In this guide, we embark on a journey through the strategic significance of Poland ports, unlocking the gates to a world where commerce converges with efficiency. This entry list of Poland port will assist you in your next shipment, providing insights into annual container throughput (TEU), port details, advantages, and functionalities. Whether you're a logistics professional, a business owner, or someone curious about the maritime industry, this guide is your go-to resource for understanding the importance and impact of Poland ports.

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The Significance of Poland Ports

Poland is a nation at the heart of Europe with a maritime prowess that echoes through its ports. As a key player on the global trade stage, Poland's annual cargo turnover in the seaport industry reached millions of tons between 2008 and 2020, and serves as a key container hub in the Baltic Sea.

Stretching along the Baltic Sea coast to the west in the Pomeranian Bay and to the east in the Gdańsk Gulf, Poland's 770-kilometer coastline is adorned with major seaports, complemented by smaller facilities at the mouths of the Vistula, Oder, and Varta rivers.

Furthermore, being one of the largest economies in the European Union, Poland boasts a robust financial and service sector, with stable industrial foundations in coal, machinery, steel, electronics, automotive, fertilizers, and petrochemicals. They are integral components in facilitating the country's trade connections and contributing to its economic stability on the global stage.

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Poland's Major Ports

Gdansk Port

poland port

mapLocated at the mouth of the Motlawa River on the southern shore of the Gdansk Ba

Gdansk Port stands as one of the largest maritime hubs in the Baltic Sea. With its expansive scale and diverse topography, the port is divided into two operational zones: the Inner Port and the Outer Port. The Inner Port encompasses the Dead Vistula River and port channels, while the Outer Port is situated near the Gdansk Bay.

As one of Poland's major ports, Gdansk Port handles a variety of cargoes, including bulk commodities, containers, and general goods, with an annual throughput reaching millions of tons. In 2021, Poland's busiest port processed 53.2 million tons of cargo, 2,092,432 standard containers, and hosted 164,000 passengers.

Another advantage of Gdansk Port is its customizable docks to meet the specific needs of customers. The industrial zone near the port hosts shipyards, food processing units, and high-tech industries such as electronics, IT engineering, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, a significant portion of the world's amber deposits is found along the Baltic Sea coast, making the processing of this beautiful natural resin another major source of local industry.

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Gdynia Port

poland port

mapSituated on the northwest coast of the Gdańsk Bay in northern Poland

Gdynia Port, the third-largest seaport in Poland, serves as a commercial port specializing in cargo handling, including general cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and containers.

The port handles millions of tons of cargo annually, with a throughput of approximately 27 million tons of cargo and 4 million TEUs of containers in 2020, playing a pivotal role in Poland's maritime industry.

Being an artificial port with protective breakwaters, Gdynia Port is immune to tidal variations and remains ice-free throughout the year. Its state-of-the-art facilities and efficient operations facilitate seamless cargo flow, making it a key player in the Baltic Sea trade route.

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Kolobrzeg Port

poland port

mapNestled along the shores of the Baltic Sea

Kolobrzeg Port stands as one of the largest commercial ports and a prominent fishing harbor. With dedicated yacht berths and passenger terminals, it combines commercial functionality with maritime leisure.

The commercial activities are concentrated on the east side of Kolobrzeg Port, while the fishing harbor graces its western expanse. Annually, the port accommodates over 1,000 vessels, handles 120,000 tons of cargo, and welcomes 45,000 passengers.

Comprising four terminals – Węglowe, Zbożowe, Koszalińskie, and Słupskie – the commercial port is a bustling hub of trade. Beyond its commercial significance, Kolobrzeg Port is known for its commitment to sustainable practices and maintaining high environmental standards. This commitment aligns with Poland's broader efforts to promote eco-friendly shipping and responsible maritime operations.

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Police Port

poland port

mapSituated on the western bank of the Oder River, near the Szczecin Lagoon.

Police Port stands as Poland's fourth-busiest freight port. This port holds strategic significance, functioning as a hub for bulk cargo, including potash, phosphates, ammonia, and fertilizers. It plays a critical role in the transshipment of various goods, from bulk commodities to containerized cargo.

Distinguished by its advanced infrastructure, Police Port facilitates efficient cargo handling and seamless logistics operations. Handling a significant number of vessels each year, it is a crucial link in the Baltic Sea maritime trade routes. In 2022, the port achieved a cargo throughput of 1.21 million tons, contributing 1% to the total cargo throughput of Polish ports.

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Szczecin Port

poland port

mapSituated along the banks of the Oder River

Szczecin Port, is a seaport and deep-water harbor. It stands as the largest comprehensive complex on the Baltic Sea, encompassing key areas in Szczecin and Świnoujście. Additionally, it boasts the shortest routes connecting Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and it serves as the closest maritime route linking Sweden to Central Europe.

With its strategic location and advanced infrastructure, Szczecin Port handles a diverse range of goods and bulk cargo, including coal, coke, grains, iron ore, scrap metal, timber, cement, salt, sugar, and containers. It also deals with roll-on/roll-off trailers and finished products such as paper, pulp, and steel, as well as liquid bulk cargo containing chemicals and tar. The port's efficient logistics services make it the preferred choice for businesses engaged in global shipping and trade.

Szczecin Port is also a crucial component of Europe's inland waterways, serving as a destination for famous inland river cruises.

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Swinoujście Port

poland port

mapSituated along the Baltic Sea coast.

Swinoujście Port, stands as a significant fishing port and resort destination. Positioned at the crossroads of international trade routes, it has evolved into one of Poland's most crucial transshipment hubs.

Together with Szczecin Port, Swinoujście forms one of the largest port complexes on the Baltic Sea, capable of handling a diverse range of cargo. This includes bulk commodities like coal, grains, iron ore, as well as general cargo and containers. With over 3,000 vessels passing through annually, the port features thawing points and a conveyor belt system for efficient operations.

The strategic location of Swinoujście Port facilitates seamless connections with Central and Eastern Europe, reinforcing its significance in the broader European maritime context.

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