems and challenges. Air Ground Logistics' employees and partners have a background in transportation and a deep understanding of the stresses and frustrations of the industry, allowing customers to enjoy a worry-free transportation experience.


Edward J Zarach & Associates, INC.


Freight Forwarders in Illinois.

freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 2006

Situated in the heart of the Midwest's rail hub and strategically located near the bustling O'Hare Airport, Edward J Zarach & Associates, INC enjoys a prime position for cargo consolidation and comprehensive containerized transportation. Specializing in tailor-made logistics solutions, the company is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of its clients. The array of services offered encompasses international and domestic transportation services, customs clearance services across the United States, consolidation of import and export cargo, export packing and crating services, warehousing and distribution services, project cargo management, as well as customs and international trade consulting services.


Zarach & Associates, INC has always been committed to integrity and professionalism in providing efficient and safe customs clearance services to customers. Whether you need export or import services, Zarach & Associates, INC can provide a full range of logistics services.


Clutch Global Logistics, Inc.


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freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 1993

Clutch Global believes international logistics should be a positive and accessible service, not a worrisome and daunting process. Since its inception in 1993, Clutch Global understands that the choice of partners is paramount, and Clutch Global is committed to working with the best to ensure that both parties in every transaction are satisfied.

The Clutch Global team consists of experienced, professional, and efficient employees who are committed to providing top-notch services to our clients. The team at Clutch Global understands that every transaction is about the trust and satisfaction of clients. Therefore, Clutch Global always strives to provide the best quality services to make its clients feel satisfied and trusted.


Interport International Logistics


Freight Forwarders in Illinois.

freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 1961

Interport International Logistics has provided comprehensive freight forwarding and logistics services to its customers since 1961. With a long list of customers working together for over 30 years, Interport International Logistics remains focused on its customers and their evolving needs. Interport International Logistics has all the necessary qualifications and licenses. They have all the required qualifications and commissions, a team of professionals, and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a safe and reliable service for our customers.

Interport International Logistics holds an FMC license, is a member of IATA, and has an extensive global service network.


LSI Logistic Solutions LLC


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freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 2001

LSI Logistic Solutions LLC is a full-service logistics management company specializing in engineering and implementing customized solutions. We are dedicated to finding and focusing on the specific needs of individual customers in niche markets. The scope of the business encompasses the entire process from the planning stage to the actual operation and ultimately to invoicing.

Each member of LSI Logistic Solutions LLC's senior management has at least 20 years of experience in the freight/logistics industry. This gives the team the depth of expertise and knowledge to flexibly respond to a wide range of complex logistical challenges. LSI Logistic Solutions LLC's operating structure allows us to maintain maximum flexibility while ensuring consistent and professional service.


Pinpoint Global Logistics, Ltd.


Freight Forwarders in Illinois.

freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 2008

Pinpoint Global Logistics, headquartered in the United States, specializes in freight forwarding and NVOCC services, with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. It provides a full range of logistics services, including inbound and outbound airfreight, LCL, FCL, and project services, as well as warehousing and distribution.


Argents Express Group


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freight forwarders in illinois Chicago, IL, USA

freight forwarders in illinois 1977

Argents Express Group is a freight forwarding and logistics company founded in 1977. 

Argents handles cargo, motor freight, warehousing, hazardous cargo, consolidation services, and third-party logistics distribution, as well as e-commerce and fulfillment for national B2B and B2C solutions. In addition, Argents is an international and domestic freight forwarder/customs brokerage company with air, ocean, and truckload capabilities in the United States.

Argents is a licensed NVOCC company for international airfreight and negotiations, and its ocean cargo is guaranteed/licensed by FMC. Each office has a registered customs broker and a certified C-TPAT broker.

These freight forwarders in Illinois are highly regarded for their exceptional service and reliability. Their team of professionals, customer service, and close collaboration with global logistics companies enable your shipments to reach their destinations safely and on time. By choosing one of these freight forwarders, you will enjoy efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible logistics services.

Factors to consider when choosing freight forwarders in Illinois.

Do a quick Google search, and those dozens of freight forwarding companies in Illinois will come to mind. Each company is unique, and their differences may determine whether or not your customers receive their packages within the scheduled timeframe. When you are inexperienced in shipping, it can be challenging to understand the importance of reviewing the various freight forwarders in Illinois.

The following overview highlights the factors you should consider when choosing freight forwarders in Illinois.

  • Experience and professionalism

Several factors may even outweigh experience in terms of importance when screening suitable freight forwarding candidates, and they play a crucial role in dealing with issues during the transportation process, especially customs, warehousing, rerouting of cargo, and port closures. These factors include, but are not limited to, the freight forwarder's expertise, network coverage, quality of service, and reputation.

  • Reticulation

Your international shipment handles both ports of origin and destination. An international shipping company calculates a great deal of logistics to ensure that its global network of agents maintains maximum professionalism and swift action.

  • Variety of services

Every industry has specific requirements that affect the international shipping platform. The right freight company has the transportation services that make the business run smoothly. They include full container loads and consolidation loads for special cargo. In addition, ancillary services include relevant notifications and documentation to facilitate fast product tracking. The many advantages minimize the risk of delays, lost items, and mishandling.

  • Comprehensive billing

Most people prefer to know the exact price of a transportation service before it affects the steady income generation. The greatest likelihood is that you want to spend only a little bit of the item's value for transportation. The most logical choice is to find a company with a free and fast quote system.

  • Insurance and Security

Ensure that the selected freight forwarder provides cargo insurance and security services to prevent cargo from being damaged or lost during transportation. Also, find out how well the freight forwarder has implemented security measures, such as load protection and anti-theft measures.


Who needs freight forwarders in Illinois?

Freight forwarding services are usually needed by companies that need to trade in imports and exports, factories doing export business, OEM factories, cross-border e-commerce companies, and other organizations that have import and export business and transportation needs. These companies may need freight forwarders to help them deal with various problems encountered while transporting goods, including transportation issues such as customs, warehousing, cargo rerouting, and port closures. In addition, freight forwarders often provide a range of other services, such as special cargo handling, document preparation, tracking, inventory management, customs clearance, booking of cargo space, warehousing, and express delivery.

Can I ship without freight forwarders in Illinois?

Of course, you can contact the airline or logistics company directly to arrange for the transportation of your goods. However, using freight forwarders in Illinois usually gives you more convenience and advantages, for example:

  • Professional services: Freight forwarders with rich experience and knowledge can provide more professional services, including cargo transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, etc.

  • Simplified procedures: Freight forwarders can assist you in completing various import and export procedures, including document preparation, customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, etc., thus simplifying the entire transportation process.

  • Lower cost: Freight forwarders usually have cooperative relationships with airlines or logistics companies, which can provide more favorable prices and better service, thus lowering transportation costs.

  • Full tracking: Freight forwarders can provide complete cargo tracking services to ensure your cargo reaches its destination accurately and in time.

  • Additional services: Freight forwarders can also provide some additional services, such as insurance, warehousing, collection of payment, etc., to provide more convenience for your transportation.

Who is the best freight forwarder for importing goods from China to Illinois?


freight forwarder shipping from China to Illinois.jpg

Based in China and rooted in the Illnois market, Jike Logistics is committed to providing efficient, on-time, and reliable logistics services shipping from China to Illnois. By utilizing advanced logistics management systems and tools and having a dedicated team of professionals, Jike Logistics can ensure safe and timely delivery.

Jike Logistics offers a full range of logistics solutions covering all modes of transportation, including sea, air, express delivery, and road transport. 

Click to learn more about JIKE.

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